7 Cool Interior Design Colour Combinations For The Hot Indian Summer

Now that the hot, bright Indian summer is here, we all love to have everything airy, bright and fresh. The sunny days and windy evenings are the best if we spend them in a minty fresh home playing fun indoor games or on a breezy Veranda sipping a glass of our favourite Surbat.

So, have you thought of doing something special this summer to enjoy it the most? Why not give your home a quick summer-special makeover? You can make some changes in the décor, replace some furniture, add some indoor plants to brighten up the place or consider changing the wall colours.

Already thinking about doing that? Well, we have made your job easier! We have brought together some fantastic colours and colour combinations which you can use on your walls this summer. Read on!

Soft Pastels

Pastel shade like beige, cream white, lighter shades of pink and green are the best to create a soft and subtle atmosphere in the house. Plus, they provide a fantastic canvas for some magic with the decor and furniture. If you use the pastels shades on the wall, you can add a myriad of patterns, designs, and colours in the furniture. For example, paint your walls with a soft pastel shade, use one shade darker colours in your furniture and add floral prints to your curtains, cushion covers, and sheets. To add some more magic, you can also use some bright floral wallpapers on one wall.

Candy Shades

Remember popping those sweet and tangy little orange, lemon and strawberry candies in summers? How about bringing those candy colours on the walls and making them look lovelier than ever? You can use the candy shades of orange, magenta, pink, purple, lemon yellow on your walls to induce a wave of freshness. You can also use some patterns like polka dots on one wall for making it more interesting.

Cool Hues

Nothing is more soothing than entering a house with cool colours on a sunny day. The cool hues like turquoise, aqua blue, mint green add that coolness to your home. Also, they are suitable for after summers. Make sure that while choosing the furniture and decor, you go for the neutral shades and avoid selecting dark tones. Use of neutral furniture and decor with cool colours enhances their beauty.

White and Orange

Orange stands for vigor, energy, and radiance, and white symbolises peace and calmness. So, this becomes an excellent combination for summers as it radiates the brightness of the sun as well as maintains a peaceful balance. When you choose these colours, go for a cream white shade and pale orange. Using sharp tones can ruin the fun.

Also, do not paint all the walls orange as they will make the room look small. Rather use white as a prominent backdrop and add bits of orange either on one highlighted wall or on in the wallpapers and even furniture. If you feel like the combination is getting monotonous, then you can add a bit of fresh yellow or red.

Baby Pink and Turquoise

The flowery charm of baby pink and the coolness of turquoise is a compatible combination. You can play with these colours on walls as well as in the decor. You can also use wallpapers with floral prints in pink and turquoise shades. However, while using these colours, also use shades of white to maintain equilibrium.

Minty Green and Lemon Yellow

Remember how refreshed you used to feel when you used to look at the glass of mojito with a lemon slice and mint leaves? You can bring the same freshness in your home by using this combination on your walls. Also, you need not restrict this combination only for summers; it is suitable for every season. Also note that mint green is different from parrot green, it is a lighter and yet fresher shade of green which can be blended well with the bright lemon yellow.

Avoid using harsh or dark colour furniture with this combination. Prefer neutral colours in furnishing and decor to enhance the feel.

Ivory White and Rose Red

Rose red is a unique shade which is getting popular these days. It is not as bright as the hot red and has a velvet-like feel which gives a classy look to the house. You can combine it with a shiny ivory white colour for getting a chic and fresh look. Using white in the decor and furnishing as well will help in enhancing the beauty of this combination.

You can add some indoor plants or metallic hanging lamps, wall hangings or paintings as a subtle contrast.

Hot Pink and Sky Blue

Pink is on trend these days; it looks fantastic when paired with the soothing sky-blue shade. You can use a light shade of sky blue along with white on the wall, and then highlight some areas with hot pink, or you can use pink in your curtains, cushions, futon sofas, or sheets.

There is also one brilliant way to use this combination- the Ombre effect. It is nothing but a shading effect which makes the wall look unique and amazing. This is not expensive and you can do it yourself!

Other than these combinations, there are a lot of fantastic colour combinations like white and lavender, rusty red and yellow ochre, peach pink and soft orange, aqua blue and yellowish green, rusty brown and cream, etc. which can work wonders for your walls in summers.

A change of wall colour can freshen up a room like no other decoration. Try these trendy colours now and brighten up your home!

Don’t forget to share your colour ideas or the pictures of your walls with these combinations in the comments below!

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