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13 Different Types Of Interior Design

13 Different Types Of Interior Design

So you’ve just bought a new property (congratulations!) and are looking for inspiration for interior design ideas. You have a vague or no idea about what’s to be done, right? So, what should you do? A good starting point for any interior design project is to understand a little bit about the various styles and what makes them differ from one another.

Wait. What?! There are different styles?

Yes! There are indeed. To make your job easier, we’ve put together a broad list of 13 different styles of interior design from around the world. Combine different ones to create your unique style or stick to one particular style and give a theme to your house. Let your imagination run wild!


1. Modern

The modern design most commonly refers to a house with crisp, precise, clean lines and a simple colour palette. The essence of design says sleek and straightforward. The main types of materials used in the modern style can include glass, metal, and steel.

2. Contemporary

Contemporary, unlike the modern designs, is more fluid and does not adhere to one particular style. It uses what is popular or used at the moment. It’s cross-disciplinary as it keeps changing, taking ideas from different eras.

3. Minimalist

The minimalist style came into existence in the 20th century. It’s known for uncomplicated forms, clean lines, and simple finishes. The ‘negative space’ is considered as important as the ‘positive space.’

4. Industrial

This design focuses on the ‘warehouse’ look, and unlike most of the other styles, it adds a raw, unfinished look to carefully designed homes. It is used in lofts, commercial spaces, and homes around the world.

5. Midcentury Modern

The midcentury modern, as the words suggest, is a style of the mid-1900s. It focuses on simple, fuss-free, functional elements and design. The other highlights of this design are simple fabrications and natural shapes like an ‘egg-shaped’ chair.

6. Scandinavian

The Scandinavian style has a fondness for all things natural, wood being one of the most extensively used natural materials. White walls contrast with the dark wood complemented by breezy furniture arrangements.

7. Traditional

The traditional style places emphasis on the details, expensive looking furniture and decor and a mix of different types of lines and textures. Furnishings have intricate details, and the use of velvet, brocade, and silk is predominant.

8. Transitional

The transitional style is a balance of traditional and modern interior designs. It incorporates modern materials with plush décor with color palettes that are usually neutral, giving it a sense of comfort and relaxation.

9. French Country

The French country is a pretty, mellow style with warm colours and worn out wooden furniture being its fundamental elements.

10. Bohemian

This style is extremely popular for its carefree and free-spirited designs. There are very little rules when it comes to a Bohemian design. These homes have antique decor, rugs, and items from flea markets from the travels of the people living there.

11. Shabby Chic

This is another one of the vintage-inspired designs, but this generally has a softer, more feminine style. It uses shades like pastels, white and cream.

12 . Nautical

This style of interior design is also referred to as Coastal design and reflects a beach, having white or sand colours as the foundation and blue as the primary accent colour.

13. Art Deco

The Art Deco style is a vintage style with bold colours, shapely furniture, geometric patterns and period appropriate accessories.

Amazed? So these were the 13 primary types of interior designs that are used around the world. Choose your pick or picks and style your home to look like a beautiful haven right out of a magazine cover!

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