Choosing Colours For Your Home Exterior: Best Combinations

Wherever you live or whatever your theme may be, the exterior colours you choose to decorate your house are essential for creating your dream home image. By choosing the ideal colour combination, you’ll be able to reflect any theme or vibe you choose, from traditional heritage style to a modern retreat. But it’s often not as simple as just choosing colours you like to look at. It’s also important to ensure the colours work well together to avoid clashes. Whether you’re building your home from scratch or just looking to repaint your existing home, it’s time to research the best exterior combinations and find some inspiration. By looking at great ideas, you’ll be more likely to stumble across a combination you love. Here are a few tips to get you started!

Look for inspiration.

Firstly, take a look at other homes you like – in person or online. What do you like about them? Are there any colours or themes you find yourself frequently drawn to? If so, consider whether these ideas could be applied to your home, or whether you’ll need to think of something a little different to make it work. Take notes of the colour schemes you like and play with paint samples or swatches to create a match you love.

What does your street look like?

When choosing your colour combination, it’s important to ensure your newly painted exterior will still blend well with the rest of your street. While it obviously doesn’t have to be the same, you should also prevent it from clashing with surrounding homes.

Look to nature for ideas.

Sometimes, choosing natural colours is the best way to ensure they complement your home. Take a look at your home’s surroundings. What’s there? Take note of the colours of the foliage or flowers and create a theme that includes them.

Bring the inside out!

If you’re a big fan of the way your interior is decorated, why not continue the theme outside? By choosing similar colours or shades, you’ll create a vibe that flows between your interior and exterior and help develop the signature style of your home.

Consider your home’s fixed features.

Any fixed features on your home’s exterior, for example, garage doors, down pipes, roofs and brickwork are often best left in their original colour. If they’re looking a little shabby, it may be that all they need is a touch-up.If you choose to keep the colours of these features as they are, try to ensure that the colour you choose for the rest of your exterior is complimentary too.

Match your trim colours accordingly.

While sometimes a bright opposite can look great, most homes look their best when the trim of the home is colour coordinated with the rest of the exterior.You may wish to use the same colour in a variety of shades, such as lighter or darker tones.

Add an extra pop of colour.

If you’ve chosen a natural or monochromatic theme, you may be longing for an extra pop of colour to brighten up your exterior.Adding an accent colour is simple! Choose a bright or bold colour of your choice and use it to highlight specific architectural features of your home, even if it’s just your mailbox!

So, what are the best combinations?

Obviously, aesthetics are subjective, but here are a few of the most common colour combinations that are always guaranteed to look great.

1. Classic beige and bright white.

This timeless tried-and-true combo will never look out of place! Coat your home’s exterior in a warm, welcoming beige before making your trim stand out with a bright white to bring a little light to your aesthetic.

2.Smokey grey and rich cream.

Grey homes offer a modern approach whilst still appearing classic and refined while a touch of cream adds a lighter trim that’s softer than a simple bright white. While the colours may seem simple, their opulent appearance is sure to stand out.

3. Terracotta and optical white.

Terracotta paint gives a feeling of warmth, bringing to mind images of warmer climates and high-end resorts. When combing the shade with a bright optical white, you’ll create a stunning combination of hot and cold that will certainly look the part when surrounded by lush plants and greenery.

4. Monochromatic black and white.

Black and white is another classic that never goes out of style. A white house with black trim is always on trend and works as a great base for adding a pop of colour of your choice. Try bright shades such as yellow, red, green, aqua or pink for a personal fun touch.

5. Your own favourite colour!

When it really comes down to it, your home is your own, so why not ensure it makes a statement about you by painting it your favourite hue?You may have to tone it down a little or choose more muted tones to complement your environment, but there’s no reason you need to stick with the classics if you don’t want to!

Don’t forget, you can test out your ideas online.

If you’re not sure whether your idea would work for your home, why not use an online colour matcher to place the two shades side by side and compare. Do they look great? Then go ahead!

What are your tips for choosing the best exterior colours? Do you agree with these combinations? Don’t be afraid to share your honest opinions in the comments below!

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