15 Hashtags To Check Out If You Love Indian Interior Design


If you’re an avid user of social media, it’s likely you’ve considered using it as part of your creative process as you gather information and inspiration when decorating your home interior.

Whether you’re in the process of decorating or simply just a fan of Indian interior design, these fifteen hashtags will give you plenty of content to sift through as you collect great ideas for your home decor.

The tags we’ve gathered are often used for people in India (or who love Indian design) to show their ideas, relating to everything from home decoration to remodelling to just adding a few new accessories. Whatever you plan on doing as your next home interior project, you’re sure to find some inspiration within the tags.

In case you needed even more of a reason, here’s why you should check them out!

1. #IndianInteriorDesign (Twitter, Instagram)

As you can probably already tell, this tag is the go-to spot for Indian interior design. You’ll find many social media users sharing photos and ideas that relate to Indian style in the home.

You may have also noticed that we often use the #IndianInteriorDesign tag on our Floma profiles!

2. #IndianDeco (Instagram)

The #IndianDeco tag focuses more on textiles and accessories rather than the design of the actual room – all, of course, in authentic Indian style. It’s a great one to look through if you’re looking to revitalise your home interior by simply adding some new elements.

3. #IndianDecor (Twitter, Instagram)

This tag is similar to the #IndianDeco tag, but also focuses on Indian decorative style, such as the colours and patterns you can expect to see while exploring Indian interior themes. Use it to find some looks and elements that you might want to use or recreate yourself.

4. #IndianDecoration (Instagram)

#IndianDecoration is full of examples of how social media users have used Indian style to add decorative elements to their homes, including ornaments and accessories.

5. #IndianDesign (Instagram)

The #IndianDesign tag covers Indian design as a whole, rather than just interior design, but don’t be put off by that. This is an excellent tag to use if you want to gain a better understanding of Indian design elements and pick up on ideas that you might not have seen elsewhere that could be applied to your home in your own way.

6. #IndianHome (Instagram)

If you’re looking for inspiration for your #IndianHome, this is an ideal tag. It covers both interior design and decor, giving you a variety of ideas to choose from. We’ve used this one on our Floma profiles too!

7. #MadeInIndia (Instagram)

Take a look at the #MadeInIndia style to get a feel for the vast variety of items and products that are made in India – including those that can be featured in the home. You will also get to take authentic Indian ideas and apply them to your own themes.

8. #HandmadeIndia (Instagram)

This is similar to the #MadeInIndia tag, but focuses more on hand crafted products made by independent creators. Artists who create home decor products often use the tag to promote their pieces, so it’s worth checking out if you’re looking for a unique, handmade piece for your home.

9. #DIYIndia (Instagram)

#DIYIndia is similar to #HandmadeIndia in that it exhibits hand crafted products; however, these are usually made by the individuals who use and own them rather than artists. When scrolling through, you’ll find plenty of ‘how to’ guides for decorative items and home ideas.

10. # [Your City]

Why not try searching for the hashtag for your own city? You’ll likely find that many local businesses and architects will be sharing their latest projects, which can give you a great idea of what’s trending in your area – so you can then apply those trends to your own decor.

11. #InteriorDesign (Twitter, Instagram)

While the #InteriorDesign tag focuses on design from all over the world rather than just Indian interior design, you can still find plenty of exciting ideas that you could easily add your own Indian flair to.

12. #India (Twitter, Instagram)

Another way to get a feel for Indian style is to take a look at the #India hashtag. The inspiration for your home doesn’t just have to come from other homes or products – let the world around you be an influence.

13. #IndianFamily (Instagram)

Family is an important part of Indian culture, so check out the #IndianFamily tag for lifestyle and home tips that could help you when putting together your ideal family home.

14. #IndianStyle (Twitter, Instagram)

The #IndianStyle tag brings together a number of different Indian style elements including patterns, fabrics, colours, décor – almost anything related to Indian culture in a visual sense is here. Pick your favourite elements and consider how you could feature them in your interior.

15. #FlomaIdeas and #FlomaTips

Did you know that Floma has its own hashtag too? Check out #FlomaIdeas on social media to see a round up of our content, featuring tips, photos and links to the more in-depth posts on our site. If you like what you see, consider following us too to get plenty of Floma Ideas in your feed

After looking through this variety of hashtags And remember, you can use them on multiple platforms (such as Instagram and Twitter) to yield different results each time and open up a whole new world of inspiration.

Let us know how using these tags worked out for you – and be sure to comment with any other hashtags you think other fans of Indian interior design would appreciate!

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