9 Smart Changes To Prepare Your Home For The Monsoon Season

Rains have started pouring down from the roofs, and we are sure pleased by them. After a long, hot summer; we can finally feel the cool breeze and the pleasant petrichor! However, while we welcome the monsoon with open arms, we also need to make our home ready for the season.

Here is a list of smart changes which you must do to make your home monsoon ready so that you can enjoy the season to its fullest!

1. Let us get started with the roof.

The roof of your home is a part which gets most affected during the heavy monsoons.  It may get some minor damages and also cause water leakage and or may allow termites to enter your home. And repairing severe roof damage can be expensive and time stacking.

So, it is better to take precautions beforehand and call the experts to check if your roof condition is perfect for dealing with the Indian monsoon.

2. Waterproof your walls.

Rains get heavier in July and August; which means your lovely nest is going be exposed to a lot of water during those months. However, is it ready for that? Prepare your home by waterproofing the walls. By doing this, you will be avoiding water leakage which damages the colour and leaves the walls with a flaky texture.

3. Get expert help on checking the sewage.

During the rainy season, the sewage systems tend to get clogged. You need to seek help from a plumber and make sure that there is no blockage in the sewage system of your home.

4. Get pest control done in your home.

Monsoons are sure pleasant, but it is also a season in which diseases may spread in your locality. So, it is wise to get pest control done at your place in the monsoon to stay protected.

These four changes were regarding the care that you need to take during the rains. Now we will move on to the list of changes which you need to do to make your home look clean, pretty and fresh during the monsoons.

5. Put on umbrella stands at the entrance.

You can easily purchase some unique umbrella stands which you can place at your entrance. This will be an excellent value addition for the guests as well as the family members who come in from the rains. Also, this will help you keep the house floors clean. You can also add a nylon doormat to avoid mud stains on the floor.

6. Bring in some indoor greenery.

Monsoon is a season for trees to bloom up. You can purchase some fantastic indoor plants like the Areca Palm, English Ivy, Dracaena, Money Plant, Orchid, Azalea to keep in the house. Alternatively, if you have a garden in your terrace or balcony, this is a great time to decorate your little green paradise with hanging plants, or flowers like rose, hibiscus, cape jasmine, and many more. Plants will add to the freshness of your home and bring in much positive energy!

7. Add some fantastic monsoon special decor and hues.

Although it is not a good idea to paint your house in the monsoons, still you can surely buy in some fantastic and colourful monsoon special stuff.

  • Start with changing the curtains. Say no to the rough and dull curtains and buy some flowy and light-colored curtains for a breezy environ.
  • You can also buy some amazing frames, new sofa and cushion covers for decorating your home.
  • In your crookery, you can buy some terracotta articles like kullads for enjoying your monsoon special ‘adrak wali chai’ in a special way.
8. Buy some soft beddings and create a cosy corner.

For an even trendier decor, buy some cute monsoon themed beddings. You can bring the raindrops or umbrella print bed-set for the kid’s room and fresh coloured comfy bed-sets for the master bedroom. You can also hang some cute little monsoon themed wall hangings on the bedroom walls!

Also, you can create one cosy corner near the window to snuggle in with a book or a cup of steaming tea. Call it a conversation pit, or a book nook… However, this cosy corner is undoubtedly going to be your favourite part this monsoon!

9. Add some magic of lights.

During rains, mornings become as dark as late afternoons. So you can add some extra bright lamps to your living room and kitchen. Also, there may be frequent power cuts during this season, so you can also buy some attractive candle stands which will help you in not just breaking the dark, but also in adding some extra magic to your beautiful home!

Hope this list helps you to make your home a better place during the lovely monsoons.

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