6 Exciting Ideas For Decorating Small Balconies

Everybody likes to spend breezy evenings in their balconies, watching the sky change its colours, listening to their favourite playlist or sipping chai after a long tiring day. Galleries are the charm of every Indian home. So, why not make them more charming?

We often dream of a vast and spacious balcony with hanging plants and lamps, but you do not always need your balconies to be big. Small balconies too can be decorated wonderfully, and they can also look equally amazing as the big balconies.

Now, you must be having this question of how can a tiny balcony which barely has the space to stand, be decorated? Well, we are here for an answer! We believe that area does not matter when we are creative enough to utilise it wisely. We have also thought of a few ideas to help you in decorating your little balcony and making it an attraction of your home.

Check out these six simple ideas for decorating your small balcony!

1. Use a different colour for the balcony.

If you want your balcony to stand out from the rest of the place and draw the attention, you can use different colours or textures to the balcony walls. If you have painted your house with shades of white, then you can use the contrast shades like yellow ochre, pale orange, rusty red, or dusty pink in the balcony.

You can also use some textures like the brick texture, wooden texture, bamboo texture and many more to give it a unique look.

Doing this will make the balcony space look different and attractive. It will also prevent the house from looking monotonous!

2. Use hammocks swing chairs and jhulas.

Nothing can define the happiness of curling up in a hammock or a swing chair and enjoying the cool breeze. After using different shades of colours in the balcony, you can add some swing magic to it.

You can choose the right sized and shaped hammock, wooden, or metal jhula or else a swing chair and place it on the balcony. Pair them up with comfy, colourful cushions; this will also enhance the look.

You can also run some fairy lights around the stands of the swing to create a glittering look.

3. Use different shaped handing lamps.

Other than swings, you can search for some lovely hanging lamps which can add beauty to your small balcony. The market today is flooded with various types of beautiful lamps.

Choose from a variety of Moroccan metal lamps, or mosaic glass hanging lamps, metallic pendant lamps, contemporary wall lamps, or traditional Indian lamps. If you are not looking for any expensive options, you can also add the dazzle by using some DIY methods with the simple bulbs available in your home. Other than lamps, you can also decorate the space with beautiful handicrafts, wall hangings, and wind chimes.

4. Use various plants and beautiful pottery.

Indian balconies look incomplete without plants. If not many, they should have a tulsi plant at least standing on their balcony. The more plants you add, the more attractive your balcony will look. You can get several different plants from which you can choose a few!

You can choose to make a rose bed in your balcony and buy some colourful rose plants and arrange them. You can also select the tiny coloured flower plants, or even vegetables and herbs of your choice to create your blooming oasis. There are several ideas to arrange these plants. You can either use hanging pots or a ladder shelf.

Running some cute creepers like the bougainvillea is also a fantastic idea. However, if you are choosing to decorate your balcony, then you also need to dedicate some time to take care of your plants. Check out here a few easy tips to become a good gardener.

5. Use interesting chairs and tables for a balcony bistro.

By using some foldable wooden or metallic chairs and tables, you can give your balcony a small bistro-like look. If not that, you can also use different types of accent chairs, lounge chairs, or the cosy cane chairs with cushions. Pouf pillows are also an excellent option for creating a fantastic look.

Hang some marvellous pendant lights on the roof and enjoy your evening chai while chatting with your loved ones or just with your favorite book!

6. Use small sofas or DIY seating.

If your balcony is rectangular, then using small sofas is an excellent idea for decorating it. Reuse some small old sofas or sofa chairs with colourful cushions, or you can also make the futon sofas by merely assembling wooden planks and painting them.

Also, DIY seating can be created by reusing material like car tires, old wooden box and many more. All you need is creativity and a basic toolkit!

With all these ideas you can now turn your small balcony into a lovely outdoor paradise of your own.

The ideas are unending, you can improvise and utilise anything like a magazine corner, or a pretty wall painting to spice up your little seat out. Do let us know about your ideas in the comments!

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