9 Smart Interior Design Ideas To Make Your Home Look More Spacious

Everyone loves an airy, spacious home. However, in the jam-packed Indian cities, it is difficult to find such spaciousness which fits your budget. But worry not! You have many ways to make your dream come true. You can think creatively and make your space look spacious even in the modest confines.

Here are nine smart ideas for making your abode look amazingly spacious.

1. Carry a singular style.

If you are trying to maximise your space, then the thumb rule is to carry a unified palette throughout the house. Lesser the variety of materials and colours, the more spacious your home will appear. For example, opt for the same flooring from entrance leading to the inner parts of your residence. This creates a visual connection and helps the space look wide. If you want to add contrasts in between, add something which easily blends, and avoid sharp contrasts.

2. Make space for natural light.

Nothing can beat the beauty of natural light rushing into your apartment. For this, you can opt for large glass windows with delicate light-coloured curtains to create a sense of airiness. Also, colouring the walls around large windows with colours like pale yellow, powder blue, or tinted white can enhance the maximising effect of the sunshine.

3. Use interesting tiles.

Play with a pale colour palette for maximising the space in your home. Use lighter, softer colours for tiles. Try tiling the walls in your kitchen/ bathrooms up to the ceiling for the added impression of height and space. This idea works very well, and you can add extended tiled splashbacks in your kitchen area as well.

4. Choose a neutral and fresh palette.

If you want your home to look bigger and brighter, then avoid choosing dark shades. Instead, go for some soothing monochromatic shades like such as baby pink, light sky blue, lemon yellow, pistachio greens or all-time favourite shades of whites (pearl to ivory). Use of these colours is a great way to create the illusion of more space.

Apply the same idea while choosing different patterns and textures on the walls. Use fresh and light colours in wallpapers and home linen for making the areas melt into another.

5. Use a few interesting mirrors.

Creating an optical illusion in your home can be done by using mirrors. They bring a sense of expansive space. All you need to do is to create a feature wall by hanging a mirror with an interesting and beautiful frame which complements the room’s decor.

6. Use translucent curtains.

Opaqueness in décor gobbles up space. Many people think that thick curtains with dark colours are a durable choice. However, they make the area look small. So, say no to the thick drapery and curtains and choose the slick curtains in light colours and transparent textures. They allow the natural light to spread in and liven up your rooms.

7. Fix slender slider doors.

The doors which open up inside the room reduce space. So, consider replacing them with sliding glass or wooden doors for visually expanding the area of your home. This brings in the fluidity of space and also gives it a compact look.

8. Bring in some greenery.

The plants create a soothing, healing, and fresh feel to your home. If you bring some lush green indoor plants and keep them in a sunny corner of your house, then it adds to the freshness of your abode.

9. Choose low and compact furniture.

Maintaining low height and compact furniture like sofa, chairs, couches ease continuous eye movement. It draws the eye movement above and makes the space look bigger and airier.

With all these ideas you can now make your home look bigger and brighter. Other than these, you can get some window seat outs, add carved partitions, avoid bulging furniture and minimise storing unnecessary material in the house. Ideas are unending, and you can keep innovating newer ones for your nest!

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Do not forget to share your ideas with us in the comments below, and share this with your family and friends for them to get inspired too!

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