How to beautifully arrange pillows in the living room?

How to beautifully arrange pillows in the living room?

Your living room is the first space where you welcome your beloved guests. In India, we have a saying, ”Atithi devo bhava”- which means we treat our guests like gods & try to give the best hospitality we can. 

So the living room should be fresh, bright, energetic & at the same time, soft & elegant where your guests as well as your family feel welcomed.

Pillows generally become an essential factor that adds a soothing feel or vibe to your sofa. As a result, throw pillows are the most favored option to decorate your beloved couch. A throw pillow, or toss pillow, is a small, decorative soft furnishing item.


How to Choose the Right Throw Pillows for Your Sofa

Most interior designers prefer using throw pillows for a sofa set. Throw pillows come in various sizes, shapes, patterns, & textures, making them a favorable choice for designers.

Today, we will discuss a few tips that you can use for your cushion arrangement on the sofa to fall in love with it.


Using Different Pillow Sizes

How to beautifully arrange pillows in the living room?

One of the most important things about arranging pillows on the sofa is to use pillows of different sizes! Using different pillow sizes & shapes gives off a decorative feel. 

While arranging pillows on the sofa, you can start by arranging big pillows first. The big pillows will show stability & can be kept in the corner or closer to the edges of the sofa. After that, you can arrange the rest of the pillows in front of the largest pillows on your sofa. Of course, small pillows for the sofa are also a good idea; just keep them as inside as possible.


Selecting Pillow Colors

Colors are very important for Indians. We love bright colors & same can be followed while decorating. Pillows can be the most transformative thing in your room! So it is important to select cushions with the right colors. Selecting pillow colors for your sofa can be challenging, especially when one doesn’t have an eye for it. 

Always pick pillow colors in coordination with your sofa color. You can start by choosing the smallest pillow in size that has more than 2 colors, giving you options for choosing the next pillow colors. After that, for every next pillow you choose, make sure it has a less obvious color in abundance than the previous pillow.

For example, if your small pillow has blue as the least used color, use blue as the most used color in your next pillow.


Mix & Match the Pillows 

How to beautifully arrange pillows in the living room?

Mixing & matching pillows on a sofa can be a great idea. But choosing the perfect mix is not easy. India is rich with diverse & vibrant patterns, so we get multiple options for mixing the pillows. Various things have to be taken into consideration & if you don’t have a design mindset, it can be difficult at times.

To help solve this, divide throw pillows into three categories:

  • Solids
  • Patterns 
  • Textures 



Solids are plain color pillows with no patterns or textures on them. Choose a color that highlights itself when placed on the sofa. The most advisable size for a solid colored pillow is between 22-24 inches & can be placed on the outside of the sofa so that the next pillows with smaller sizes can be placed in front of it & will be visible clearly.



Patterns on the pillows themselves highlight the pillows. In addition, having patterns gives you a chance to choose multiple colors on it, making your task easy to choose other pillow colors. 

Pro tip: Use the less obvious color on a patterned pillow to choose the color of your solid-colored pillow.



Textures will act as softeners in this mix & match. You can choose between small textures or large textures on pillows but make sure if you are using large pattern pillows, use less textured pillows & vice versa.

Pro tip: Placing textured pillows between a solid colored pillow & a patterned pillow will give a more elegant & soothing decorative look.


Bonus tips!

How to beautifully arrange pillows in the living room?

Arrange in odd numbers: Always try to arrange your pillows for the sofa in odd numbers. We might not notice it, but there is magic in odd numbers, and our brain loves to see things grouped in odd numbers.

Change up pillow covers seasonally: One of the big decorating advantages pillows bring to the room is the ability to change. Grouping pillows with the current seasonal colors can add a note of season to the room.


If you’re still unsure about the best ways to beautifully arrange the pillows in your living room, book a consultation with our team and we will be happy to help you out!

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