4 Quick Budget-friendly Ways To Revamp Your Bedroom

Sometimes, all we want is a change from our routine. We get bored of the same setting around us. May it be our favourite food, places or even home décor, especially bedroom. Because we spend most of our time in our bedroom, we often look for something new in the old place. Or maybe, our furniture has grown old, the colours have faded off, something has broken, or we like some other colour or theme.

There are multiple reasons to change the look of your bedroom, but it may not always be possible for you to do so. Your budget doesn’t allow it, or you are time bound, or you don’t want significant changes. We make this process easy for you. Here, we’re listing down three quick, easy and pocket-friendly ways to revamp your bedroom.

1. Add some texture to your furniture

When all your furniture is new, yet you want a change, the easiest option is to make it appear differently. Add some wallpaper on your drawers or cupboard. It could cost you Rs. 300-800 depending upon your choice. You can also paint or add sparkle around your mirrors. It will bring in a drastic change in the colour scheme and texture of your room. You can do all of this, without spending too much money, time or energy. This will cost you between Rs. 200-750.

Another way to make minor changes is to add a carpet in your room.  A real or artificial plant to will just top it all. You will achieve a whole new look.

2. Colour your wall

You can get your entire room painted in a different colour or just one wall. Painting the whole room will bring a new effect, and you will be able to be more creative about your décor.

Painting only one wall will give you a different dimension. You can blend in texture, add accessories like a frame, attach a tv set, etc. Graffiti is a great option if you are a creative person.

You can get an approximate calculation cost for your room on the Asian paints website.

3. Change your décor
  • The bed- A bed occupies most of the space in a bedroom. Hence, changing the bed sheets, cushions or adding new pillows can give a different look. You can also add canopies and turn your simple room into a romantic one.You can find quirky cushion covers online. A set of 5 covers would cost you around Rs. 1500 on Chumbak.
  • Curtains – To bring about more change, get new curtains. You can play around with patterns or colours of the curtains. For example, apart from the curtains you use to cover windows, you can add beaded or twine curtains on a plain wall. For your window, even if it is small and doesn’t touch the floor, add statement floor length curtains for volume. These will cost you anywhere between Rs. 350-1500.

  •  Accessories- You can also add an art piece in the form of a frame.  If you already have frames, change the colour or design of your frames or even the images inside. A set of frames could cost you anywhere between Rs 500-1200.
  •  Lights- Lighting also plays a significant role in your room’s interior. If you have only a white tube light or white LED lights, bring in a dim yellow light in one section of your room in the form of table lamps or sleek LED lights. You can also opt for mini lanterns or fairy lights to give a new dimension to your room. Lights generally cost anywhere between Rs 200-1200.
4. Rearrange The Furniture-

This is the easiest of all techniques. All you have to do is rearrange your same old furniture. Shift the bed and cupboard from its original positions to other angles of your room. Try various corners until you are satisfied with one look. Another option to achieve a spacious look is by getting rid of old unused furniture or things.

You could also change the positions of your showpieces or frames. Recycling old décor items and making new completely different things is also an alternative.

In the 21st century, change is the only constant. We move on from things faster than we realise. And the space we live in needs to match up with our pace. Hence, these are a few quick, easy and budget friendly techniques to revamp your bedroom. If you have incorporated any of these changes into your home, click a photo and post it in the comments below.  We would love to see a before and after image of how you designed your room. Share this article with your friends and family who are looking for a change in their homes.

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