Boys Bedroom Design: 25+ Tips, Ideas & Advice

Boys Bedroom Design: 25+ Tips, Ideas & Advice

A boy’s bedroom is the ideal place to get some creativity loose and showcase his innovative personality. There are different kinds of decor you can use in your little boy’s bedroom, from colorful styles to sports-inspired. If you need inspiration for your son’s room, take a look through our collection at Floma.

Boy’s bedrooms must be fun, creative spaces, where they want to spend time, both sleeping and playing. They aren’t all about blue color schemes and pirate ship decor. At Floma, we present plenty of gender-neutral decor ideas and fun themes to suit all styles.

Just scroll through many bedroom ideas for boys below and you’ll find dinosaur themes, shark themes, space themes, jungle themes, as well as graffiti walls, secret dens, and skateboard shelves. Whatever their hobbies, favorites, and interests, you can incorporate them into the room decor.

Even the bedroom storage can be given a cool twist – like Lego-shaped storage boxes, or a pegboard wall that can be used to showcase favorite treasures. Need some inspiration for creating the best space for your boys? Have a look below at 25+ Tips, Ideas & Advice on Boys Bedroom Design!

1. Starry Sky and other Wall Stickers

If you reside in a rented apartment, go for wall stickers to enhance the design quotient. You can select from a wide range of stickers in any specific theme you wish to decorate your son’s room in. One of the best ones is that of the stars and moon which offers a starry night look every night. This way when your son rests on his bed, he gets to look up at a sky full of stars.

(Credit: magicbricks.com)

2. Smart room with framed posters

Gone are the days of laminated posters hanged clumsily on the wall. Instead, frame your boy’s art and help him put together an innovative gallery wall that will impress visitors. Storage Tip: the space under the bed can be a massive asset.

(Credit: designideasguide.com)

3. Modern Adventure Theme

Adventures, vintage and modern, are worth taking. In an adventure room, even going to bed sounds exciting. This modern-themed room can be made using classic black and white mixed with wood to give it that adventure look. Bunkbeds that double as forts or tree houses and chalkboards to plan adventures transform a dull room into every boy’s dream. The mix of organic materials with modern colors and patterns adds a bold look that parents crave and imagination.

(Credit: Pinterest)

4. Hanging Storage

Bedrooms can never have too much storage. If you’re short on storage space, take advantage of walls. Hanging storage shelves and cupboards abound a great way to store books, collector’s pieces, and other knick-knacks. This shelf offers both a shelf and baskets, pulling double storage duty. Look for parts that fit with the feel of the room but offer a mix of storage choices and provide a display area.

(Credit: Ideal Home)

5. An area to play

Design a fun-filled space with swings, ladders, and climbing ropes if your boys love action and can’t keep still. If space isn’t a constraint, you can add a frame with a net in the corner of the room where they can play football. This area can also double up as seating space. You need to add a couple of bean bags that can be cleared when they are playing football.

(Credit: House Beautiful)

6. Coordinated Storage

Furniture and accessories should never be matchy-matchy. However, a little matchy-matchy goes a long way to unify the space, especially for organization and storage. The combination of natural materials with modern white in bedrooms makes it feel cohesive but not dull. If that’s too much of a good thing for you, you could use two diverse kinds of baskets and alternate them to add pattern and break up the look. But baskets of the size, color, or material can bring visual order so that the room feels fun and calm.

(Credit: Country Living Magazine)

7. Comic Wall Murals are a must

Murals in rooms act as a big-ticket luxury item. With modern and advanced technology, the cost of such wall treatments has become cost-effective. Murals can be an entire wall floor to ceiling size, a vignette in a niche, or applied to the wall and framed with attractive decorative molding. The positive factor is that if you’re talented, you can also paint your comic mural for your boys.

The customized mural has always been a cherished art form in most houses. Go for a cartoon pattern that enables the mural design to take center stage and keep ascents on the other walls to a least and in harmony.

(Credit: Pinterest)

8. Character shelves

You’re probably thinking of floating rectangles, squares, and planks when you think of shelves. They are efficient and come with little design and style. However, you can use shelves that fall outside the norm in size and shape for a boy’s room. Kids’ rooms are ideal for the whimsy of whales, moons, rockets, or circular-shaped shelves. A character or shaped shelf adds style to function and visual interest to the vertical aspects of the room.

(Credit: Pinterest)

9. Bold Stripes

Stripes offer a powerful visual impact, and bold colors double the decorative punch. At Floma, we usually recommend going with a great orange and navy-blue mix for a boy’s room. That color scheme in stripes makes the room pop. You can tone it down by using another grey hue if orange is too much. But stripes make the space feel big, fun, and ready for the adventure that boys desire. If you wish to make the bedroom feel taller, go for vertical stripes.

(Credit: Pinterest)

10. Set the tone with a Whiteboard

A big whiteboard is a perfect functional addition to a playroom. A chalkboard lends a rustic feature to any room, while a whiteboard is a contemporary alternative, and you don’t have to stick to just white; there are many options for shades and prints in the market. Having a whiteboard in a kid’s room can help you keep your boy’s busy writing or drawing something innovative.

(Credit: Pinterest)

11. Corner cozy bed

Most bedroom decorating plans feature the bed by placing it by the wall. However, limited space and narrow floor plans call for deviation from this. To maximize the floor space and make more area for playing, it would be best to tuck the bed up against the corner. This effect will develop a sleeping area that feels cozy and snug.

(Credit: Design Café)

12. Built-Ins

Built-ins offer any space a custom look and feel. In a boy’s bedroom design, they are an excellent choice for a headboard and storage space. These built-ins act as a nightstand, focal point, and storage, all rolled into one. Built-ins do not need to be grand and can have just shelves and drawers. A built-in desk, for instance, provides a bold study space to give the room’s occupant a spot for serious reflection and study. You can also make the area multifunctional by putting in a built-in bed.

13. Go Green

This is one idea that we believe one can never miss out on. Plants do not just have to sit on the windowsill. Try hanging or adding wall-mounted planters to add a bit of greenery to your boy’s space and nature to the walls. If you’re not consistent with water, you can go for high-quality faux plants to make it effortless on your part.

(Credit: Pinterest)

14. Transform your bedding and throw pillows

Since the bed is the focal point in every bedroom, changing throw pillows and your duvet can be one of the most significant small changes you can easily make. Going for bedding in a wholly diverse color from what you currently have can create a huge impact. White bedding is always considered to be the tried-and-true favorite.

White bedding works in all seasons and can be easily layered with a cozy wool blanket in the winter season and lighter boho-inspired pillows in the summer season. Don’t be afraid to try out a new pattern for your kid’s bedding.

(Credits: CitySpidey)

15. Music as a theme

Curating a bedroom with a musical composition can be a great design idea for older boys. Most teen boys love music. Few musical instruments can be used as accessories in the bedroom. You can hang an electric guitar on the wall as decor. Go for dark tones throughout the room to liven the ambiance – you can also stick posters or bands on the walls. You can add a quick touch of orange somewhere to strengthen the room’s character and ensure that it feels warm.

(Credit: Pinterest)

16. Select accents that add color

Depending on the color you have chosen for your kid’s wall, determining the assortments compliment it is essential. It can be calming for your kid to sleep in an all-white room, or you can add some warmth with shades of blue and grey. Frame unique pieces, source pieces from local makers, and print select images in white and black. Go for frames in a consistent style, from simple black to ornate gold vintage. Art must reflect your interests and passions and must be uniquely reflected.

A pop of color can be added by picking a yellow or orange item. Patterns and shapes of different sizes add to the vibe of any space. Baskets and stands of different designs, paintings, and artwork; take your pick for your boys!

(Credit: Decoist)

17. Go for the suitable lighting options

Lighting is a core element in a kid’s room. Still, it is especially crucial when you are thinking about developing a relaxing and attractive atmosphere like a bedroom for a boy. It’s good to “layer” your lighting options in the bedroom. For example, a simple lamp can focus on the reading part of the room while a separate simple on/off light for a specific amount of the playroom. You can add a mood to the bedroom by getting a light with an adjustable switch. Go in for hanging lamps to save space for playing instead of floor lamps or table lamps, which can be toppled while playing.

(Credit: Pinterest)

18. Custom Woodwork

From the headboard to the accent walls, wood is an excellent addition to any design. Incorporate low to the ground tables and mats to keep your little boy busy all day long. Also, having custom wood decor adds an acceptable rustic value to the room.

(Credit: Architectural Digest)

19. Baseball and Cars Theme Decor

A classic boy’s room features many elements that can remind one of cars and baseball. The evident decor would be to have a famous baseball player’s poster right on the back wall. The other decorative element is the functional side dresser or a side table that looks like the kind of sheet metal one would find in a car garage.

(Credit: Pinterest)

20. Old geometric patterns

Upgrade your modern room furniture with some geometric patterns that make it appear on-trend. It is so simple to do it. All you require is little things to perk up the entire look. Things like circular mirrors and circular carpets can be outstanding additions to the house. Now, geometric print tiles and carpets are also available in the market.

Patterns in interior design can highlight or even minimize some aspects of the house. Its versatility indicates that it can be used in several various means. Patterns also play a vital role in setting the overall aura of the space for your boys to play casually and stress-free.

(Credit: Kids Interiors)

21. Hang plates and feel happy

Why hide your fine china in the cabinet when you can show it off to your guests? Use wire plate hangers to display your best dishes and serving platters. If you are a collector of any design object, this might be the move for you. We at Floma say this is a conversation starter too! And can keep a boy’s room colorful and attractive.

(Credits: Pinterest)

22. Upcycle things to make the most of it

Do you have old glass bottles lying at home? You don’t have to throw them away to make your house tidy. You can reuse them to add to the beauty of your house. A dash of color is what it needs. Paint them with colors of your choice. Or, you can select a color that suits your living room. You can beautify them with threads, beads, laces, and twines. You can indulge in some activities with your kids to create something more innovative. Explore more options and make them the ideal decor pieces that you can use. Or even better, use them as vases, plant holders, or centerpieces.

(Credit: WeAreTeachers)

23. Keep it simple and minimal

If you are going for longevity in your kid’s bedroom design, stick to a neutral scheme and introduce accents of color and decor to give the room a theme. See how the colors and furniture are kept in simple ways in this area, and bedding and toys bring in the fun, and these can both easily be switched up.

(Credit: Extra Space Storage)


24. Mirror Wall

A bedroom with a big mirror always looks double in size due to the vast paneled mirrors at the side of the room. Even better, the mirrors are probably hiding an ample closet space, which can be utilized adequately for storage space that can free up space within the actual bedroom.

(Credit: HGTV)

25. Black and White is the new in

There are many ways to use black and white in a boy’s bedroom design. Chalkboard paint on the back of a door or the dresser drawers sticks with the color theme and offers kids a creative outlet. You can mix basic black and white with natural textiles in the bedroom. This provides an organic feel to the room, while the black and white keep things modern. You can always mix things up by adding a splash of color with red or green accessories. Change the accessories as your boys grow up, so the room doesn’t stay too young when he’s entering his teen.

(Credit: TLC Interiors)


Are you wondering how to make your boy’s room one a million? Then, Floma is your go-to solution to find interior designing ideas at their very best. Find interior designs for your bedroom, living room, kitchen, and other rooms in your house only at Floma! We offer a variety of styles, from contemporary to Indian and from minimalistic to modern designs; we have it all!

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Floma is a one-stop platform that caters to all your home décor requirements. Inspired only by the best of ideas, we offer contemporary, modern, minimalistic designs and much more at affordable prices just for you! Contact our expert team today to discuss your project and get the best results.

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