7 Steps To A Home That Focuses On Indian Family Values

If you’re looking to create the ideal Indian home for you and your family, taking note of traditional Indian family values is a great place to start. By basing your home on what’s really important, you’ll be able to enjoy an interior space that makes the most of the time you spend with your family within the home.
Read on to learn more about Indian family values and the things you could do to create the ideal family home.

What are Indian family values?

In India, great importance is placed on family, love and respect – even taking the extended family into account. You are probably already used to an entertaining family on a regular basis, as well as maintaining a productive and peaceful family unit within your household.
Here’s how you can do even more to support these values through the way you outfit and decorate your home.

1. Create a designated place to eat together.

Food is an important part of the Indian Culture and is a big part of both celebrations and everyday family life. You may even have authentic Indian recipes that have been passed down through your family for generations. As you cook and enjoy these recipes, you’ll need an ideal place to eat them together as a family. Be sure to set aside a dining area, in which you can all meet and eat together at the end of the day. Decorate it with traditional Indian decor for even more of a cultural style!

2. A place to cook is essential too.

As well as eating the food, be sure to model and decorate your kitchen in a way that suits your cooking style. Your kitchen should have space for one person to cook – as well as anyone who plans on helping out. Preparation areas are also essential, including space for any appliances that are necessary for your recipe.
If you’re looking for kitchen decor ideas, consider taking an influence from the spices and ingredients used in Indian cooking – using warm and bright tones of saffron yellow, orange and red, or the vibrant, fresh greens of herbs.

3. Stay organised to keep the family home running smoothly.

When the home becomes cluttered and disorganised, it can begin to have an effect on your family life. With multiple family members spending time searching for the things they need, the home can begin to feel hectic and stressful – which is probably not the vibe you were aiming for when you decorated your home.
To keep this from happening, be sure to include plenty of storage space in your homes such as drawers, cupboards, storage boxes and hidden storage spaces. There should be a home for everything, so ensure everyone has access to their own storage in their own rooms or spaces.

4. Make sure everyone has a space to call their own.

While spending time together as a family is important, it’s also necessary to respect each others space to ensure a peaceful, conflict-free environment. After all, everyone needs some alone time sometimes.
Even if you don’t have enough space in your home for everyone to have their own bedroom, there are several other ways to create small personal areas, such as reading books, gaming corners or a small study area.

5. Entertain in a welcoming space.

If you regularly entertain members of your extended family, it is important that your home is set up for entertaining. Not only should you ensure you have all the practical items you need, but you should also ensure that the atmosphere of the home is warm and welcoming to create a positive feeling for your guests.
This can be done by using warm colour schemes and plenty of traditional decors. To take the family values even further, illustrate your love for your family by featuring photos and family keepsakes around the home.

6. Find a way to display your beliefs through your interior.

If religion is a big part of your family life, there are several ways you can display your beliefs through your home. For example, you may wish to create a shrine or feature a symbol of your religion in the form of an ornament or decoration. This could be anything from a wooden carving to a colourful painting – there are plenty of options to choose from.

7. Have a family room that everyone can enjoy.

In addition to the dining room where you can all eat together, you may also wish to create a family room in which you can relax together. This is where you can sit back, talk about your day, or even just chill out and watch a movie or television show together.
In this room make sure there’s enough room for everyone to have a seat. All furniture should be comfortable, while the decor should be attractive and uplifting to ensure it’s a positive place to spend time in that your family will enjoy.

If you’re looking for a way to celebrate family through your home and make you’re interior even more suited to your family and lifestyle, following these tips are a great place to begin!

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