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10 Ways To Make Your Kitchen Feel Bigger

If you have a love for cooking, entertaining or even simply dining with your family at home, you’ve probably developed an image in your mind of how your ideal dream kitchen would look. For most of us, this would be a large and spacious room of the home that’s both practical and fun for spending time in – providing plenty of space for appliances and storing your supplies, room to cook comfortably with a range of equipment and, more importantly, a welcoming seating area for the family to meet and eat in.

But for most of us in India, we have to make the most of what we’ve got.  Moreover, most homes do not include large, sprawling kitchens. So what can we do? That’s simple – make our existing kitchens look and feel bigger! If you’re not willing to completely remodel your home or break down walls for the sake of a larger kitchen, here are a few small tips you can try to create the illusion of a bigger space.

1. Take out hefty, solid cabinets and replace them with clear, refreshing glass.

By replacing the fronts of your cabinets with glass doors rather than wooden ones, you’re allowing the space behind the door to be viewed – adding depth to each area, making the kitchen seem a little more spacious. Just be sure not to fill up the insides of the cabinets with clutter – it should still be clear, clean and aesthetically pleasing to look at.

2. Choose cabinet covers that match your walls for an unexpected blend.

If you choose cabinet covers that match your walls in terms of colour, they will almost seamlessly blend into the room by erasing visual boundaries. Your kitchen will begin to look like one big open space rather than a small space with a lot of fittings.

3. Choose smaller furniture pieces to free up valuable floor space.

If the issue you have is that there’s not enough floor space, try to choose pieces of furniture that have a minimal ‘footprint’ and take up as little space as possible in your kitchen. If they have a low profile and can be placed close to a wall, you’ll be creating floor space in the centre of the room. Bonus points if the furniture or appliances can be tucked into a recession or alcove!

4. Tuck away your storage for hidden practicality.

Keeping your storage containers hidden away in cupboards and cabinets will ensure your preparation space is clear, free and open for use. It will also eliminate clutter, which can also overwhelm the room and make it look smaller.

5. Avoid fussy details where possible – instead opting for cool, clean lines.

Intricate patterns and overly ornate furniture can create a ‘messy’ look when placed in a small room that can often end up making it look even smaller! Instead, go for sleek lines and simple styles that don’t detract from the space around them. Another related idea is to stick to lighter colours that create an ‘airy’ atmosphere and larger feel.

6. Merge your kitchen with the next room to maximise the space.

What do you use the room next to your kitchen for? In many homes, this room is a dining room – so why not combine the two? You don’t have to knock down a wall to make the most of them both at once. You could remove the door between the two, making it a more social combination – or even fit a large open window! You then won’t need to have a dedicated seating area in the kitchen, therefore freeing up space for other purposes.

7. Work vertically to make the most of shelving.

By working vertically and using tall shelving to store your kitchen essentials, you are less likely to need to spread everything out and take up additional space. A simple vertical shelving unit can fit seamlessly into a wide range of spaces – of all shapes and sizes, leaving you more space around the rest of the kitchen for your worktops, dining area and appliances. For an even more open look, you could try using floating shelving that blends well with your kitchen units.

8. Keep clutter to a minimum for a spacious look.

Clutter makes your home look… well, cluttered! If your kitchen is a mess or full of unnecessary objects, it will begin to look as if the small space you have is already full to the brim – with no space for living or eating. Avoid overcrowding surfaces or shelves with things that could be easily stored away instead. Keep them clean and clear, instead choosing to display a few essential appliances, utensils or décor items.

9. Create height with a focus on your ceiling.

If you successfully direct the eyes upwards, you will instantly create the illusion of a bigger room. This can work perfectly in a kitchen area by choosing visual elements that draw focus towards the ceiling. This may include a playful take on colour coordination, or an additional touch such as decorative ceiling boards or fun lights and lamps.

10. Fill your kitchen with light.

By flooding the kitchen with plenty of bright like, it will help to open up the space and ensure it looks as big as possible. If you’re in a position to switch up your windows, go for large installations with no decorative features on the glass that could block out light from outside. Or, give your existing window frames a makeover with a simple, light paint that won’t detract from the incoming light.

Whether you go right ahead and implement all these tips at once or simply pick and choose a few select ideas, you should start to notice an improvement right away! These tips are designed to create the impression of a bigger kitchen and make life a little easier for cooking and entertaining. Don’t forget to let us know how they work for you!

Do you have any top tips for making your kitchen feel bigger? We’d love to hear all about them in the comments section below!

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