15 Super Cool Theme Ideas For Your Kids’ Bedroom

When putting together the perfect bedroom for your kids, it can be difficult to come up with ideas. While kids may have some idea of how they would like their room to look, they might not have thought of a cohesive theme that you can build on to create exactly what they want.

To make things a little easier, we’ve put together a compilation of 15 super cool theme ideas for your kids’ bedroom. We hope they find one they like!

1. Their Favourite Movie

Kids love the idea of being able to step into a scene of their favourite movie, so why not recreate it at home? Whether they want a close replica of their favourite character’s bedroom or an alternate (albeit miniature) world based on a fictional town or country, allow them to choose their favourite design elements from the film and imagine they really are there in the scene.

2. Their Favourite Story Book

In many cases, a storybook can be even more imaginative than a movie, as the author will have included rich descriptions of the character’s surroundings. As with the movie idea, consider where the story is set, which time period it was from, what kinds of things the main character would have in the room (any mentioned items would be great to include), and even tiny details such as what the weather would have been like! All of these can help you put together a room that really fits the theme of the book.

3. Their Favourite Colour

Something as simple as a colour can be a great starting point when putting together a room. By choosing a variety of shades of that colour, you’ll be able to strategically match your walls, floor and textiles in a way that shows it off.

4. A Mysterious Land

Kids love all things magical and mysterious, so try creating a room inspired by a mysterious far away land – somewhere that’s entirely your own creation. Think about the land. Where is it? What does the scenery look like? Who lives there? What do people do there? It will soon come together in an image you can then apply to the room.

5. The Night Sky

The night sky is beautiful, so give your child a chance to fall asleep gazing at the stars. From sparkling stickers to glow in the dark patches, you can recreate the milky way right there on the walls. You could even put glittering decor on the ceiling for them to look up at!

6. A Blank Canvas

If you’re looking for something fun and creative, why not simply give your child a blank canvas? Paint the walls white and allow them to express themselves as they create their own fun patterns and paint splatters. It’s the perfect opportunity to let them create something that they can be proud of, as well as teaching them how to experiment with different designs and colours. When you’re ready, it’s easy to simply paint over again with something new – or, let them add to it over the years for a collage of their creations!

7. Sports Inspired

Many kids have a favourite sport such as cricket, hockey or football. While their bedroom probably doesn’t have enough space to play the sport for real, you can take inspiration from playing grounds, stadiums, memorabilia and more.

8. Adventure Style

If your child has a strong sense of adventure, let it be shown through their room decor. They’ll love the idea of their bedroom becoming an explorer’s base camp, with everything they need to prepare for their next big expedition.

9. Outer Space

People of all ages find space exciting, so why not let your kids fall asleep to thoughts of the possibilities out there? Taking the ‘night sky’ theme a little further, you could also include spaceships, rockets, satellites – either painted on the walls or recreated as mobile hangings.

10. A Trip to the Future

Step into the future with a cool, forward-thinking theme inspired by ‘someday’. Use cool lights, unique furniture and zany patterns – or however your child pictures the world 100 years from now! Let their imagination run wild.

11. Cosy and Rustic

Sometimes there’s nothing better than staying cosy inside, so give your child the ultimate cosy, rustic retreat – perhaps inspired by warm winter log cabins. Fill it with wooden furniture, warm colours and comfy furniture for somewhere they’ll  love to relax in.

12. Under the Sea

Kids love the ocean, with its beautiful sea life, strange plants, even mermaids! Of course, blue would be the best place to start, but you’ll be able to get creative with murals, stickers, artwork, toy animals, even real plants if you wanted to create an authentic look!

13. The Great Outdoors

If your kids love spending time outside, decorating their room with an outdoors-y theme could be just perfect! Whether you create a forest, a jungle, a meadow, a mountain retreat or something else entirely, taking inspiration from the great outdoors is bound to be fun.

14. Contemporary Cool

Just because it’s a bedroom for kids, that doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish, contemporary and cool! Go for sleek monochrome styles and icy brushed metals for a modern industrial look, with splashes of fun colour as you add in their favourite toys, books and games. It’s the perfect combination!

15. A Little More Grown Up

As your little ones start to get older, they may find themselves wanting to drop a lot of the kid-focused ideas and choose something a little more mature. While this doesn’t necessarily mean switching directly to a ‘grown up’ room, you can create the look by using more muted tones, plenty of storage (for putting away toys they’re not yet ready to part with) and a variety of textiles in their desired pattern or colour.

With these ideas in mind, you and your child can work together to create a room that’s truly their own and perfectly reflects their interests and personality.

Have you used any of these ideas? What other themes do you think work well for kids rooms? We’d love for you to join in the conversation in the comments section below!

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