5 Cost Effective Modular Kitchen Design Tips

Modular kitchen is a trend in modern homes. A well-designed modular kitchen offers a seamless cooking experience. There are several layers of cabinets in this kitchen design that hold the appliances, giving the kitchen space an organized look. In this style of kitchen, the cabinets are placed on the floor and are also called floor cabinets.

The appliances are kept on the modular kitchen cabinets once the kitchen worktop is laid out. The kitchen worktop is generally made of marble, wood, granite or tiles. Apart from floor cabinets, wall units are also an integral part of the modular kitchen project.

Why It Is Important To Design Your Modular Kitchen?

The perfect kitchen space is to be dry and spacious. The creating more functional space is of primary concern to ensure proper protection during cooking and to prevent contamination of food. The importance of getting a modular kitchen can be seen as:

1. Full storage space with minimum waste. The layout of the kitchen helps you to have full flexibility and comfort when you move in to prepare meals for a day.

2. The design and style of your kitchen plays an important role in deciding its resale value. Through spending a little initially when making it modern and comfortable, you will ask for a better price for your house.

3. A modular kitchen also provides better safety for you, when you deal with fire and high voltage electricity to plate those yummy dishes.

The interior design of kitchens in India has seen a significant increase in popularity over the last decade. Free standing kitchen cabinets, designer kitchen cabinets and L-shaped modular kitchen designs are customer favourites; high efficiency combined with beautiful aesthetics are the hallmarks of modular kitchen designs.

If we want to go for a cost-effective option, then we need to compromise on few luxury and convenience items. The very first thing you need to decide is your overall budget for your modular kitchen. That would totally help you decide a number of factors.

Here are a few simple cost effective modular kitchen tips to create your cooking heaven.

1. Use Laminates

The main cost for any modular kitchen is its front shutter finish. You can mitigate this by choosing cost-effective and long-lasting alternatives such as laminate (sunmice). It’s robust, easy to clean and the cheapest option for a good-looking kitchen. There are other cheaper options available — PVC, vinyl, etc.— but then these choices don’t give your kitchen a luxury feel.

2. Utilise Your Corners

Utilize your corner unit with a Corner Carousel Unit, Shelf corner, D corner instead of magic corners. Magic corners are way expensive.

3. While or Black Cabinate

There really isn’t anything that can go wrong with white. For small kitchens, white cabinets brighten and enlarge the room dramatically. In addition to the effect, ‘white’ also blends with a multitude of wall colours. Black cabinets may be contradicting with what we said earlier about whites, but they look beautiful and smart if they do well. For small spaces, black looks attractive and offers a contrast when paired with coloured walls.

4. Go with Ceramic Tiles

Look into alternative flooring options. While luxury granite and marble floors are appealing, they might just break your bank account. Ceramic tiles that closely resemble natural stone are a great option that fits into most budgets.

5. Add Affordable Accessories

Think about highlighting your style through design ideas such as colourful paintings, salvaged antique doorknobs and handles and other such unique accessories.

Modular kitchens seem like distant dreams, especially in small spaces with even smaller budgets.

But with some planning, you can turn your dream into reality without creating a huge tooth for your savings. Browse our gallery of modular kitchen designs to see our work and also find ideas for affordable kitchen cabinate and kitchen designs to help you create a perfect one for yourself!

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