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Visit us at our interior design studio in Dhule to explore & discuss amazing design ideas!

Floma Interior Studio In Pune

Looking for a reliable interior design company in Pune? Your search ends with Floma Homes!

You can visit our interior design studio in Pune to talk to our team about your interior design, explore a few creative interior design concepts or get a tentative estimate for your interior project as well. Our studio features miniature decor designs, a live TV feed of our interior projects and an interior design is always available to discuss your project. We invite you to visit our interior design studio in Pune with your family and get answers to all your questions! It’s that simple. Our interior designers can communicate in Marathi, Hindi or English.

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What You'll Find at the Floma Experience Centre

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  • Life Event Base Interior

Specialized equipment fitted right into attractive designs.


Patient care needs special attention when it comes to design.

Corporate Office

Corporate workspaces need soothing yet disciplined design.


More you showcase in a well-designed environment, more you sell.


Everything you want to express in a customer-friendly design.


Space makers need amazing designs for their workspaces.


We know what lavish homes exactly need and design accordingly.


Mid-sized homes are comfortable so should be their interior.

Commercial Spaces

Workplaces need to be decorated according to decorum.

Newly Wed

Making new memories gets special with Floma Homes!


Those little palms and toes need cozy & comfortable spaces.


The second inning of life should be celebrated in spaces with special care.

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What You'll Find at the Floma Experience Centre

Vertical Garden, Wallpapers & Handing Lights

Vertical gardens are the new attractions today. VG give you a real feeling of being in nature. Plus you can also see how it can complement hanging lights and wallpapers.

Creative Corners & Outdoor Decor Miniatures
Our creative miniature designs will set your imagination free! With them, you can see exactly how your home will look and then we can discuss your own ideas as well!
Handicrafts & Artefacts + All Floma Brochures
Traditional art is our pride. Come, experience all the various things we have, including all our design brochures so you can find more ideas for your home decor!

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Floma Interior Design Studio in Pune

Floma Interior Design Studio in Pune

 A professional interior designer in Pune can make your home look the way you want. They are experienced professionals who have the expertise to select several themes and design the interiors of your home and make them better than ever. To show their expertise and make clients understand their portfolio, interior designers use studio spaces to simulate a real-world model where clients can understand what they can expect. It is like a real-world model that works as their portfolio. The interior design studios in Pune help design the best spaces that will take your breath away.One such exciting studio in Pune is Floma’s interior design studio located at Sahakar Nagar 2, Pune!  

What is an interior design studio?

An interior design studio is a space where interior designers help their clients understand several models to show their work in real-time. These studios are usually spread over an indoor or outdoor space where these spaces are exhibited. Studios sometimes also have retail areas; customers can truly understand what they are putting their money in.

Designers also use these spaces to design and conceive new ideas and test them out to promote them in front of customers. Any credible interior design company always has a display studio to offer, which truly builds on the credibility, genuineness, and trust they can gauge.

In the industry of interior design it often becomes difficult to understand the real-world look and feel of an interior design model, and a studio helps bridge the gap. In addition, it is convenient and helps customers understand what their future homes might look like. 

Things That You Can Expect At an Interior Design Studio:

An interior design studio can have several models that allow both parties, designers, and customers to work together before implementing the same in real life. Here are several things that you might check at an interior design studio.

Full-Home Models – Homes and residential spaces come in all shapes and sizes. While it is difficult to exactly replicate the space, an interior design studio is a great way to test out several things, such as designing specific areas of the home and getting a tangible model for the scene. Not all people are comfortable with 3D models and often find it difficult to rely on them. This is why an interior design studio can appeal more to customers.

Modular and Modern Space Ideas – More often than not, any interior design firm will have specific examples of their design space ideas. This is why customers can understand the materials used and judge the quality of work.

Creative Space To Test Out Designs – It could be that the customer is looking for something that is not readily available with the interior design company, but this is where most interior design studios serve a space where several new designs and concepts can be tested out. Here, the passions of both the designer and the client can find common ground.

Variety of Models – Most interior design studios will have specific models to replicate several sorts of interior design ideas starting from hospitals to corporate offices to homes to showrooms and several others. This is a great way to gauge and judge a picture of the final space.

Outdoor Space Models – These studios also have outdoor space models that can showcase gardens or porticos and other such open spaces that the architecture of a building or space can have. 

Services Provided By Floma in Pune

Floma is the answer to all your interior design problems. When you visit the Floma interior design studio in Pune, you can clearly communicate what you expect from your project. We have a variety of creative designs and miniature décor designs to truly understand and discuss an interior design project thoroughly.

Here are the services we provide. We are open seven days a week and always believe in providing 100 percent personalised solutions to our customers.

Full Interior Design: We offer complete interior design packages by blending in the perfect colours and materials. We aim at providing the perfect design statement for every single room in the residential space, starting from bedrooms to bathrooms, modular kitchens, etc. We are always updated with the latest trends, designs, and ideas to offer a well-crafted solution to our customers. Whether you are thinking of a classy bungalow or an ultra-modern chic apartment in the hubbub of the city, we have it all. We offer unlimited design ideas at Floma. Every element is taken care of and blended to create the perfect mix of designs, textures, and ideas.

Kitchen Interior Design: Almost everyone dreams of having a modular kitchen that is functional and looks amazing. We believe in creating a unique design for each of our projects, and our goal is to create the perfect modular kitchen at an affordable cost. We design all our models and projects with the inputs and involvement of our clients to give them the best experience. We aim to provide high-quality at an affordable cost. Our kitchen decor experts in Pune are experienced enough and take full measurements to finalise plans with the perfect materials.

Creative Corner Services: Almost everyone in today’s world wants to have their own identity and show off their passion for the things they love. A creative corner is usually a design space where an owner has the freedom to express themselves by having decor and accessories that match their hobbies, passions, and interests. It is a great space in your home where you can spend your leisure time and explore your passion. We have several wallpapers, artifacts, lights, and design ideas to craft the perfect theme according to your interests and personality. And during the whole process, we will always have you involved to make it the best experience. 

Outdoor Interior Design Services: When we spend a significant amount of our incomes on designing the perfect bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, etc., why not have a space where you can truly enjoy and have the liberty to spend time and resonate with yourself? We are talking about balconies, gardens, and other spaces that can truly add that extra edge to a perfectly designed home. With our specialty services, we can turn these spaces and make them beautiful and in sync with every other space of your home. 

Suppose you are looking for a truly customized and personalized interior design experience for your space. In that case, we at Floma Pune will tailor our services to provide an amazing experience for you and bring you the best that money can buy. Do try us out when thinking of the top interior design studios in Pune!