9 Easy Ways To Update Your Exterior On A Budget

If the outside of your home is looking a little run down – or is even simply in need of an update, the idea of renovating it and trying something new may have already crossed your mind.

The only issue is that home exterior updates can be expensive, so many of the services available from professional builders and architects may be a little out of your current budget.

But despite that, there’s no reason you can’t give your home exterior an update on your own. By taking the DIY approach, you can give it a fun refresh without having to break the bank. Here are some of our affordable and easy ideas!

1. Clean Up Your Exterior

Before you start, clean up your exterior. You’d be surprised how much of a difference it can make to the overall appearance of your home!

Get started by hosing down your yard – and even the walls of your home, as well as scrubbing off any dirt or grime that has built up over time. You can also sweep away any old leaves, as well as any litter or debris that has blown on to your property from the street.

Your home will soon look cleaner and more presentable – a great basis for whichever project you choose to try next!

2. Repaint Your Accents

It’s often the accents of your home that appear worn down first, such as outdoor window sills, shutters, painted guttering or anything else that requires paint or a protective coating.

If your outdoor home accents aren’t looking their best, give them a refresh with a new lick of paint. Not only will they look good as new, but your home will also look more ‘cared for’ after the effort you’ve put in.

3. Repaint the House Itself

If your house hasn’t been painted in a while, it’s possibly in need of a new coat or two. Whether you repaint it the same shade or try a bright and fun new hue for your home, it will look clean and rejuvenated after being repainted.

If hiring someone to paint your home isn’t in your budget, there’s no reason you can’t do it yourself. To make it easier, why not ask a few friends for their help?

4. Get a New Front Door

A new front door could make all the difference to your home, as it’s often the main focal point to someone approaching your property.

A new door will add a new touch of character and style to your home, so choose one that reflects the image you want to portray through your exterior.

If you can’t stretch to a whole new door, consider painting your existing one and giving it a shiny topcoat for a similar effect.

5. Give Your Front Garden a New Look

If you have a front garden (whether it’s a large lawn or a small and simple courtyard), giving it a new look can have a dramatic impact on the way your home looks from the outside.

Neaten up any large bushes or shrubberies, mow and water your lawn, tidy up any stones that have strayed from their path and ensure everything is in great shape.

If it lacks in colour and vibrancy, you may even consider planting some new plants or flowers – something you can enjoy doing as both a home update and a new hobby in gardening!

6. Switch Up Your Hardware and Accessories

An update to your hardware and accessories could easily upgrade the look of your home. Upgrade to newer versions of what you have to make your home appear cleaner and newer – or switch them for a new colour or material if you want to create a new image.

Hardware and accessories can include your door knocker, mailbox,  doorbell – or even your outdoor welcome mat!

7. Try Out Some New Materials

Look at what your home exterior is made of and consider the ways you could add some new materials to the mix.
If you have a blank wall, covering it with siding could create a drastic new look with wood or stone. In a contemporary home, metal shutters could make a modern alternative to wood.

The more you look into varying materials, the more you’ll realise that they can be easily added to your home – even if it’s not what your exterior currently features.

8. Add Ambient Lighting

Lighting can work wonders on your home’s image – think of them a little like a real-life Instagram filter.
Warm and welcoming lighting will reflect on your home, making it look attractive and inviting. For a more whimsical look, try adding fairy lights or lanterns to your outdoor trees.

There are lots of ways to include lighting as a focal point of your exterior, so choose a method that fits your style and personality.

9. Fit Some Fencing

You’ve probably heard of the ‘white picket fence’ stereotype – which some say is the goal of a well-presented home.
But fencing, in general, can update your home’s look, as well as making it look neater and boosting its curb appeal.

Choose a style of fencing that fits your exterior theme, whether it’s wood, stone or something else!

If you have the funds set aside to renovate your home exterior, that’s great! But if not, we hope our tips have shown you that it’s always possible to try something new on a budget – and improve the way your home exterior looks in the process.

Will you be trying any of these affordable tips and tricks? If so, we’d love to hear which ones have sparked your ideas. Or – if you’ve already given them a try, let us know how it went by sharing your experiences. We can’t wait to hear how your project turned out, so leave your comments below!

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