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9 Creative Decor Ideas For Those Empty Corners In Your Home

Home is all about comfort and coziness. We all want to make our homes look wonderful and reflect your own distinct style. For that, we bring in exciting furnishing and fantastic decor. But what we forget to look at are the isolated little corners in our homes! Although they are tiny, decorating them is as important as decorating the rest of the house.

Here are a few smart decor ideas which will help you decorate those cute little corners to give them a lovely makeover!

1. Make your empty corner a green corner.

Our green buddies make decorating the empty corners easier. You can easily find a number of amazing indoor plants to decorate your empty corners with. Also, the plants add a fantastic vibe of freshness to the room and make it look spacious.

You can choose from a variety of plants like palm, money plant, weeping fig, or dragon plants. If you wish to decorate the empty corners of your terrace or balcony, you can bring in some flowering plants like rose, jasmine, hibiscus or orchids too.

2. Add a stylish ladder shelf.

Ladder shelves are in vogue these days. You can get a myriad of different patterns and types of ladder shelves which are available on the market. You can also use your own kit and do it yourself. If you have an old ladder at your place, then just use some easy carpenter’s skills, some paints and build your own ladder shelf!

3. Hang a lovely Jhula in your empty corners.

A Jhula is never outdated in Indian homes. It not only gives the home a serene look but is also an excellent decoration for the empty corners of your abode.  Bring in a cane swing or simply a wooden plank swing to give your home the typical Indian look.

If you wish to make your room look a bit contemporary and modern, then you can also bring in a swing chair with a fluffy cushion instead.

4. Fix a bookshelf in your empty corner.

If you are a book lover, then you will surely love this idea. Make a pretty little bookshelf for your empty corner and place all your favourite books in there. You can also place a little desk or some pillows below that!

5. Bring a nice armchair for the empty corner.

Armchairs, ascent chairs, winged chairs are all a fantastic way of making the empty corners in your home lively. Also, if your empty corner is in the living room, then the chairs are sure going to complete the look of your seating arrangement. These chairs come in solid colours and also in a printed form.

6. Create conversation pits in the empty corners.

When your friends come over for a coffee, or your guests come home, then there is nothing more comforting than a conversation pit at a corner. Gather up some lovely cushions, pillows, and seating to make a pretty conversation pit. This will make the corner look isolated and also as a part of the entire room.

You can also use different colours to paint the walls or use versatile patterns & colourful hangings for the conversation pit to make it prettier.

7. Keep your study tables at your empty corners.

Wondering for an ideal place to keep your study table? Choose that empty corner for this. You can make a fitting study table for the corner to make it look compact.

You can also make a wall fitting study table to put all your books or important. This can also be a superb space saving technique as well.

8. Make it an art corner.

Are you an artist, or simply an art lover? Then choose the empty corner in your home to make it an art corner. Hang some lovely self-made paintings, murals, frames or any other artwork!

9. Decorate the empty corners with creative lamps.

Add some magic to your empty corners with a few pretty lampshades and lights. You can choose pendant lights, floor lamps, wall lights or merely some fantastic candle stands for creating attractive decorations in those corners.

So, are you inspired by these ideas? Did you find them useful? Implement them in your home and let us know how it went! Use the comments’ section below to share your ideas or ask other Flomans about theirs!

And if you are looking to update the design of your home, get in touch with our talented Floma pros today!

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