13 Kitchen Interior Design And Organisation Tips

A cluttered kitchen design can make you frustrated. Here are a few kitchen interior design tips which will help you to keep this most-used, and hard-to-keep-clean room organised.

1. Design functional decor.

If you have inherited your grandma’s knotty wooden utensils or mom’s gifts in your kitchen, then it might get a lot crowded. You must consider storing these lovely kitchens in tastefully designed wall cabinets. Similarly, you can design fully functional trollies and cabinets for all your beloved crockery and kitchen belongings. Keeping a focus on the functionality of your kitchen is the key to an efficient kitchen interior design.

2. Dedicate a specific place for the refrigerator.

Many kitchens look messy because they do not have the right place for the refrigerator. To avoid this, place the machine in a safe corner. Also, avoid buying a bulgy fridge which will take much space. Know your needs, amount of storage and then choose an appropriate machine accordingly.

3. Design a cooking caddy.

A cooking caddy will help you keep all the condiments and spices in an easy-to-carry rack. This will also free up almost all the countertop space. You can store the most essential things like salt, cooking oils and your routine spices next to the stove. Other than spices, you can place routine flour, rice, etc. and reach them easily when needed.

4. Use smart storage hacks for cleaning supplies.

Keeping cleaning supplies can be a tricky task. To make this easier, you can hang them to a short tension rod inside the cabinet. One more clever idea is to slide a paper towel roll in the tension rod to make the access easier. This tension rod organisation hack is also a great place to hang drying towels and rubber cleaning gloves.

5. Design a spice rack.

When it comes to kitchen storage, all those little containers of cumin, oregano, and cinnamon can become confusing. So it is a smart idea to stack them in a cupboard and label in the logical order. This will save all the hassle during the rushing hours. You design a tasteful spice rack and transfer your spices to uniform jars. It is also a new trend in organising your kitchen interior design.

6. Integrate smart appliances in your kitchen.

Including smart appliances like a microwave, wine fridge, or installing a dishwasher in your kitchen can be a real space saver. Especially if you have lesser counter space, then you can install a sink to create all the space, which will allow you to save the mess while doing the dishes.

7. Add a display shelf.

A simple addition of display shelf along the upper cabinets adds an aesthetic touch and extra storage space for displaying your favourite dishes and crockery. You can also use some lights in these cabinets to highlight your favourite crockery sets.

8. Keep your kitchen towels in appropriate places.

Hanging a dish towel in convenient places can help you a lot.  To prevent your towels from falling down constantly, fold your towel into its desired form and attach Velcro strips in two spots. One velcro should be on the front and one on the back. You can also stitch the fabric iron-on Velcro strips and follow the given directions. When you hang your towel from the oven or dishwasher you can match velcro ends together and fix them to stop them from falling down.

9. Rearrange the jars on jars.

You can easily organise your dry goods by storing them in interesting jars. This way, you can create uniformity and also see clearly where you have kept all your lentils, rice or oats. Also, you can arrange all those jars on display and create a homely and chic look in your kitchen. You can plan a theme for those jars and buy accordingly.

10. Place a pull out chopping board.

Pull out solutions are perfect for compact kitchens as they allow a neat amount of extra kitchen counter space. Also, a pull-out cutting board is great for making food preparations and keeping cookbooks or for special dishes. Plus, when you are done with chopping or slicing, you can simply slide it back in the cabinet.

11. Design a kitchen cabinet rollout.

Kitchen cabinet rollouts give additional capacity to your storage cabinets and make it easier to search and find the necessary items, so you need not panic to find your favourite snacks.

12. Use file folders as a kitchen organisation hack.

File folders can do more than just organising papers and magazines in your office. They can also be used for organising your kitchen. You can use the file folders up to get rid of the clutter which normally blocks the cabinet under your kitchen sink. You can also place all of your kitchen cleaning supplies into file folders.

13. Design a kitchen window plant perch.

How about the idea of having fresh herbs at your fingertips? If keeping them on the kitchen counter is taking much space, then try this easy storage idea. You can install a wire shelf between the upper cabinets which flanks on your kitchen window. You can keep your plants in that window so that they can get plenty of light without blocking the view. This also makes the watering easy and keeps those herbs readily available for snipping. Make sure to install the shelf at the height which is enough so you do not bump on it when you are working at the sink.

At Floma, you can get many such smart kitchen interior design hacks and tips for designing your kitchen and all the parts of your home. Stay tuned to Floma guides and interesting reads. Even more is on the way!

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