7 Last Minute Changes To Pep Up Your Decor Because Diwali Is Here!

With Diwali just around the corner, it is time you decorate your house and make it shine brightly among the rest, if you haven’t already!

We understand your busy 9 to 5 schedule and that there is probably no time or excitement left for Diwali once you get home tired. But it is the only time of the year when the whole family comes together. There are lights, sweets, and colours everywhere!

So amid the busy schedule of yours, take some time out and try these extremely quick and easy ways to pep up your home to make it ready for Diwali!

1. Start with basic cleaning.

Discard old unused things, give the heaps of newspapers and magazines for recycling, clean and dust your cupboards, cabinets, trolleys, etc. You can also consider rearranging the furniture to give an illusion that new additions are done to your home decor.

2. Organise everything, especially food!

During Diwali, the most exciting things are new clothes and food. Organise your clothes as per the festival traditions and arrange food in containers that are easy for children to reach to. Prefer using transparent or see-through containers so it is easy to locate your favourite munchies!

3. Make quick, yet beautiful additions to your home.

It is time to bring out your new silk bed sheets, cushion covers, and fancy curtains. You can also purchase these or buy a nice little carpet. Make a few little wax candles in beautiful floral cups. Add the spark of light and daintiness in your home!

4. Make way for the Akash-Kandils!

Diwali is never complete without the Akash-Kandils and Diyas. There are so many stunning options available in the market that you can not just buy one! If you are in Pune, Raviwar Peth is the place to go!

5. Light up your home like never before.

Lights are a significant part of Diwali. Decorate your curtains, windows or even make a bed canopy and light it up. You can also try to get hanging lights and fancy chandeliers. They change the look of your home quickly!

6. Colour up your way!

It is time for rangolis and flower decorations. If you love colours, and are an enthusiast about art, you should definitely make rangolis. Make them in your balcony, outside your entrance or even next to your home temple.

7. Torans to your rescue!

Torans or garlands are perfect to add the punch of colours that Diwali reflects. If you don’t have time to change fresh flower garlands, get your hands on the ones made of paper or plastic. These days, the market is full of artificial garlands that look as pleasing as the real ones.

So, now that you have these easy hacks, get going and flaunt your house… Happy Diwali! And don’t forget to share this Guide with your friends and family. 🙂

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