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Floma Interior Studio in Pune

Visit us at our interior design studio in Pune to explore & discuss amazing design ideas!

Floma Interior Studio In Pune

Looking for a reliable interior design company in Pune? Your search ends with Floma Homes!

You can visit our interior design studio in Pune to talk to our team about your interior design, explore a few creative interior design concepts or get a tentative estimate for your interior project as well. Our studio features miniature decor designs, a live TV feed of our interior projects and an interior design is always available to discuss your project. We invite you to visit our interior design studio in Pune with your family and get answers to all your questions! It’s that simple. Our interior designers can communicate in Marathi, Hindi or English.

Get Your Interior Done Right

You don’t have time and money for do-overs. Trust only a professional like Floma.

Interior Project Planning

Floma’s unmatched planning process involved over 225+ touch points to plan every aspect of your interior before the on-site work even begins.

Interior Project Management

We also manage the entire project implementation. With expert team of contractors, we deliver projects on time, on budget and with the quality promised.

Floma Interior Studio

Explore these and many more elements at our studio!

Soft closure shutters

Soft Closure Shutters -
making life easy!

Soft Closure Trolleys

Just slide in and forget it! Soft closure works like a wonder!

Hydraulic Hinges

No more half-closed shutters! Let the hydraulics do the job for you!

Soft closure Wardrobes

No more worrying about
"Did I close my wardrobe?"

Types of Glasses

Checkered? Frosted? Clear?
3 Interior Glass Types

3 in 1 Panel lights

3 in 1 Panel Lights for Interiors. Get the beauty of 3 in one!

Types of curtains

Roller, Roman or M-track Curtains - explore them all at our studio!

Types of Hinges

Different Hinges, Different Benefits - explore how they work at Floma Studio!

Types of trolley channels

Different Channels For
Different Functionality

Decorative lights

Lights, Mood & Beauty,
it all goes hand-in-hand!

Profile Lights

Panel Lights right where they're needed! Leave no space dark!

M-Track Curtains

Not just beautiful, but easy to use! Explore them at Floma Studio!

Hanging lights

Hanging lights: different lights for different moods!

Interior accessories

Little things add to your aesthetics! We have so many options!

Types of Trolleys

3 Types of Modular Kitchen Trolleys for you to explore at Floma Studio!

Explore Our Unique Packages!


Specialized equipment fitted right into attractive designs.


Patient care needs special attention when it comes to design.

Corporate Office

Corporate workspaces need soothing yet disciplined design.


More you showcase in a well-designed environment, more you sell.


Everything you want to express in a customer-friendly design.


Space makers need amazing designs for their workspaces.


We know what lavish homes exactly need and design accordingly.


Mid-sized homes are comfortable so should be their interior.

Commercial Spaces

Workplaces need to be decorated according to decorum.

Newly Wed

Making new memories gets special with Floma Homes!


Those little palms and toes need cozy & comfortable spaces.


The second inning of life should be celebrated in spaces with special care.

Let’s discuss your project:

What You'll Find at the Floma Experience Centre

TV Unit Designs

Discover TV unit designs and almost every specification in them! From the types of ply & laminations to the colour combinations, our team will guide you about everything!

Sofa Designs

Wondering what texture, colour and fabric to use for your sofa? Worry not! Explore various types of designs and specifications at the Floma Interior Studio and consult our designers as well!

Modular Kitchen Designs

Nowadays, there are so many options available in modular kitchens! At our studio, you can explore the different types of structures, trolleys, baskets, laminates and more!

Bed Designs

Not sure what size and type of bed you want for your home? Worry not, explore different types of bed designs and choose the best one for your home! Our team will consult you for the same.

Dining Table Designs

With 100s of options available, choosing the right dining table for your home can get confusing. Lett us simplify the same for you! Just visit our Studio to discover placement and material options!

Wardrobe Designs

With turnkey interior work, you get to customise your wardrobes exactly as you’d like. At Floma Interior Studio, you can discover various designs and options for your perfect wardrobe!

Reasons People Love Floma

Full home warranty*
100+ quality checks
Fast Installation
One-stop shop
No hidden costs
Personalised designs