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8 Elements Of Indian Decor You Should Be Using

No matter which style you’ve chosen for your home interior, there’s always room for some Indian flair.  Your reasons for this may vary – perhaps you’re looking to display your culture and heritage through your decor, or maybe you’re just celebrating the beautiful country around you. Regardless of your reasons, read on to discover how these eight elements could be the perfect addition to any Indian home.

1. Lots of Bright and Vibrant Colours

As we’ve previously outlined here on Floma, colours are an important part of Indian design and decor. India is known for its colourful festivals and celebrations, fabrics in an array of hues, and of course its bright and vibrant culture and scenery.

Add colour to your Indian home by choosing colourful statement pieces, accent walls and pieces of decor that will create strong focal points in each room.

Ideas for colours that are popular in India include bright shades of red, green, yellow, pink and blue, as well as glimmering metallics such as gold to embellish your decor.

2. Furniture Made from Solid Wood

One thing you may notice about traditional Indian interior design is that it usually contains furniture made from solidwood. This is an important part of Indian design and decor due to the fact it celebrated Indian craftsmanship as well as past traditions and styles.

Maybe people use authentic antique pieces to bring past Indian culture to the present day, while others will choose to recreate it by using more modern pieces that are made from the same high-quality solid woods. Ideas include chests, coffee tables, footstools and large chests of drawers.

Whichever you choose, you can be certain your furniture choices will look great among your Indian styled interior.

3. Traditional Furniture Styles

In addition to solid wood furniture, there are other traditional furniture styles to consider for an Indian home. One of these may be decorative cabinets that have long been used in traditional Indian interiors.

These are made from wood, or other materials are usually adorned with mirror work, stones or metal for an embellished look. These are to be considered accent pieces that make a statement in the room.

As with the other wooden pieces, you can choose between seeking out antique pieces or take a more modern approach.

4. Relaxing Spaces that Promote Interaction

Many Indian homes are focused around having a space to interact and spend time with friends and family. These are informal and versatile areas where people can just unwind and have fun.

To create a space that promotes interaction, be sure to include plenty of comfortable seating (which may include, sofas, stools, floor cushions, futons or diwans to name a few) and even rugs and carpeting to add a sense of welcoming comfort and warmth to the room.

5. Handicrafts and Artefacts

India is a great place for finding unique handmade items, with a wide range available in most locations and online. Individual handicraft sellers, as well as stores such as Floma, focus on the high quality, creativity and craftsmanship of authentic Indian pieces, which you can feature in your home for a true slice of Indian culture.

You can find almost anything handmade by Indian artists and crafters, such as ornaments, vases, pots, storage boxes, artwork and more.

6. Fabrics and Textiles

One of the things India is famous for is its fabric and textile industry. These fabrics are therefore incredibly popular throughout India and are commonplace in many Indian homes.

There are a number of ways to use Indian fabrics as part of your interior styling, including:

  • Using them as drapes to cover up a window, as an alternative to curtains.
  • To layer over blankets or comforters and brighten up your bedroom.
  • As a cover for textiles such as cushions or even armchairs.
  • To add colour to a room – however, you decide to drape it!

Choose a fabric in a style you love and see how you could use it to complement your Indian décor.

7. Patterns and Motifs

The patterns and motifs featured on Indian textiles are just as well known and recognisable as the fabrics themselves, making them a very important part of Indian interior décor and design. Popular styles include Paisley, Warli, Mandalas, Rangoli patterns and Diyas, all of which can be recreated on textiles. Other popular themes for patterns and motifs include nature prints such as flowers, leaves and animals.

Many of these are culturally specific to India and will, therefore, be associated with traditional Indian interior design, making them perfect for an authentic Indian home.

8. Paintings and Artwork

Paintings – and other pieces of artwork such as photography – are a great way to add Indian design and culture to your home in a way that suits your interior style.

Choose a painting that complements your home in both theme and colour, so it suits your interior while still standing out and serving as a focal point.

If you’re looking for artwork to feature in your home, consider the range at the Floma Shop!

All of these would be welcome additions to any Indian home and can be used to accurately reflect your culture, heritage and the lifestyle of India.

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