Floma Tours: Floma’s Visit To Avanti Kalagram, Pune

At the beginning of the year, Floma visited Avanti Kalagram, Pune as out first official visit to begin the exclusive series- Floma Tours. With Floma Tours, our aim is to put in front of your the best in architecture and design from all over India!

Read on to discover more about Avanti Kalagram, what we did and what you can look forward to with Avanti Kalagram as an official Floma Seller.

What Is Avanti Kalagram?

Avanti Kalagram is a unique picnic spot designed for fun and adventure located at Mulshi, just 30 KM (around a one hour drive) from Pune. In addition to offering plenty of fun activities and a perfect location for a getaway, they also create a variety of products from sustainable bamboo – which you’ll soon be able to purchase!

Visitors to Avanti Kalagram can enjoy A.C. Deluxe Rooms, family rooms or tents – depending on your preference, delicious food with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, a party lawn, indoor and outdoor games, a children’s play area, a swimming pool, a conference hall, adventure sports and crafting facilities!

The Avanti belief is that everyone has an inner artist with a need to create, which is why they offer workshops dedicated to arts and crafts, painting, music and dance on a daily basis. These workshops have no age or qualification requirements – they’re for everyone to enjoy!

As for the products we mentioned, Avanti Kalagram creates eco-friendly utility orientated handcrafted products, which are created by trained villagers and tribal people, providing opportunities of employment through their approach. We loved their products, and we’re proud to announce that Avanti Kalagram’s products are available in the Floma Shop!

The team at Avanti Kalagram has become so recognised for their great work that they’ve been endorsed by Development Commissioner Handicraft, Govt. of India and the New Delhi and Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation.

While spending the day at Avanti Kalagram, we interviewed Mr. Deepak Bachal, the founder of Avanti Kalagram. It was a great interview that also showed us he’s a great person too. He highlighted the facilities you can find at Avanti Kalagram and shared his ideas for future projects.

Some of the facilities we got to explore during our visit and interview included the amenities provided at Avanti Kalagram, most notably the Art and Craft Studios, Workshops and Craft Emporium.

Getting ourselves more familiar with Avanti Kalagram’s products was a fantastic experience. We got to watch the dedicated artists and crafters as they creative, intricate designs from bamboo. Their incredible skills make for a unique feature of Avanti Kalagram, resulting in products that we can’t wait to share with you.

About The Products

The products we got to photograph during our visit were all handcrafted on site and included lamps, bottle holders, ornaments, shelves and containers to name just a few! The wide range of products available showed even more how versatile and talented the crafters are at Avanti Kalagram and we’re excited to see even more of their work as we work with them going forward.

What We Learned From Our Visit

Our visit showed us the dedication and hard work that goes into each product at Avanti Kalagram through the talents of the local village and tribal people who are employed to create them. We got to see how Avanti Kalagram focuses on sustainable products which aligns perfectly with the way we think at Floma – where we always promote the greener, more sustainable choice where possible.

We had a great time and look forward to sharing more of our adventures with you as our Floma Tours series continues.

For now, you can check out more information about Avanti Kalagram at www.avantikalagram.com, and can purchase their products from their official shop on Floma.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts and ideas in the comments, we’d love to hear what you think and whether you’ll be visiting Avanti Kalagram in the future!

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