15 Bathroom Design Tips And Tricks

While you design all your home elegantly, do not forget to pay attention to your bathrooms. They can often build or spoil the impression of your interior design. For this, you need a smart bathroom interior design and some amazing organisation ideas.

Take a look at these easy bathroom design and organisation tips to make your bathroom look sparkling and well-organised!

1. Rearrange your cabinet.

Making cabinets in a bathroom is inevitable. There are a number of things like medicines, beauty products, and so on which need to be stored in these cabinets. But you need to make sure that the cabinets should not look messy and bulging with products. For this, you can keep different things in different boxes and attach labels for them. This way, you can find the products easily and also can make sure that the cabinet does not look messy.

Also, you should keep these labelled storage boxes underneath the sink to utilise available space. So by creating “active” storage in your cabinet, you can minimise your time spent in finding.

2. Control your clutter.

Self-care product like hair gels, sprays, curlers, combs and hair dryers take a lot of space in the bathroom design. For a quick organisation, you can buy a plastic tub for all these products. Also, do not keep unused or expired products for long. You must make it a habit to regularly review the expiry dates of the products and eliminate the ones which are expired.

3. Build a creative towel storage.

If your towel rack is not big enough to hang your family’s towels, then make it creative by adding hooks to the bathroom. The towel hooks are less expensive, very easy to mount and create a space for every member in the family to hang their towel. Also, the separate hooks will make it easy for everyone to recognise their own towels. No more fighting over towels now!

4. Divide your make up products.

Drawers in the bathroom are full of makeup products most of which sometimes tend to take much of space. So it is a good idea to bring home an expandable cosmetic drawer and fit that in a shallow drawer which will save the space of those bulky cosmetic bags. You can get different size compartments to place lipsticks, blush and eyeshadows and so on.  Also, when you organise your makeup, make sure to throw away the expired products and keep only the ones which can be used.

5. Arrange your shower caddy.

Your shower caddies should neither be too small nor too large. There are a lot of options like from over the showerhead and suction shelves to the corner caddies. If you don’t have enough room, one solution is to limit down the number of your toiletries. You need to take an overview of how many products and toiletries you need and buy them accordingly. You can also consider downsizing the shower caddies to save space and make some extra space for other essentials.

6. Use smart space-saving techniques.

You can use the space saving techniques even in small bathroom designs. You only have to know the appropriate space to use the techniques. For example, the space above toilet bath furniture is an appropriate space to place extra toilet papers.

7. Add interesting jars.

If you have a lot of space on the counter, then you can leave some things out in the open. You can also invest in trendy jars to keep useful articles like cotton swabs, soap and bath salts as they look amazing in the clear glass containers. These jars are especially handy when the guests use your bathroom as they can help themselves without having to search in your cabinets.

8. Install a corner sink.

Sometimes a pedestal sink can disrupt the traffic lane in your bathroom. So see if you can place a corner sink across the toilet. This will work better than a sink from the shower. The opening and closing of the shower door may usually create an awkward walk-around condition.

9. Put a shower curtain.

A shower curtain which moves back and forth saves a lot of space over a glass door. You can also use compact shower-tub combos which can fit in small spaces as well.

10. Make a floating vanity.

Making a floating vanity helps make the bathroom  design look bigger. It also frees up a lot of space on the floor which you can use to keep other things.

11. Design round vanities.

Tight spaces and sharp corners are not at all a great combination. If the corners of vanity would get in the way, then go for around vanity shape. It can work in a square-shaped bathroom and also save a lot of space.

12. Extend the counter over the toilet.

This arrangement is possible if you extend the stone or a wood slab. The extended counter creates enough space for a few needed items, plus the Toilet placement is not affected, and you can get a minimalist and clean look.

13. Use large-scale patterns.

Use a large-scale pattern, which can trick the eye into seeing expanded space. This arrangement will make the bathroom look bigger and wider.

14. Place a mirror.

Even in the smallest space, make sure that you place a mirror. Having a mirror can make the bathroom design look bigger and will also increase the functionality of this space.

15. Install a trough sink.

The narrow, clean styling of a trough sink is a good-looking and space saving solution. Trough sinks also have a low profile and when wall mounted, they can free up floor space and also storage or foot traffic.

Hope these easy tips will help you to design and organise your bathroom in an amazing manner. We at Floma are pleased to bring you these guides and help you to design or decorate your dream home. For more, stay tuned!

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