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Celebrate India’s Welcoming Culture With A Traditional Dining Room Setup

Creating the ideal Indian home is easy with the right information. The best way to go about it is to focus on specific parts of Indian culture and traditional design, then decide how you’d like to apply them to your home interior.
By breaking it down by room rather than looking at your home as a whole, you’ll be able to direct all of your creativity into each room’s style, resulting in a more polished overall look.
For today, let’s take a look at how you can celebrate India’s welcoming culture with a traditional dining room setup.

A focus on the dining room.

As family and friends are such an important part of traditional Indian culture, it’s no wonder that many Indian homes place a focus on the dining room.

The dining room is a space for meal times with family, taking the time to eat while discussing the latest events of life, work or school. It’s also the perfect place for catching up with friends over good food and drinks.

With that in mind, it’s easy to imagine the feeling you’d like to recreate in your dining room – one that’s comfortable and welcoming, while also incorporating elements of traditional Indian culture.

Read on to discover some of our Indian dining room ideas that will inspire your own interior.

The Basics

Every room starts as simply walls and floor, so let’s take a look at those first. The walls of your dining room can be painted any way you like and can play an important part in creating the right ‘vibe’.
To turn the room into one that’s warm and welcoming, we recommend using warm toned colours in your dining room. If you like bright and vibrant colours, you may want to go for shades of red, terracotta, Indian pink or even a sunny yellow tone.
If neutral interiors are more your style, opt for warm shades of magnolia, cream and beige rather than stark, cool white.
If you prefer a balance that combines the two, try a warm neutral tone with a vibrant accent wall that stands out.
As for the floor, choose one that complements the colour of your walls. You may choose to opt for a traditional wooden floor, or perhaps you prefer carpet or stone. If you’re going for carpet, select a neutral colour to balance out vibrant walls, or use it to add variation to a neutrally painted room.

The Essential Items

Next, it’s time to consider the furniture you’ll include in your dining room. Many traditional Indian homes favour wood or wicker furniture, as it has been used for Indian furniture for hundreds of years and is a great tradition to follow.
These pieces will always look authentic and attractive as part of your interior due to their natural versatility. They can complement traditional Interior homes, or bring more of a traditional feel to a modern, contemporary interior. Essentially, they’re ideal for everyone!
You should aim to include one central table with enough chairs to suit the needs of your family or social gatherings – usually four, six or eight, depending on the size of your room and how many you entertain on a regular basis.
Another piece you may deem an essential is a sideboard, used to store dining essentials, or even to house décor – which we’ll be moving on to next.

The Decor and Accessories

Once the room is decorated and fitted out with the essential pieces of furniture, you can move on to embellishing the room with additional décor and accessories. Here are just a few ideas you might want to consider!

  • Have a space for use during celebrations and festivals. This is where you can create shines and decorative pieces that represent religious events and more.
  • Add lamps, lanterns and candles to your dining room. Not only are these commonly used during celebrations, but they’ll also create a warming atmosphere throughout the whole year that your friends and family will love to spend time in. Light is an important part of Indian decor!
  • Feature some artwork or decorative sculptures that reflect Indian traditions and complement the look you’re trying to achieve in your home.
  • Choose handmade pieces that have been crafted in India to ensure a feel of authenticity – as well as celebrating Indian culture and design.

The decor is a personal choice and will, of course, depend on how you’ve decorating the dining room itself. If you’re unsure of how you’d like to enhance your interior, play around with different styles until you find one you like. One of the best parts about decorative accessories is that they can be switched out for something different whenever the mood strikes.

Based on how important family, friends, socialising and food are in Indian everyday culture, the dining room is a great place to start when redecorating your home in traditional Indian style. We hope you find these tips to be a great starting point.

Is your home decorated with Indian flair? If that’s the look you’ve chosen for your interior, we’d love to hear how you chose to decorate your dining room based on Indian culture. Did you use ideas similar to what we’ve listed, or did you have some fun and creative ideas of your own? Tell us about your ideas in the comments – and you may even inspire some other readers too!

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