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5 Tips And Tricks For Updating Your Bathroom

Redecorating a whole bathroom can be a little more difficult than decorating a living room or bedroom. In many cases, the walls are tiled, making them more difficult to replace, and the same goes for permanent fixtures and appliances.This means going for a whole new look can be expensive and time consuming, which may not be what you’re looking for right now. Instead, why not try these seven tips and tricks for updating your bathroom? They’re simple, affordable and most of all, easy!

1. Repaint the ceiling.

You may have noticed the ceiling in your bathroom looking old and grubby before the ceilings in the rest of your home. This is due to water, steam, splashes and other elements that can wear down the paint and make it look a little neglected. A quick repaint in a clean, bright white will make the bathroom look fresh and new again.

2. Switch up your bathroom accessories.

Updating your toothbrush holder, soap dish, liquid soap dispenser, mirror, towels, shower curtain or decorative vases can make a big difference. Without as many visual focal points in a bathroom compared to other parts of the home, these decorative (yet practical) elements stand out. Choose a fun bright colour or even a glistening metallic shade like copper, silver or gold. They’ll be sure to look on point and give your bathroom style a new lease of life. If you want to take things a step further, you could also switch out some of your smaller fixtures, such as your taps, shower head, toilet paper holder, toilet seat or towel bar.

3. Improve your storage solutions.

If your bathroom storage is getting a little old or impractical, try something new. A set of shelves doesn’t have to be expensive, and could even be customised to fit your style or theme. On each shelf, display your favourite products (bonus points if they have aesthetically pleasing packaging) or stack baskets for your essentials to keep clutter to a minimum.

4. Repurpose packaging you love.

Many of us are prone to saving unique jars, bottles and boxes we collect over time, in the event we might ‘someday’ find a new use for them. A bathroom is the perfect place to utilise these items, using them to store various essentials. Add a bundle on a shelf together for an eclectic mix with a vintage vibe.

5. DIY your bath panels.

The bath is the largest item in your bathroom, so why not make it stand out? If your bath is surrounded by panels, take the DIY option by painting or treating them yourself and giving it a whole new look. Alternatively, if your bath doesn’t have panels, there’s nothing to stop you buying the cheapest panel you find and dressing it up yourself!

What have you done lately to update your bathroom? Did you opt for a few additional extras or go for a whole bathroom makeover? Share your ideas and experiences in the comments below!

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