19 Creative Kids’ Room Ideas That Will Make You Want To Be A Kid Again

When it is about decorating your kids’ room, it always has to be special, exciting and comfortable because you surely wish to make your kids happy.

But who says decorating the kids’ room has to be expensive? To get ideas, you can also look at what your kids already have. You can use your kids’ books, stuffed animals and favourite colours in the decor to enhance the look of the wall decals, bedding, and rugs.

All this can add fantastic colours and patterns to their room and can easily be changed with their age. Here are 19 more ideas for you!

1. Add brightness with a few bright books and a bookshelf.

An open shelving which showcases children’s book collection can simply brighten their room! A shelf makes the books comparatively easy to access and look organised. It also covers all the bright colours in the room which might otherwise seem a lot neutral.

However, once your kids grow up, you can swap out the toys and books and bring in other attractive pieces to adorn their showpieces and artefacts.

2. Consider adding removable wallpapers.

You can choose attractive wallpapers with fun and quirky patterns like floral, animal print, swirly and many more. The wallpapers give the walls an even texture and create a smooth and sophisticated feel. Also, as the kids grow up, you may also change the wallpapers as per their changing tastes.

3. Think of Scandinavian-patterned decals.

The triangles of the Scandian patterned decals can accompany you for a long term on the white walls. You can use an all-black, white and wood colour palette, which will make the room remain youthful. You can also use the cartoonish accent pieces and some big cloud pillowcases for decorating the kids’ room.

4. Use vibrant furniture and accessories.

When it comes to furniture and accessories, fun is the first element you should look out for. But if you are doing so, then you also have to keep in mind that the background walls should be neutrally coloured and subtly designed to accompany the vibrant furniture and accessories.

5. You can create the aqua theme with touches of turquoise blue.

You can create an aqua-themed look by using the sea blue or the turquoise blue colour in your kids’ room. You can also use some fish and seaweed illustrations to add to the aquatic charm.

6. Take a geometric pattern.

You can use the mix of geometric prints to make your kids’ room look jazzy and equally bright. Also, you can add some plain and subtle furniture and drapery to adorn the room.

7. Create a dreamy space.

You can create a canopied space and place your kid’s favourite collection of pillows and stuffed animals under in this dreamy space where the little ones will be able to enjoy their naptime to the fullest!

8. Experiment with the summer look.

A few love the cool, while a few love the hot! So bring in the summer vibe with the freshness of orange and yellow colours. You can then complement this look with solid colour furniture and drapes.

9. Create a beachy aura.

Nautical styles look a lot stuffy and elite aesthetic. These shades also are the kids’ favourites and will add to their excitement.

10. Use some neon shades.

Nautical styles look a lot stuffy and elite aesthetic. These shades also are the kids’ favourites and will add to their excitement.

11. Add some red.

Tiny bits of red can look fantastic and vibrant in your kids’ room. You can also contrast it with white colour if your kids love to stay in the Diwali vibe.

12. Use the girls’ favourite pink tone.

Although you would want to keep the walls neutral, still you can use the tones of pink in various patterns and drapery to make the room look delicately beautiful.

13. Bring in a garland.

Nothing is more appealing than the pink textiles and a strand of feminine garland in a neutral toned room that makes a perfect place for a growing or teenage girl.

14. Consider making butterfly walls.

A bold wallpaper with multicoloured butterflies can make a style statement for the kids’ room.

15. Create a cottage styled kids’ room.

You can add a few cute accent pieces to your cottage styled kids’ room like ombre dresser, bed pillows, and pompom rug to amaze your kids with the rustic feel.

16. Use a 3D butterfly collage.

These cute butterflies stick to walls like the decals. They look amazing on the wall as if they are ready to take a flight.

17. Make use of stuffed shelves.

You can build a few wall mounted shelves for the stuffed animals and brightly coloured book spines to add to the freshness of the room.

18. Make a gallery wall.

You can make a collage of all your kids’ photographs and create a collage wall so that the little ones can cherish the sweet memories forever.

19. Assemble a nature-loving nursery look.

You can add exciting silhouetted pine tree decals with the rustic accents in the nursery and give a modern and contemporary look to your kid’s room.

Did these ideas inspire you to decorate your little one’s room? If yes, then stay connected to this space… there are a lot more ideas coming!

Through these guides, we try to give you helpful tips & ideas to will help you bring together the perfect design for your home. Keep on reading and don’t forget to share these ideas with your friends!

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