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8 Things In Life That Can Inspire An Eclectic Indian Home

Here on the Floma Ideas, we often mention ways to create an idealistic Indian home. One way to ensure an authentic reflection of your culture, lifestyle and personality are to build up and eclectic home that’s been contributed to over time – rather than just copied straight out of a magazine.

The result will be a home that’s representative of Indian style while also encapsulating who you are.

Here are eight things in life that could inspire you!

1. Nature

All you need to do is step outside your front door to see how nature can inspire us. Look around you – what do you see? Chances are, you’ll find a lot of colour, movement and light.

But the term ‘nature’ doesn’t just have to mean the things that are local to you – it covers everything that naturally occurred on our planet, including:

  • The sky
  • The ocean, rivers and streams
  • Grass and greenery
  • Flowers – in many different colours and shapes
  • Deserts
  • Mountains

Whatever your favourite part of nature is, consider the ways it could influence the way you decorate your home. What colours can you see when picturing it? Is it muted or bright? Is it calm or invigorating? Have a think, then apply these elements to your home!

2. Food

If you’re a keen chef or a real foodie, you may even be able to find inspiration in your favourite dishes. As an example, cooking with lots of spices may give you feelings of warmth, inspiring you to use bright yet warming tones in your home such as orange, red or copper.

3. Travel

If you travel a lot, you’ve probably collected a number of souvenirs from different cities or countries. Don’t just throw them in a box never to be seen again!

Find a way to feature your souvenirs around your home in an ornamental manner, perhaps on a shelf, as a coffee table feature, or anywhere you’ll be able to see it.

The visible souvenirs will serve as a constant reminder of your adventures and the memories you made in each place.

Plus, they’ll become a cool conversation starter if your guests notice them, giving you a chance to tell them your stories from far away trips.

4. Family

A family is important, so try to consider how you can integrate your family into your Indian home.

  • Firstly, if you live with family members, ensure everyone has their own space. They’ll be able to decorate it in a way that reflects them, bringing everyone’s personality into the home in an eclectic mix.
  • Try to feature some of everyone’s favourite design elements in the home to ensure a space that suits everyone’s tastes.
  • Use frames and boards to feature family photos and memories – they’re something that’s completely personal to you and your family, giving your home a unique something special.
5. Colour

All over the world, India is known for its colourfulness, primarily down to its bright festivals and culture. Some you may often see in Indian culture and textiles are:

  • Red – In India, red is a colour of purity – often used to dress Indian brides. It is also a colour of wealth and fertility.
  • Yellow – The colour of healing and holiness.
  • Green – Symbolic of happiness, new beginnings, harvests and of course India’s agricultural backgrounds.
  • Blue – Life and water, representing humankind on earth.
  • Pink – Associated with the famous Indian ‘rani’ pink shade from Rajasthan, as well as pastel pink tones used throughout southern Indian architecture of the past.

There are also the colours of the Indian flag to consider!

  • Green, which we’ve outlined above.
  • White, which represents cleanliness, innocent and purity. You may be surprised to learn that a true white shade is a perfectly equal balance of all other colours in the spectrum – bringing together the traits of each one.
  • Saffron, which has strong meanings within Hinduism. It represents a quest for light, as well as having other connotations happiness and creativity.

Any of these will add an authentic meaning to your Indian home.

6. History

Looking into India’s history will give you a wealth of information about the cultural traditions over time, many of which depict decorating styles and rituals.

These may include:

  • Iconic elements from some of India’s past eras
  • Traditional Indian prints such as paisley
  • Handcrafting that has been used throughout Indian histories, such as mirror work and wood carvings

Plus anything else you find to be illustrative of our country’s past!

7. Values

Indian values are an important part of everyday life, so it’s worth considering the ways you can reflect them as part of your home décor. For example:

  • Satya is representative of truthfulness, so allow your home to be an honest, personal space that truly reflects who you are.
  • Nishtha is the value of dedication, so follow this by keeping on top of your home duties and dedicating yourself to creating the best possible environment to spend time in.
  • Dana honours giving, so make your home a space that’s not just for you, but also those around you. Give the gift of a warm, welcoming environment!
  • Ahimsa is the absence of violence, so make your home a calming space to relax and feel safe in.
8. Trends

It’s not just home trends that are applicable to your home – but general style trends too! Look at the colours, textiles or patterns that are having a moment right now, even in the fashion or technology industries.

Then, consider whether it’s possible to use them as part of your décor. A colour is the easiest to add, but you can still have fun mixing materials in your home, especially when switching up your ornaments and textile pieces.

By combining this mix of everyday things, experiences and of course your own personality, you’ll create a home that’s unique, meaningful and eclectic all at once!

How did you come up with the inspiration for your home? Did you find the things around you helped to give you decorating ideas? Share your experiences, stories, tips and ideas in the comments section below – we’d love to hear all about them!

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