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Balcony Decor in Monsoon? Here Are 22 Easy DIY Ideas

Balcony Decor in Monsoon? Here Are 22 Easy DIY Ideas

Summers can be difficult for all of us – the world seems dry, hot, food doesn’t taste the same, and the general feeling of irritation sets in.  That, until the Monsoons arrive, saving us from the heat! Isn’t it just amazing watching the rain splashed world from your home windows?

We at Floma consider Monsoon as the most exciting season. The season is not all about rain and muddy roads. Monsoon brings a fresh and unfiltered beauty that captivates everyone. Be it the hill stations or beach, the monsoon brings the best of everything. While poets romanticize monsoons, we all know the difficulties it brings of muddy footprints, dirty shoes, and musty smells around the house.

Staying indoors while grey skies shower water on the roof can make one feel bored, so why not use that time to get creative and enhance the aesthetics of your balcony to give it a seasonal vibe with vibrant décor, plants, and fragrant candles.

During such times when people have to stay isolated and safe within their homes, the need of living spaces has been redefined. Whether dealing with constant space crunch indoors or just needing some fresh air at any time of the day, our balcony becomes one of the most important spaces in the house.

Mix a few sleek and elegant furniture pieces with quirky decor ideas, and even the simplest balcony can be transformed into a cozy corner. We at Floma have listed some fast DIY ideas that are perfect to brighten your balcony on the good nostalgic rainy days, even during the busiest of schedules!

1. Let your Walls Speak

Perk up your balcony walls with some greens by adding wall planters. This adds color to the wall, especially if the wall is white. Apart from green, go for brighter colors like blue, yellow, or pink. Also, you can go for wall paintings or paint some flowers and leaves on the wall to add a dash of colors.

2. Go for Cozy Rugs

It is a fact that cozy balconies are blissful in monsoons. Just imagine yourself sitting on the balcony floor with a hot cup of tea and enjoying the beautiful rain. Rugs are the ideal way to spruce your balcony in monsoons. They add a cozy and fresh vibe to it. Go for colorful prints and beautiful aesthetics.

3. Set Perfumed Candles

The best way to combat the odor that comes along with monsoons is to light a few scented candles around the balcony. Go for aesthetically pleasing varieties that come in various fragrances. Add a touch of warmth to your house and enjoy this Zen these beauties bring along with them.

4. Go for the Fairy Vibe

A great addition to the balcony can be fairy lights. Fairy lights offer a soothing vibe to the corner where they are incorporated. They brighten up the mood by triggering our happy hormones. You can combine them with your plans or with a small hanging cage. You can also write stuff with the lights on the wall to make you smile whenever you see it.

5. Go for Weatherproof Fabrics

Monsoons take a toll on the balcony decor and thus, it is best to go for waterproof fabrics. For instance, cushions made of polyurethane foam enable the water to flow through. This way, you can add extra cushions to your balcony and not worry about it getting damaged due to the rains. Adding waterproof materials on the balcony decreases your work and also amps the overall look of the area.

6. Ensure Storage

To prevent sitting down on wet cushions, keep a storage trunk to toss in cushions when not in use and to avoid collecting moisture. A trunk would also come in handy to keep blankets, candles, and so on, without the fear of small insects or mildew getting inside. Since the trunk will be under shelter, you will not have to worry too much about it getting wet. But it might be useful to know that wood types like cedar and teak withstand humid conditions and are also pest-proof, making them perfect for outdoor areas.

7. In-built Seating

It is ideal to scale up the overall square footage with inbuilt bench-type seating solutions. You will not have to worry about furniture getting knocked over or damaged on account of strong winds if you opt for this solution. Moreover, it creates more space for more beautiful decor to add. You can amp up the look of your balcony with one of the best yet most underrated balcony decor in monsoon, namely using inbuilt seating that can help greatly if you have guests over.

8. Warm Lighting

Proper lighting can make a lot of difference, especially during the monsoons when everything is dark and damp. Floma suggests and makes sure that the designs that are offered make the house look well lit. Altering the white lights to yellow dim lights can bring a warmer look to your balcony. Warm lights in the balcony make the place comfortable and easy to relax and enjoy the weather.

9. Balcony Blinds

It is a fact that even if your balcony is covered on the top, the rain will always find a way sideways. PVC blinds are the solution unless you want to shut yourself up in a glass cage. Outdoor blinds are designed to be sturdy and long-lasting in a variety of climatic conditions, including monsoons. Additionally, they come in an array of finishes to suit your taste. Blinds offer a natural-looking tropical vibe that lasts longer and does a better job at blocking the rain. It also helps to keep the balcony space clean and neat.

10. Go for Abundant Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers and plants have a way of adding cheer and positivity to the interiors. Introduce new vases to vacant areas in your balcony or turn old wine bottles into planters and fill them with beautiful lilies, roses, jasmines, and more that’ll add fresh vibes to your balcony.

11. Vertical Garden

If your balcony area has limited space but you still want a fresh green sanctuary of your own, then a vertical garden is your answer. There are a variety of garden routes to take, depending on whether you select to hang planter cups or go for plant pot holders and stands on the wall. These choices are cost-effective and serve for a long time.

12. Hanging a Hammock

We understand that you may be living in a busy city, but this cannot stop you from bringing a vacation style or outdoorsy feel to your balcony. Try a hammock or hanging chairs for a casual, relaxed, and laid-back feeling above all else on your balcony. This is one of those balcony DIY ideas that are worth noting by all means. This will make sure that you get that beauty sleep on your balcony with the noise of faint raindrops.

13. Make Use of the Unused

Bring out some sleek pieces of unused furniture and put them on your balcony. It can be a quaint table or chair where you can sit and sip your hot cup of tea with some muffin or indulge in reading a novel. But, make sure that the furniture you’re adding is not too huge as it will make your balcony look congested.

14. Hang Wind Chimes

Wind chimes offer a sweet and pleasant sound especially in cool breezes of monsoon. You can hang these near your window or on the balcony. When you hang wind chimes outside or inside the house or near the balcony, each time the door opens and makes the tinkling sound, it attracts good energy.

15. Floor Makeover

Give your balcony floor a soothing makeover with the use of wooden floor or porcelain decking tiles. This helps bring together space with its decor, furniture, and greenery items, creating a balcony that is simple and classy. Make sure to stick such tiles which do not get water stains stuck on them for long.

16. Set a Cocktail Corner

Thinking of how to decorate your balcony in the most stylish manner? We at Floma suggest coming up with a cocktail corner in the balcony! Say yes to unlimited happy hours with your friends and family. You can easily create a wonderful space for simply lying back and relaxing to your heart’s content while the world simply passes by in all its rush. It’s best to have a drink with zero pressure with the faint noise of raindrops.

17. Get Wooden Crates

Using wooden crates for seating is the best cost-effective home balcony decoration idea that one can use. You can transform a pair of wooden crates into a stunning little nook. The technique is really simple, to say the least. You can flip them to the sides, and they will easily fit neatly within the space. You can then cover it with a blanket and pillow alongside and make the area look as comfortable as possible.

18. Play with Canopy

All balconies can often become very hot during the summer season, so a canopy or shade can be a game-changer for your balcony. Everyone likes a simple yet classy use of white fabric on the ceiling, instantly adding a relaxed yet refined Mediterranean holiday feel to the balcony.

19. Glow Wall Stickers

You can go simple and add some glow-in-the-dark wall stickers. This is one of the simplest ways to decorate your balcony while making it look super exciting. You can find such glow-in-the-dark stickers in different shapes and sizes at very cost-effective rates. Or else you can always go with welcome quote stickers.

20. Mason Jar Lanterns

To make your garden look creative, mason jar lanterns are a very good DIY idea. You can easily find mason jars in the market at affordable prices. You can then fill the jars with electric lights to create a spectacular look.

21. Go for Oil Lamps

You can go for oil lamps as decorative items as well as a room freshener. This keeps the area fresh with good fragrance.

22. Recycle and Reuse

We at Floma can easily suggest some ideas that you can incorporate:

  • Give your furniture pieces a new life by re-polishing or giving them a distressed look.
  • Upscale the bed by changing the headboard fabric.
  • Wash empty cans, paint them with funky colors, and use them as cutlery holders.
  • Cut and sew gunny bags into interesting shapes to form innovative and fun rugs for your balcony.
  • Old furniture can be repurposed and celebrated for its unique character. Revamp existing sofas or chairs by simply reupholstering them
  • Old dhurries can be dry cleaned and used as floor cushions fabrics.
  • Old glass bottles can be reused as light installations.

Beat the dullness of the monsoon by bringing in fresh and new decor features on your balcony. Introduce colorful cushion covers, bedsheets, and more to add a pop of color to keep the grey weather at bay. Fresh colors like pink, orange and yellow can you give your balcony a brighter and open look, lifting your spirits immediately.

Try the DIY tips that we at Floma have suggested and gift yourself a beautiful space to rest and enjoy the monsoon season. It will be your personal space in your flat where we at Floma can help with ideas. Floma is your go-to solution to search for interior design pictures, ideas, and inspiration. Take inspiration from our ideas that will help to add up the freshness while keeping you happy with the pitter-patter fun of the rain.

For the people who live in a house with a balcony, it is a blessing in disguise. We at Floma understand this fact and therefore offer you a myriad of options to transform your balcony into a garden, an entertainment area, or just a personal space of haven. Our extremely talented and creative designers carry out all the innovative ideas that have been uploaded on our website. Explore our website and get the best inspiration!

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