4 Easy Tips to Creating a Welcoming Guest Bedroom

4 Great Tips to Create a Welcoming Guest Bedroom

Atithi Devo Bhava is a Sanskrit phrase taken from Hindu scriptures that was originally said for those who visit our home for a short period. 

Atithi means “Guest”, ’Devo’ meaning “Creator or God”, and “Bhav”, meaning Be or Is. Hence, it signifies The Guest Is God. 

Atithi Devo Bhava means welcoming our guests with warmth & respect and treating them as God, so paying honour and homage in the similar way one would give to God.

India is a country where the average home always welcomes many guests around the year, and thus, it’s of great importance for hosts to welcome their guests with a warm heart and enough space at their homes.

A guest bedroom makes a great way to host these guests, and this article comprises four amazing ways to decorate a guest bedroom.

Welcome and treat your guests to feel delightful by spending a relaxing time in your home! Create a welcoming guest bedroom and an overwhelming experience that helps your guest feel more at home.

4 Easy Tips to Creating a Welcoming Guest Bedroom


Types of Guest Bedroom Design Styles in India: Modern Guest Bedroom Design Style

A modern guest bedroom design includes a straightforward and clean colour scheme, minimalism, broad daylight, welcoming ambience as well as the use of glass and steel just like the historical movement that took place during the early to mid-twentieth century.

How to create a modern guest room?

1. Try using fresh and neutral colours

Pastel shades are, basically, the new neutrals in terms of guest bedroom design – so elegant baby blues, sweet pinks, and beautiful mint greens are all an excellent choice for a modern guest room.

2. Increase the volume of natural daylight

If you have a good amount of natural sunlight flash flowing into your guest room, make good use of available opportunities. 

3. Use subtle accent hues

It’s not necessary you always have to stick to soft and pastel shades to get a modernised guestroom, but be more conscious while using the colours you add in; detailed accessories, such as throw pillows, are classic ways to add on a little vibrant colour, but try to use quality stuff to keep the luxe vibe lively.


Types of Guest Bedroom Design Styles in India: Art Moderne Guest Bedroom Design Style

Art Moderne guest bedroom design includes a design style that thrived during the 1930s and 1940s. During those days, interior design style was all about being bigger and bolder. Such designs include art forms like geometric patterns and rigid lines, more natural shapes, and uncomplicated features. Interior designs generally call this style American Modern or Modernist. 

How to design an Art Moderne guest bedroom?

1. Fake 1920s Accents

It’s difficult to recreate the same stained glass used during 1920, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try the same look even for the most stylish spaces. 

2. Try including geometric patterns

The frequent use of geometric shapes, including zigzag designs and triangular designs, appeared throughout many Art Moderne designs. Combine these themes into your guest room decoration with patterned wallpaper or upholstery stuff.

3. Decorate with bold artwork and sculptures.

Create a lavish look with exceptionally placed artwork in high-contrast hues, or apply sculptural accents that personify the room’s smooth look. Besides immediate impact, an attractive piece of art can help in making every conversation count.

4 Easy Tips to Creating a Welcoming Guest Bedroom


Types of Guest Bedroom Design Styles in India: Minimalist Guest Bedroom Design Style

The minimalist design style was a major design style in the early ’90s. The minimalist design included simplistic furnishing to neutral colour palettes. Imagine clean, modernist lines, yet don’t shy away from creating a layered, mild, rich, and welcoming minimalist room with a gallery-like setting for the guest room as this is, after all, a place of comfort and retreat.

How to create a minimalist guest bedroom?

1. Considering minimalist design is all about modest beauty, glorifying your room interior details by using them to your advantage by creating around them rather than screening them.

2. As you might need to justify each detailing existence when bringing in new items, homeliness needs to go hand in hand with minimalist design, with one never exceeding the other. 

3. Declutter as much as possible, invest in smart storage.


Colour Selection Ideas for Guest Bedrooms

Creating an artistic guest room starts with the walls. Painting can turn on the mood of any place and act as a canvas for the rest of your decor. Strive to use overall cool and soothing colours when it comes to guest bedroom painting. However, as the guest room is used for a small-time span, the colour palette in your guest room shouldn’t disturb your guests.

Here are our colour selection tips for a splendid guest room!

  1. Design a colour palette that matches your home furniture.

  2. Design 3 colour palettes from which you can choose your wall colour and use the remaining two for around the room in fabric or furnishings.

  3. Medium-shade soothing colour walls are suitable for families, as they hide scuffs and dust.

  4. Even though you are planning for a guest room, consider the whole home colour palette so that one of your rooms is not left isolated, giving you the creativity to use those colours in different ways.


How to Select the Right Furniture for Your Guest Bedroom

Are you planning to buy new furniture for your guest room?

Guest bedrooms can be both simple yet bold, and they can show your guests that you do care about their convenience. Your furniture preferences like colour palette, furniture, indoor decor, etc. should be suitable for the type of guests you generally have.

Check out a few excellent elements to consider while decorating the guest bedroom.

1. Understand the available space

Before you shop for your guest bedroom furniture, it is necessary to consider the proper measurement of the room.

2. Know how to style

Secondly, define exactly which style you prefer for your guest room furniture. Have you imagined a traditional bed or just a piece of simple modern furniture that shows your personal touch? Try to combine your new furniture with your unique guestroom style or other furnished elements in your guest room. 

3. Look for various bedding options

Before you get attracted to any particular bedding style, pay attention to the bedhead and bed end style suitable for you. See whether the bed head is obstructing your window. Is a lower bed-end more comfortable for your taller height? Try considering everything while buying your furniture.

4 Easy Tips to Creating a Welcoming Guest Bedroom


Creating a Welcoming Guest Bedroom

Don’t you think your guest room should be an inviting, warm, and pleasant place? 

Whichever guests you have, whether inlaws or your friends, you must be prepared beforehand, and you must make them feel homely. At the same time, decorating your guest room is essential to think about their convenience as well. Here are a few additional simple tips that will help you decorate your guest room: 

1. Consider giving an empty cupboard or chest

Instead of logging guest bags all over the room, try giving them an empty cupboard to unpack their bags; this will make a small guest bedroom feel bigger.

2. Add a comfortable chair or desk in the room

If your guests are professionals or seniors, they might need a desk for their work or a chair for their support. Hence, consider adding a comfortable chair or desk in your guest bedroom.

3. Let’s not ignore the essentials 

Although the guest room is less frequently used, it’s really important to keep your guest room bedding fresh and clean. Your bedding sheets should be unstained, with many throw pillows. Your mattress should be clean and comfortable, even though your guests might be staying for a handful of days.

4. Try giving necessary bathroom essentials

Day-to-day necessities like towels, face wash, toothbrush, etc., should be kept along with spares in your guest room. Bath towels should be properly folded and placed where guests can easily find them. 

Essentials checklist for a Cozy Guest Bedroom

  • Cosy Bedsheets
  • Fresh Towels
  • Lamp
  • Fan
  • Pillows
  • Clock
  • Mirror


Are you ready to design a welcoming guest bedroom?

We hope these tips will help you design your warm and luxurious guest room! If you have more guest room design tips of your own, we invite you to share them in the comment section!

At Floma Homes, we help our clients get a fresh look for their homes, including a guest bedroom. Want to know more? Get in touch with us today to talk to our team!

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