Affordable Luxury Interior Design


About Us

We’re your friendly neighborhood Puneri team!

Creativity is our thing!

Floma Homes is an extended family of Floma India, an interior design and home decor company based in Pune. Both Floma Homes and Floma India are a part of Deshpee Group, which is a group of companies in the Internet space. Led by Vedarth Deshpande, a young entrepreneur in Pune, Floma Homes totally embraces the spirit of the youth!
Floma India has been in the interior designing market for more than 7 years now. Over the years, we have worked very hard to design homes and build an online platform to help everyone find design ideas. We don’t really believe in cheap things. We live well and want to provide quality services to everyone. Today, we are recognized as a trusted partner for specialty design services due to our creative and functional designs in Pune.

With the increasing needs and a cultural shift in the way of living, modern homeowners’ demands have too changed in manifold. People want more luxurious spaces now. They do not wish to see their home as four walls of concrete only. They want their home as a reflection of who they are. Traditional home decor has always been there. But now an aspirational side of the design is emerging. That’s what we’re focusing on.

A cool fact - the average age of our team is just 28 years! And we come from all parts of Maharashtra. Jai Maharashtra!

Our Mission

To help every Indian live in a home they
will love.

Floma's Vision

Transform 10 lakh homes in India by 2030
using design and technology.

Core Values:

Creativity is at the centre of whatever we do. If it isn’t creative, it’s not ours.
We do things day in and day out. Weeks, months, years – no problem at all!
We treat your home as if it is ours and as if you are our guests. Atithi devo bhava.
Every person is different, so should be their home. That’s what we believe in.

Vedarth started Floma when he was 19. Consider it a boyhood attraction, but he is always so attracted towards things which are designed well. From a well designed website to a well designed home, he believes that everything should be at its place and look nice. That’s the philosophy we bring to our company.

We’ll put it frankly – we aren’t the cheapest out there. We aren’t the most experienced. We maybe aren’t even the most qualified. But we will always be the ones who dare to try new things, and try them with creativity.

We’re working really hard to get everything right and we hope you’ll give us a chance to work on your home.