A Bedroom Makeover Could Improve Your Health: Here’s How!

If you’ve been thinking about giving your bedroom a makeover, your first thought was probably aesthetics. We all like to change up the way our home looks from time to time and have fun creating a new look and style.

However, redecorating your home can be about more than just the way it looks. Did you know it could even have an impact on your health? Today, let’s focus on how redecorating your bedroom could actually improve your health!

Could redecorating really make a difference?

Yes! By redecorating your home with your health in mind, you’ll get to enjoy a number of benefits. Read on to learn some of the best points to consider if you’re looking for a healthier, happier bedroom environment.

You’ll be able to sleep better at night.

Redecorating your bedroom could help you to sleep better at night.Firstly, the colours you use will have an effect on your mind and mood. Bright and vibrant colours may end up making you feel more awake and energised – which is probably not what you need right before bed time. Dark colours may make you feel gloomy or sad, which will also affect your sleep and potentially keep you awake.

This is also a chance to purchase new bedroom furniture – including a new, more comfortable bed, ensuring your body can be comfortable and well rested.

Why does this matter? It matters because sleep is essential for optimal health. It is recommended that the average adult gets at least 7 – 9 hours of sleep each night to function properly the next day.

You’ll begin to think clearer, keeping your body and mind calmer.

When the space surrounding you is a mess, your brain can start to feel the same way. This will make you feel ‘overloaded’, stressed and confused – making you unable to focus properly or relax.

These feelings are not going to help you when it’s time to fall asleep, so try to create a space that’s clear in order to prevent a cluttered mind.

Your mental health will improve with positive energy.

If you’re feeling unhappy, anxious or stressed, these can also have an effect on your physical health too, so it’s important to keep your mental health care for too.

A bedroom should be positive and uplifting, so redecorate in a way that features some of your favourite things, whether it’s your favourite colours, some artwork you love, or souvenirs from happy memories or events.

These will fill the room with positive energy, helping to keep your mind (and subsequently, all of you) happier and more positive.

You’ll get to experience fewer aches and pains.

Another reason to make your bedroom more comfortable is that you’ll experience fewer aches and pains. If you’re waking up with painful muscles or a feeling of being achy and weighed down, something is likely wrong with your sleeping situation.

Let’s start with your bed. This is the most important part of the furniture in your bedroom and you should ensure it’s comfortable to sleep in. Choose a bed that’s supportive as well as suiting the decor style of the room. You can personalise it more with the addition of quilts, blankets and pillows in your chosen theme.

But it’s more than just the bed, if something else is keeping you up you’ll likely experience a similar feeling.

Tidying and cleaning the home prior to decorating will ensure it’s clean and free of dust.

As you decorate a room, you’ll probably have to move around furniture – or even empty the room entirely. During the process, this may include a real ‘deep clean’ of your home. You’ll be able to reach spots that are usually unreachable due to furniture, ensuring the room is completely clean with no build up of dust or dirt.

This is excellent for anyone suffering from allergies or breathing difficulties as it is easier to breathe when the air is clean and clear – so your body and lungs will benefit too.

Some tips to remember!

To sum it all up, check out these simple tips and points to remember when decorating a health-conscious bedroom:

  • Avoid making the room cramped with too much furniture. It will take away from the ‘peaceful’ ambience you need.
  • The same goes for clutter – keep your bedroom tidy, there’s no need for too much decor or too many accessories.
  • Stick to relaxing hues that you know will help you relax. Popular choices include shades of blue or lavender, as they are known for their calming traits.
  • Keep things clean wherever possible. It will make you feel less stressed and may even help to improve your breathing and health.

If any of these sound like they could make a significant improvement to your health and lifestyle, it could be a sign that it’s time to redecorate your bedroom in a way that suits (and improves) your health. Follow these tips, or check out more inspiration here at Floma to work out a look that appeals to both your body and mind!

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