9 Easy Tips to Clean & Maintain Teak Wood Furniture

9 Easy Tips to Clean & Maintain Teak Wood Furniture

Teak Wood furniture is aesthetically beautiful, adds a certain elegance to the home, and is highly wanted. Still, it must be handled carefully and maintained properly if you want it to last for many years.

Chairs, dining tables, sofas, coffee tables, bookshelves, and other furniture made of wood can come in various sizes and styles. Every piece of wooden furniture has a different use and function, but all of them must be handled gently and protected from harm.

Understanding how to preserve teak wood furniture is essential if you want it to last for many years. Here are nine easy-to-follow recommendations by Floma for maintaining teak wood furniture!

9 Easy Tips to Clean & Maintain Teak Wood Furniture

1. Use vinegar cleaning solution

Teak furniture can be cleaned effectively and naturally using white vinegar. In addition to clearing away the grime that has built up on your tables and chairs, it also acts as an antibacterial to clean your furniture of unpleasant bacteria and germs. Even light wood stains can be removed with its help.

The procedure demonstrated in the first step is comparable to using this mixture. Simply combine the vinegar and water, dunk the brush in the mixture, and then scrub the wood with the brush or a clean towel.

Rinse the furniture with clean water after gently cleaning all of its surfaces, including the cracks and crevices, and allow it to air dry for a number of hours. To moisturize dried wood later, use a little teak oil.


2. Cleaning teak wood with bleach

A superb DIY deck cleaning method that includes materials like bleach and dish soap is another beautiful way to clean teak furniture. Start with the less aggressive alternative before switching to more potent cleaners like bleach, as is the case with most cleaning techniques.

We advise testing a tiny, inconspicuous part of the wood furniture first because bleach whitens surfaces with lengthy usage and occasionally right away.

Use this mixture to clean wooden furniture thoroughly, but make sure to do it on a concrete floor or somewhere away from plants. Wear old clothes and gloves since bleach will stain them and is rough on the hands.


3. Using a humidifier for maintenance

Humidity may harm wooden furniture in ways you might not have thought possible. Wood absorbs moisture in a humid environment, which is the cause. As a result, things swell and contract. Humidity causes wood to expand in various directions, leading to furniture made of separate pieces no longer fitting together correctly or becoming warped. Therefore, it is crucial to be aware of the fluctuations in humidity.

Your home will benefit greatly from adding a humidifier with humidistats, which will aid in maintaining the relative humidity levels. Leave the windows open to allow for airflow. Verify if the room is receiving enough sunshine. The humid climate can be stabilized with plenty of air and sunlight.

9 Easy Tips to Clean & Maintain Teak Wood Furniture

4. Coaster and placemats are your besties

Taking care of wooden furniture as you would a newborn is one of the finest methods to protect it. Your wooden furniture will last a lifetime if you treat it with the highest care. Therefore, it is best to avoid maltreatment of any type.

No one likes having rings or spills on their wood furniture. For instance, if you have a lovely hardwood table, use a coaster instead of setting drinks on it. Placemats and coasters can be used to keep hardwood furniture clean and prevent stains.

5. Using toothpaste and baking soda

White toothpaste and baking soda work wonder for eradicating stubborn stains, such as white rings. To make a paste, combine toothpaste and baking soda in equal proportions. Remember to buff with a soft, dry towel after wiping it off and rubbing it on the stain until it vanishes. The sheen and color will return after buffing.


6. Regular waxing and oiling

Although wooden furniture ages elegantly, it may start to lose its sheen with time. Your wooden furniture will preserve its appeal and avoid damage if you regularly wax and oil it. Consider it routine maintenance for your furniture. However, it’s crucial that you do it right if you intend to do it yourself.

Make sure your furniture is clean, dry, and free of dust. Partially polishing should be carried out. It is simpler to do the project when you split and polish. Use sparingly; using excessive amounts can cause buildup and be quite aggravating. After using the product, you must buff it thoroughly.

9 Easy Tips to Clean & Maintain Teak Wood Furniture

7. Using heat to take out the water stains

On teak tables, these blemishes show up as water rings that accumulate on the surface over time. Fortunately, removing rings from furniture is a relatively straightforward process with some heat.

The first remedy is to dry out the surplus moisture that has been trapped inside the teak wood with a hairdryer. When employing this technique, ensure the hairdryer is on a low setting and isn’t blowing directly into the surface of the piece of furniture.

The use of iron is necessary for the second method. Avoid pressing the iron directly against the furniture as this will destroy the wood due to excessive heat.


8. Adding a sealer for protection

Protecting your teak patio furniture from further harm requires regular oiling. No matter what kind of teak sealer you choose, wait to use it until 48 hours have passed since you washed the wood. The sealer should first be applied to the surface using a brush before being left to dry for around 15 minutes.

Wipe the surface clean to eliminate any sticky residue after the necessary length of time has passed. Applying a second coat should be done after roughly 12 hours. For optimal effects, use at least two or three coats.

9 Easy Tips to Clean & Maintain Teak Wood Furniture


9. Avoid exposure to sunlight

Overexposure to light can significantly fade wood furniture polish and make your furniture appear uneven. Light is a source of energy that interacts with every surface it comes into touch with, which causes damage to the surfaces of wooden furniture.

Draw your curtains to shield your home from direct sunlight or conceal any furniture. Keep the furniture in the dark if you aren’t using it. To lessen the harm, use soft light rather than intense blue light.


These are just a few of the tips for your teak wood to be kept in the best conditions. Teak wood requires lots of maintenance and looking after. You can also ask your carpenter for some DIY tips to maintain your teak wood in the best condition in the long run.

If not, you can also get in touch with our team to help you to understand and maintain your teak wood furniture. Get in touch with Floma today!

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