Accessories You Need In Your Office: 10 Must Haves

Your office represents your thinking, your philosophy, and your values. It’s not just a place to work, but a place to flourish in. No office space can be complete without the right accessories and specially in India, where workplaces are almost war zones (!), certain accessories are definitely needed.

1. A cohmputer desk that can be easily adjusted

Office computer desks should be easily adjustable so that they can facilitate good ergonomic function. You can also choose the healthier and more productive option of spending time standing at your computer desk.

2. A chair that is comfortable and can be easily adjusted

This is not just important for your ability to function well and be productive, but it is also important to avoid unnecessary joint, muscular, and vascular problems.

3. Suitable computers and software

This is a no-brainer, but needs attention. Your computer should be adequate for you to achieve your work requirements. It may need to be mobile, have multiple screens, or be able to process large video files quickly. The software installed on your computer needs to be up-to-date and adequate for the use it is intended to perform.

4. High-speed internet

High-speed internet is essential for the quick movement of large files to and from clients and other colleagues. Though India still doesn’t have super speeds of Internet in many cities, high-speed internet is increasingly needed for communicating with your customers and within your organisation.

5. A printer that is adequate for the needs of your office

A modern office needs a printer that will not only print quickly but also scan, photocopy, fax, and email, as well. It may be useful if the printer prints in colour too.

6. Adequate stationary supplies

Many basic stationary items are essential to the smooth operation of an office. To avoid disrupting the workflow in your office, you need adequate supplies of printer paper, printer ink refills, pens, stick it notes, highlighters, and other supplies that your office uses.

7. Good lighting

Good lighting is essential in your Indian office to reduce the risk of eyestrain, tiredness, lack of focus and increased error rate. Adjustable lighting around each workstation allows every employee to adapt to the level of brightness they need.

8. The ability to control the temperature of your office

A good working environment needs to be comfortable for the employees working there. They need to be able to access monitoring of the temperature to avoid becoming sleepy when too warm or distracted by the cold.

9. Space to add your own personal items

It is important for you to have your own space where you can express your identity and feel comfortable. A picture of a loved one, a favourite piece of artwork or something that expresses you and helps you to work at your best.

10. Coffee and tea making facilities

Ideally, this facility should be separate from the working area, and supply quality coffee, tea, and refreshments. Though small Indian offices are not yet very familiar with it, this facility is a statement to the employees of how they are valued and respected by the business.
How many of these do you have in your office already? What more accessories would you like to suggest? Let’s discuss in comments!

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