25 Interior Design Myths You Need To Stop Believing!

Top Interior Design Myths

Interior Design makes spaces look aesthetic and functional depending on the service it serves. Making indoor spaces beautiful and functional is a technical task and can not be done by a layman. There is a lot of skill that goes into finding a precarious balance between presentation, beauty and practicality of a space which may be a building, apartment, floor and may serve any purpose- residence or commercial.

There are various interior design myths that should not be believed at any cost.

1. An interior designer shall convert the home into something that does not reflect ‘my’ personality anymore.

The common notion is that an interior designer shall design as per their whims and fancies, not taking into account the actual taste and preferences of their client. An interior designer functions only after taking your inputs. They make all efforts to make the place as relatable to you as possible.

2. Interior designing is only for those on the upper rungs of the economic ladder.

It is a common misconception that interior designing is only for the rich. In fact, in terms of functionality, people across economic levels should take assistance from interior designers to ensure effective utilisation of all spaces in their occupation. There are numerous budget interior decorators who are more than willing to help. You just have to fine tune your research and you’ll surely get what you desire.

3. For interior designing, the only skill required is procuring aesthetically-pleasing materials.

The fact that procurement of aesthetically pleasing materials is all that is required is absolutely false when it comes to interior designing. There is a lot of technical skill that is required for planning and structuring interior design. Making an interior design plan involves lot of precision and calculation. And lets not forget patience!

4. Spaces need to be built first and only after that should an interior designer be involved in a project.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary to rope in an interior designer only if the built-up space is done. Rather, it is better to have one included in the plan from day 1 so that the entire space can be formulated as a single composition. The entire plan and specifics at times lies in the construction plan itself, therefore, early collaboration can actually be very beneficial for the project. The earlier, the better.

5. Interior designers do not need to be necessarily involved in construction, since they only care about the interiors of the house.

The claim that interior designers care only about the interiors is actually false since specifics and technical aspects are always taken into consideration by interior designers. These designers tend to have a very holistic plan in their mind so they take into account the exteriors and structure of the space that is built to ensure that the entire structure forms a complete homogeneous composition and nothing looks out of the place.

6. An interior designer shall have the entire house revamped and all earlier possessions shall have to be replaced.

It is believed that an interior designer shall ask all possessions such as flooring, furniture and other fixtures to be thrown out but this is not true. Interior designers design things in a smarter manner and can actually find the best possible use of materials and furniture that is already in possession, better than those without the requisite technical skill.

7. Interiors are not actually that important for a house.

It is wrongfully believed that interiors are not important for a house. They actually form the very soul of a house or any other space for that matter. The interiors portray a lot about the space and more often than not, they depict much more than the exteriors. There is no utility of a space if it is not effectively utilised and designed.

8. Nobody else can understand someone else’s style.

With years of experience and qualifications, an interior designer brings with them a strong understanding of others’ preferences as well. An important skill for any interior designer is actually understanding the tastes of their client; that is what distinguishes a good interior designer from an average one. And an Interior designer is always learning and open to ideas. The main thing that matters is communication. The more communicate you are, the more your interior designer can help you out.

9. All interior designers do is alter a few aspects of the house, there is no real work involved.

Interior designers take a holistic view of the house and see the bigger picture. They do not worry themselves by seeing only wanting to incorporate a particular fabric, but actually involve a complete view of the project. They make changes as per the need of the entire project only. There is a lot of technical skill, precision, awareness and following of trends that goes into the work of an interior designer.

10. All services provided by interior designers could be done by the owner themselves.

The owner themselves will only be able to see a myopic vision for their space. With the experience of interior designers, planning is done in a professional manner. They have experience and the ability to do better. It’s their bread and butter.

11. For homes that cover lesser square feet interior designers are not required.

For homes that cover lesser space, interior designers are required even more actually. They can smartly plan out effective allocation of the space for different functions. Their DIY skills are the strongest when it comes to small spaces.

12. Interior designers are stubborn and shall have their way when it comes to the design.

Interior designers contrary to common belief do not dictate the work but rather work in a collaborative fashion with the client otherwise the very purpose of the process is lost.

13. Functionality is not a part of the equation for interior designers.

The common belief is that functionality is not a consideration for interior designers however this is not true. The very aim of an interior designer in fact is to ensure that all functional spaces are beautifully done up.

14. Interior designing is only for females.

There is no distinction on the basis of the gender when it comes to occupations in the field of interior design or otherwise. This would be worst myth to have in your brain.

15. All the latest trends must be incorporated in the interior designing of a space.

The latest trends need not be necessarily incorporated in a design. An interior designer has to design a space on the basis of the future possibilities that they can envisage on the basis of a close study of previous years’ trends.

16. A designer’s home must be the best sample to look at.

A designer’s home need not be a sample as such. Everyone has different tastes and preferences and further it is often stated that designers like to keep their houses minimalistic rather than elaborately working on designs since they do that for a living any way.

17. Interior designing merely involves decorating spaces.

Decorating spaces is more of a superficial task, designing is an in-depth detail oriented and mindful exercise.

18. The retail store designers and interior designers are the same.

Retail store designers have a cut-copy-paste format of working whereas interior designers have more customised solutions for the client.

19. Interior designers prefer working on only huge luxurious spaces.

Interior designers love a challenge at the workplace like anyone else! It is incorrect to believe that luxurious spaces are all that an interior designer would like to work on. In fact luxurious spaces give more leeway and room for errors. With smaller spaces, there is more of a challenge and that is where the work of an interior designer actually shines.

20. Only creative solutions are the way to go for interior designing.

Apart from creative solutions, there is a lot of technical skill that goes into interior designing. Creative solutions are definitely the green signal but understand that that’s not always the only thing to look at. There is a lot of holistic view which steps in.

21. A modest home is not good enough to be catered to by an interior designer.

It is untrue that modest homes are not good enough to be designed by interior designers. All projects have a budget and working within the budget is extremely important for all designers.

22. A designer shall provide an aesthetic solution but not a space in which a person can actually reside.

Designers actually provide functional solutions to ensure that spaces are liveable and do not just focus on composing beautiful and fragile compositions.

23. No qualifications are required; any Tom, Dick and Harry can be an interior designer.

A lot of experience, skill and qualification does go into making a successful interior designer.

24. There is no technical skill required to be an interior designer.

Being an interior designer means having tonnes of technical skill. This involves reading construction, electrical and other architectural drawings.

25. Interior designers have lesser understanding of technical and administrative aspects.

It is not true that interior designers have no technical and administrative competencies. Far from it, there is a lot of coordination and administration that goes into the making of an interior designer.

26. Interior designing is a lost cause. Everything can be done by outsourcing things online now.

Outsourcing online is definitely a very viable option to procure materials but unfortunately without the planning, expertise and able guidance of interior designers, buying products online leads nowhere. A concrete plan and visual aids for understanding different ideations can only be done by an interior designer.

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It is wrongfully believed that interiors are not important for a house. They actually form the very soul of a house or any other space for that matter. The interiors portray a lot about the space and more often than not, they depict much more than the exteriors. There is no utility of a space if it is not effectively utilised and designed.

Being an interior designer means having tons of technical skill. This involves reading construction, electrical and other architectural drawings.

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