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6 Budget Friendly Ways To Bring Summer Vibes Into Your House

Summer has officially begun in India- it is time for some bright sunshine and endless fun! Though Indian summers are quite hot, summer is probably everybody’s favourite. This is that time of the year when kids are on vacation, and there is all the time in the world for you to have fun and play. We all love this happy season because it brings a different and energetic vibe, don’t we? Sunrises are early, and sunsets are an incredible sight, late evening!

This is the season when everyone is high-spirited and plans a family vacation and is looking forward to peppy activities. If this season is so exciting, why not bring the vibe into your home?

Here are six pocket-friendly and simple ways you can make your house shine bright like the summer sun.

1. Incorporate bright and shining colours into your home.

One of the humblest ways to bring in a summer vibe in your house is by incorporating bright colours in as many ways as you can. So buy pink or lemon-yellow curtains- these will add a new dimension to your dull looking rooms. You can also go for patterned or printed bedsheets, cushion covers, carpets, etc. Whatever floats your boat, incorporate it in your house. The brighter, the better.

Some of the best colours for this season are- Mustard, Lemon Yellow, Peach, Bright Pink, Lavender, Sky Blue, Teal and Emerald.

2. Pep up your kitchen.

When it comes to summers, we all dream of different flavours of juices, don’t we? Making sure our kids intake high quantity of liquids is also essential. So one of the best ways to achieve that and bring a summer vibe to your home is to make your kitchen colourful!

Incorporate the summer vibe by purchasing utensils of bright colours. These days, you get very attractive and cute colourful, plastic utensils- form spoons to pans and bottles to jars! So bring some brightness to your lovely kitchen and see how easily your family members keep themselves hydrated.

3. Bring the ‘outside’ inside.

During summers, we all want to go out in nature to chill and have fun. However, due to the hectic lifestyles we all have nowadays, it is not always possible to take a vacation. Another reason why people avoid going out is that the temperatures are too high.

So why not bring the ‘outside’ inside? Get mini plants and long, green potted bamboos in your home. This will not only steal a little green from nature but also act as a novelty for your house!

4. Keep your windows open.

Yes, we know it gets scorching, and you want to turn on the A.C. at all times but allow some fresh air to seep in, probably early morning or around sunset. This will bring in the mild sunshine, along with the summer vibe. You will also get your dose of Vitamin D!

Sunlight and fresh air will not only give way to ventilation in your house but will also energise everyone.

5. Lighten up your balcony.

Your balcony is going to be one of the most visited places this season! So bring in the sunny goodness here. You can get one of your walls painted to your favourite bright colour or add a few colourful elements to it. One of the best ways to ensure an equal amount of sunlight and a cool shade is by incorporating a bright-coloured cloth as a temporary roof to the balcony. This will give a cooling effect while allowing some sunlight to seep through. The bright colour will also bring in the energy. So sit in your lovely balcony sipping your iced tea under a blue/yellow/orange roof!

6. Bring in the summer-elements.

There are some things that we directly associate with summer. It is time to incorporate these things or elements in your house.

  • We love going to a beach in the summer. So stick on some seashells on your coffee table or fill jars with colourful marbles and place them in different corners of your home.
  • You can also add a vase full of fresh flowers every day.
  • A little swing in your balcony or a window corner will work perfectly.
  • Another essential element is fragrance. Get a room freshener which smells fresh and peppy, like wildflowers or oranges. It is the aroma of summer; it is not to be missed!


Prepare yourself and your beautiful house for this hot and happening season because you are absolutely going to enjoy the summer this year. If you have any tips on how to incorporate the summer vibe in your home, please do share in the comments below… Happy summer to you!

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