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11 Amazing Colours For Your Dining Room Design

Your dining room is the meeting room for the family. Here everyone meets at least two times a day to chit chat over meals. Also, on special events and functions, this area is the most crowded one! This is why the dining room design of your house needs a top-notch design, organised look and an amazing feel. So what can you do for that? You can get it designed attractively, decorate it with interesting décor, keep it as organised as possible, and colour it in a fabulous manner.
Here are some unique colour ideas which will help you to make your dining room design look offbeat and attractive. Read more for some exciting ideas.

1. Rustic Brown

Brown is an earthen and rustic colour which is perfect for Indian homes. Especially if you are planning to have your kitchens themed in an ethnic manner, then brown is the best choice for you. This colour harmonises with a variety of wood tones and furniture. Also, you get a great variety of browns in the shade card. You can either choose a light tone of brown or else a darker tone of rustic brown. To break the monotony, you can add some indoor plants and attractive yellow lights in the corners. Brown colour also proves a wonderful choice if you are planning for some wall art or paintings. This colour also gives your room a seamless look and an earthy feel.

2. Tangy Orange

This shade of orange is just as attractive as red, just a little less bright. If you wish to give your traditional kitchen a modern makeover, then this colour is the best option for you. It compliments a modern set-up and contemporary look with more contemporary set-up, pale flooring and clean-lined pieces. Plus if your dining room has plenty of natural light, then you must surely think about this colour for your dining room.

3. Distinct Blue

Blue is a classic colour which can be used to create a fresh yet cosy feel. Also, blue can be used in different shades like the fresh and charming sky blue, or darker shade like cobalt or midnight blue. The best thing about blue is that it goes well with the eclectic furniture. You can buy light toned furniture and use it has a highlight to bring the best from blue walls.

4. Apple Green

Apple green is a crisp, energetic colour which can highlight your furniture and give a fresh look to your dining room. Also, this colour can also balance out the dark flooring and furniture while putting a focus on a light-coloured ceiling. You can also buy any lights of your choice; this colour makes everything look amazing.

5. Vibrant Yellow

You might not like this colour a lot, but this hue can lighten up your dining room design like no other colour can. If you choose any shade of yellow for your dining room, then it will complement any furniture and lights. Also, you can decorate the room with a number of different tables, chairs, decoys, frames and so on. Also, this colour has a natural warmth due to which you will always feel a lot comfortable yet rejuvenated when you enter this room.

6. Dark Purple

This shade is a blend of blue-violet undertones which gives a velvety touch to the walls and enhances its richness. If you combine this deep colour with light-coloured furnishings and ebonized wood floors, it can make your dining room design look grander and richer.

7. Lime Green

This colour is slightly in between emerald green and olive green. This colour gives you a natural feel and has a soothing effect on your eyes. Although this colour has depth, still it feels comforting and familiar. The colour looks especially fresh if you have pale furnishings and white decor and drapes.

8. Aqua Green or Blue

If you are fed up of using the typical combination of pale blue and dark brown, then you can make some changes in its shades. You can mix it with the lively aqua tone. This colour makes the room look less stuffy and adds an illusion of spaciousness. If you have limited space for the dining room, then this is a good colour choice for you.

9. Deep Red

The deep red or brick red colour is the best shade if you want to create a colonial feel to your casa. You can buy elegant clean white dining table set, hand classy chandelier lamps, candle stands, and light colour flower décor to make the room look class apart. This saturated colour makes your dining room design stylish, classy and cosy.

10. Warm Grey

Grey is a neutral tone. You can make it look warmer by using specific undertones. You can blend a little grey with brown to make it look warmer and add some white to make it look cooler. The best part about grey is that it acts as a great background. You can add as many colours in the décor as you want. Also, it is a sophisticated shade which makes your dining room design look elegant.

11. Simple Cream

This is an all-time favourite for many. The cream is a shade which can be paired with any colour. You do not have to think twice before bringing in any furnishing or décor if your room is coloured with cream or any shade of white. So if you are not sure about any of the above shades, then choose the safest one.

Did this guide help you to choose the best colour for your dining room design? If yes, then stay tuned to our guides for more interesting tips and insights regarding home design and decoration. At Floma we are ever-ready to provide amazing tips and assistance regarding home design.

Check out our Dining Room Design page for more interesting ideas!

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