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We’re your friendly neighborhood Puneri team!

Where Personalisation Meets Care

At Floma Homes, your personal skills are put to use and given an opportunity to enhance. We not only look for talent and skill, but the right attitude as well. Floma Homes is a team of dynamic Flomans that not only focus on providing the best service to our customers, but nurture our team as well. We’re hungry for innovation!


A cool fact - the average age of our team is just 27 years! And we come from all parts of Maharashtra. Jai Maharashtra!

Our Mission

To help every Indian live in a home they
will love.

Floma's Vision

Transform 10 lakh homes in India by 2030
using design and technology.

The Floman Way of Life


We solve problems.

We don’t dwell on problems, we find solutions – better ones every day.

We think ahead.

Ideas are no one’s monopoly. We plan hard and execute those plans harder.

We change fast.

It’s no longer the big beating the small. It’s the fast beating the slow.

We value culture.

Our company culture is wonderful & extremely important to us.


We constantly innovate.

Your talents and innovative thinking are something we highly value.

Work + Play

We are not just about all work and no play! We have lots of fun activities.

Vedarth started Floma when he was 19. Consider it a boyhood attraction, but he is always so attracted towards things which are designed well. From a well-designed website to a well-designed home, he believes that everything should be at its place and look nice. That’s the philosophy we bring to our company.

We’ll put it frankly – we aren’t the cheapest out there. We aren’t the most experienced. We maybe aren’t even the most qualified. But we will always be the ones who dare to try new things, and try them with creativity.

We’re working really hard to get everything right and we hope you’ll join us in our quest for excellence.

Open Positions:

Interior Designer

1-3 years
Employment Type:


Site Supervisor

1-3 years
Employment Type:


Project Manager

3-5 years
Employment Type:


3D Max/ AutoCAD Designer

3-5 years
Employment Type:


Benefits and Perks

Work Culture
& More

See What Our Flomans Say

“They treat you like a person, not an employee. That’s reflected in the benefits and how the Manager approaches employees. No yelling and screaming about challenges, just collaboration, and ideas. The office environment is very fun, learn and exploratory. It is a very challenging company due to the pace and ingenuity around every corner, which is awesome. If you stay here for long, you’ll go places for sure.

It really is inspiring to be exposed to creative and sometimes world-changing things here. It’s a wonderful feeling to change people’s lives by designing their homes.”

- Rohan Agawane

“I truly enjoy working here since I’ve grown into a designer who can see things from a business’ perspective. Through my experience with Floma Homes, I was not just able to achieve dual roles but have also been able to learn new designing software and imbibe them in my recent projects.

Working with the Floma team has given me a sense of innovation and understanding of how to manage the budget along with the requirements.

I truly enjoy working as the principal interior designer with the Floma team where I am able to create innovative designs through technology.”

- Pratiksha Wangota

“Hi, My name is Rohit Dhotre. Working with Floma for the last 6 months. It is truly a treat to work here. We enjoy working here as we get great support from our seniors. Everyone here is working for company development. And that’s why all are on the same page. As the goal is common for all, teamwork becomes easy. Work flexibility is also there.

The office arranges picnics, parties, movie shows & games regularly. That gives great relaxation from work stress. Overall I love working here. Thank you Floma for the wonderful job opportunity!”

- Rohit Dhotre


Generally speaking, we’re looking for candidates having these traits:
1. Who have a positive attitude
2. Who are good team players
3. Who know what they like and want to work on
4. Who have a strong work ethic
5. Who are focused, yet ready to adapt
6. And finally, who are self motivated

We value constructive criticism and growth. It doesn’t matter if you are a new joinee or someone who’s been in the company for years, what you say matters. You will also be given a chance to explore and develop new skills.

When you apply to any of our open positions, there will be a first round of a technical interview where we’ll send you an online test to complete. Once you pass the test, we’ll invite you for a face-to-face interview with our HR team. And finally, you’ll have a meeting with our General Manager, before your employment is confirmed.

We don’t really care much about what education or background you have. But your passion for your work and your attitude matters a lot to us. We will of course test your technical knowledge during our interviews, but who you are is more important to us, than what level of skill you have at the moment.

At Floma, we have a very open and friendly work culture, where everyone’s point of view is given equal chance to be shared.

Yes. If you have the conviction to learn and get the job done, we truly value your attitude.

Yes you can. But this is applicable when you have been with us for a minimum of six month. After that if you are willing to, you can apply for dual roles.

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