Five Easy Ways To Spark Conversation Through Your Home


If you’re the type of person to point out something great and use it to spark a conversation, you’ve come to the right place.

When inviting people into your home and aiming to entertain, you’ll no doubt want to encourage interaction and get people talking – so why not let your home create a unique point of discussion?

Here are just a few simple ways to spark a conversation through your home.

Do something unexpected and unique.

Anything that takes your visitors by surprise is almost guaranteed to get them talking and sharing their thoughts.

But how you choose to do something unexpected is up to you! You could try:

  • Painting a room a super bright colour (or just an accent wall if you’re looking for something more subtle).
  • Feature unique artwork.
  • Use clashing themes that shouldn’t work but somehow do!
  • Arrange your furniture in an untraditional manner.
  • Choose unusual home accessories – things you wouldn’t usually find in a regular home décor store.

However you decide to do something out of the ordinary, it’s sure to make your home stand out.

Introduce artwork that invokes emotion and invites questions.


The beauty of art is that we can all interpret it differently. That’s why many people find art galleries so fascinating.

If you have an interest in art, choose a piece you love that also has a lot of meaning behind it.

At first, your guests may notice it for the way it stands out in appearance – but upon closer inspection, they may start to ask about the story behind the piece, what it represents and why you chose that particular style to feature in your home.

You could choose a painting, some photography, even a sculpture – anything that speaks to you and represents something you love.

Create a setting that’s designed for entertaining and interaction.

Spending time with friends and family is an important part of our culture in India – as well as all around the world. So take that on board and design our ideal home setting with entertaining and interaction in mind. Here are a few tips you can use to get people feeling the social vibe:

  • Make sure lounge chairs, sofas and coffee tables are fairly close together – rather than on opposite sides of the room. If you invite several people, you won’t want them shouting to each other across your home!
  • Create a designated area for dining with a practical yet attractive table. Everyone will be able to eat together and enjoy conversation while doing so.
  • Use happy, positive colours to set a bright mood. If people are happy, they’ll be more likely to join in the chatter.
  • Consider moving the entertainment outside – your home’s exterior matters too! Focus on making your garden a beautiful space, then kit it out with somewhere to relax and maybe even a barbeque or outdoor stove.
  • Take flexibility into account. On the off chance, when you invite more people than usual into your home – for example, to celebrate and party – you’ll need to ensure you have multi-use spaces that will provide comfort for every guest. Take advantage of an open plan space by creating individual seating areas.
  • Ensure you have plenty of good lighting to create a bright atmosphere in your home.

Aside from these few pointers, you should also consider the people you regularly invite into your home and what they might like, as opposed to just anyone. Design your home for the kinds of people you spend time with and the types of activities you usually enjoy together.

Feature items and furniture that is multi-purpose.


Using multi-purpose furniture can be a fantastic way to create a home that’s practical for entertaining. Try these simple ideas if you’re unsure!

An ottoman box makes for a great storage trunk – but can also be an extra seat when needed.
A nest of tables is fine when nesting just for you, but can quickly become three tables when your guests need somewhere to put their food and drinks.
You can buy many furniture items that simply fold down the walls – inspired by the Murphy bed. If you don’t regularly use a large table, consider one that can just be folded out when you need it for your guests.

By ensuring everyone has a space to relax and enjoy their visit, they’ll be more focused on actually enjoying the social activity – rather than spending the whole time looking for a chair or somewhere to set their drink.

Use home decor that captures your culture.

Culture – and also religion – are important parts of anyone’s life, regardless of where they come from. By featuring elements of your lifestyle and beliefs in your home, you are inviting others to enjoy them too – usually leading to a discussion.
If the guest is of the same culture you are, it’s a chance to bond over something special that you share.
If they’re not, it’s an opportunity to learn more about each other and develop a deeper understanding and connection.
By using these ideas, your guests are almost certain to notice something special about your home – and we bet they can’t wait to chat to you about all your interesting ideas. And if they don’t bring it up, don’t be shy – go ahead and ask them what they think
Have you ever had your friends or family take an in-depth interest in your home while visiting? What did they like about it, and which points led to the most interesting conversations?
Tell us in the comments and spark a conversation of your own! We can’t wait to hear from you.

Aside from shopping online, you should definitely try seeking out some great pieces at local stores. Try browsing second-hand stores or antique shops for some authentic treasures.

You may also find some great things at your local charity donation shop – you never know if someone has given away the exact item you’re needing!

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