5 Bedroom Decor Ideas To Combat Insomnia For A Better Night’s Sleep

Many of us suffer from insomnia at one point or another. In some cases, it’s an occasional occurrence, but in others, it can be an ongoing problem that makes sleeping difficult night after night. If you regularly struggle to get a good night’s sleep, your surroundings could be part of the problem. Here are five of our top decorating ideas for fighting off insomnia and getting a better night’s sleep!

1. Choose calming, serene shades to soothe you to sleep.

While brightly coloured or dark bedrooms can look edgy and cool, they’re not ideal for someone who’s struggling with their sleeping pattern. Serene, sleepy colours like cream, lilac, peach and periwinkle can help create a balanced feel to the room, as well as keeping our minds calm and collected.

2. Avoid placing items (both functional and decorative) around the bed.

Clearing the room of clutter will also clear your mind from stress and intrusive thoughts. When you clean up the space around your bed and avoid filling up your bed side table with various items, you’ll find you feel calmer at night – as if you’re free from the mess that was around you. This doesn’t have to be hard. Simply ensure the room is tidy, throw your laundry into a basket and keep ornamental décor to a minimum in your bedroom.

3. Switch out your bright fluorescent lights for soothing warm lighting.

Bright white lighting can make us feel more awake – the last thing we need when we’re getting ready for bed at night. Instead, opt for warm, soft lighting that can help you feel cosy and relaxed.

4. Fill the room with things you love.

This is more than just a preference. As humans, we naturally feel the most comfortable when we’re around our favourite things. It provides a sense of comfort and familiarity that helps to keep us calm and feel safe. It could be anything, from your favourite bed linen to an old vintage chair you love to a treasured toy animal. Some people even feel at ease knowing their beloved smartphone is charging close by! When you can see the things you love around your bedroom, you’ll feel at ease, helping your mind and body fall soundly asleep.

5. Decor can be more than just visual.

Consider your other senses too. You might wish to include candles, incense or wax melts in a scent you find relaxing. Many associate lavender with sleep due to its calming properties, while others enjoy warming, cosy scents like vanilla. Whichever you choose, make it personal to you. Seeing as we spend around one-third of our lives sleeping, it’s important to ensure we’re getting sleep that’s healthy, relaxing and beneficial to our health as we get through each day.

Do you suffer from insomnia? If so, trying these simple tips and tricks could help you catch some shut-eye.

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