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First, we’ll need you to submit your interior design requirements to us. It’s very easy and takes hardly 5 mins. Once we get the details, our team will call you shortly to confirm.

Initial Payment and 3D Designs

Once you confirm the project plan and pay the initial 10% amount, our team will get started on the 3D designs for your home. You’ll have the opportunity to provide inputs at every step of the process.

Collaboration and Execution

Once you confirm the design of your home, sit back and relax! We’ll complete the project step by step and your dream home will be ready before the deadline! Be surprised with our service quality!

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Online Interior Design Services Include




Kitchen Platform

False ceiling

Modular Kitchen

Electrical wiring






How Floma’s Online Interior Designing Services can Help Your Home Design

Your home is the place where you spend some quality time with your family. And that’s the place that has witnessed your happiness and your sadness. It’s a place where you can relax after a long day at work. And that’s why you should build your home that perfectly suits your needs. And when it comes to interior designing, you are going to spend a lot of money on it. So, why shouldn’t you do it professionally? Your home should feel such that when you enter the place, all of your worries and stress go away!

And that’s what we are here to offer you. We want you to build your dream home. Floma provides professional online interior designing services that can help you design your home! When it comes to interior designing, too many factors such as furniture, availability of natural light, colour combination and many others must be looked out for. These factors can easily make or break the look of your home. As online interior design professionals, we want to help you carry on with your home design project. Alongside, the budget is not a problem anymore. We understand that you are already spending too much. And that’s why we want you to provide with budget-friendly online interior design services.

You are going to be the person who’s going to live in your home. So your opinions do matter. And that’s why we will work alongside you and build you your dream home. We will consider your interests as well as beliefs during your home design project. We have created a platform that will help you choose the perfect interior designing ideas to suit your needs at a budget-friendly price. You can take a look at various portfolios of professional interior designing companies and fix yourself a price!

Floma’s Online Interior Design Services Features

There’s no such thing as a perfect home design. And you should stop looking for the perfect one. It all depends on your choices. Buying a home and turning it into one of your dreams is a long journey. You will face a lot of obstacles in your way. However, we want to ride along with you and face all of them together. The factors that you must consider before starting with Floma’s online interior design services are:

Style Of Your House: Your home reflects your personality. From furniture to colour, everything is a reflection of your personality. If you have a family living with you together, then it might get a bit hard to select the ideal style of your home. You need to consider all of their opinions. Here’s where an online interior designing company like Floma comes to help. We provide you with various styles that you and your family will love. We understand that all of the members of your family have different opinions. We are professionals who understand how to take all of these opinions as input and choose the perfect style.

Features: A perfect online interior designing company will take all of the features such as designing of dry balcony, number of bedrooms into consideration. They will help you select the perfect furniture too.

Floor Plan: How much space is available? That’s important to consider by an interior designing specialist. If you want a bigger bedroom, then you can consult it with your Floma interior designer, and they will take into consideration your input and build you a bigger bedroom. It’s a process that takes time. And you may need extra money in order to get such floor planning done.

Finance: After all, without finances, you can’t get anything done. It’s one of the most important things when it comes to interior designing projects. Floma’s online interior design specialists will provide you with an estimate of all the costs, taxes as well as loan options while designing your home. If you think that your dream furniture is too costly and won’t fit your budget, then you should consider eliminating a few things out.

Modification In The Future: If you prefer modifications in the future, you should consult it with your Floma interior designer. Rebuilding the whole room can get quite expensive. Hence, your interior designer must know what kinds of modification you will require in the future.

Online Interior Designing Essentials For Your House

To decorate your living room, kitchen or bedroom or any other room effectively, you will require a professional interior designer. Various factors affect the furniture too. So we have prepared a list of various essentials:

Living Room: It’s the place where you chill.

  • Cupboard: It adds a class to your living room. You can easily showcase your amazing possessions such as prizes, trophies as well as your family pictures.
  • Sofa: It’s the place where you will sit and relax and play video games and watch TV. It’s an absolute necessity.
  • Coffee Table: Everybody loves coffee. Hence, you should place a coffee table in your living room too.

Kitchen: Get ready to cook some amazing food for you and your family.

  • Cooking Area: While you prepare your food, you will require enough space to move around. You will love cooking food only if you are provided with enough space and have access to everything you need in your hands.
  • Ventilation: While you design your kitchen, you should seriously consider ventilation. It needs to be proper as it will remove the odours from your home. If you don’t have a proper ventilation window in your kitchen, you can easily get ventilation chimneys installed.
  • Storage: After all, you will need to store everything that’s required in the kitchen. Your interior designer will provide you with enough space to store the necessary utensils and food items.

Bedroom: It’s the place where you will spend your good night’s sleep and will read novels and spend some quality time.

  • Wardrobes: Everyone needs a space to store their clothes and precious items. Hence, it’s really important to get your wardrobe installed.
  • Bed: Most of the people in the world know what kind of bed they want. Before selecting one, you should consider the space available in your bedroom.
  • Dresser: If you love dressing up, then this is something that you will love. You must consult your interior designer and build yourself an amazing dresser.

Online Interior Design Services Timeline

It all depends on what kind of work you want to get done. If you want to remodel your whole home along with colouring and flooring, then it can even take up to six months. If you want new furniture installed in your home, then you can get it done in quickly in couple of months. You can navigate Floma’s website and observe the various interior designing styles we have for you to choose.
When you start any online interior design project with Floma, you are giving a clear quote along with the timeline of the project. If we’re late to deliver due to our mistakes, we’ll compensate you.

Now that you have all the info you need to get started on your home design project, click on the ‘Design Your Home’ button and let your online interior design project begin!

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