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8 Colour Trends Of 2018 You Can Incorporate In Your Indian Home

With the December flying by, we are preparing ourselves to welcome yet another new year! There are hardly any days left for the New Year to arrive, and there is already so much curiosity about what trends 2018 will bring in. From clothes to food to technology, everyone is predicting the latest updates and modifications that will soon happen. You must be wondering what about the newest interior design trends and colour schemes? How will you plan the decor of your new Indian home as per the latest drifts?

Leatrice (Lee) Eiseman– the Executive Director of the Pantone Colour Institute had given attendees a glance into the future trend for 2018 at the International Home + Housewares Show. And just like always, there was something for everyone. The following eight colour trends were announced: Verdure, Resourceful, Playful, Discretion, Far-fetched, Intricacy, Intensity and TECH-nique.

So today, we will talk about these eight colour trends and how you can incorporate them into your Indian homes!

1. Intensity

The colours that fall into this category are a diverse blue of hues. Cool shades of plum, blue-green, and blue hold back the flashy orange Emberglow, Bossa Nova, and Liquid Magma. These colours combine to give out a specific strength, depth, power, and sophistication.

In your home, you can balance out these shades with gold and dark decor accessories or a statement piece of furniture. These hues are surely going to be the biggest highlight of your house. Dark shades always give a room an exquisite and luxurious feel. So using these highlights whether on the walls or furniture or even accessories will bring a sense of poise while being intelligently divided.

2. Resourceful

This palette has two colours that beautifully complement each other on the spectrum. These are- Integral blues and orange hues. It is an exciting combination that blends together warm and cool tones. They are positively eye-catching and energetic.

In your home, you can get your walls painted in a texture that incorporates these colours. It will give a dimension to your room, may it be your living room, bedroom, or kitchen. Your visitors will be awed by the colour boost that they witness. If you want to go for something more subtle, you can bring home sofas or a set of curtains in the same shades. These will go very well with white walls and white furniture, creating an aura of energy in the room. Similarly, for the kitchen, just get your cabinets done in shades of blue and orange. You’re all good to go!

3. Far-Fetched

The Far-Fetched Palette goes beyond boundaries and merges different cultures. It delightfully blends three most admired blushing tones with Ruby Wine and Iced Coffee and additionally a few warm and earthy hues like Cornsilk Yellow.

In your house, one of the best ways to incorporate these colours is by placing them as the statement decor of your home. A statement, ruffled set of large curtains is our favourite decor for this theme. You can also go with a carpet in the same colour. It will give an earthy ambience while becoming the piece of attraction for your guests.

4. Playful

This palette is for all the people who need to stop their busy life for a moment and smile. It is a playful, lively, charismatic and quirky palette that includes colours like the Minion Yellow, Lime, Green Flash, Popsicle, and adventure blue Skydiver.

This colour scheme suits every Indian home perfectly! You can incorporate a bright yellow by painting your window panes with the same. Add a few accessories in the Popsicle colour, a carpet, or some pillows in green or a small pot of blue tones. Combine these with white walls or backgrounds. Your home will look pleasing and quirky at the same time!

5. Discretion

Just the opposite of Playful, Discretion is full of a serene and delicate palette. These are nostalgic shades of Burnished Lilac, Elderberry and Hawthorne Rose that blend with stimulating tones to offer a unique and subtle palette.

We believe that shades of lilacs have a very delicate and calming effect. One of the best ways to use these colours is through furniture. It will accentuate the natural light of your space and will help you make peace with your inner self. Add golden art pieces to it. You can also get furniture with golden carvings and lilac cushioning; they will look like a masterpiece.

6. TECH-nique

This palette is all about highlighting the tones that seem to shine from within, as a gesture of expansion. It brings about a blast of fun hues like green, fuchsia, dynamic blue and purple. Along with these, there are glowing peacock tones in turquoise and hot pink, which are balanced by Frosted Almond and Brilliant White.

You can include these colours in the form of small art pieces and boxes to bring in that punch. Vases, pots, glass vessels, etc. can work wonders in an Indian home.

7. Verdure

This is a palette inspired by vegetables like Celery, berry mixed purples, and eggshell blue. It is symbolic of health and refreshes the excess of greens with differentiating shades.

For your home, you can go for the bedding of these colours. Pillows, cushion covers, comforter in berry purple and celery shades will bring in a romantic ambience in your bedroom. It will also have a calming effect while giving a charming, beachy vibe.

8. Intricacy

This palette includes the “new neutrals” which are otherwise known as metallic colours. However, it also allows a flowery Holly Berry Red and Yellow Sulfur to emphasize a layer of drama.

For your home, you can consider using a wallpaper of a pale metallic tone. It will look sophisticated and subtly shine, uplifting the energy in your living room. You can further decorate corners of your house with these colours which will flawlessly bend in to form a masterpiece in interior decor.

These colour trends are definitely going to take over in 2018. Apart from the colours, as per our predictions, we will see a lot of alphabets and words in the form of decor pieces. Geometrical shapes will also continue to be present- motifs in the form of triangles, hexagons, diamonds, etc. Animal art pieces are also a trend that will continue throughout the New Year, adding to the quirky element. Essentially, 2018 is going to be all about colourful innovations and geometric decor! So go ahead and start planning your new interior decor already!

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