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10 Reasons Indian Interior Design Has Become A Worldwide Trend

Indian interiror

If you were to look up ‘Indian Interior Design’ on the web, you’d see that many of the results do not actually come from Indian sources. This is down to the widespread popularity of Indian design and decor that has led to an ongoing trend all around the world. But why is it that Indian interior design has become such a hit? Read on to find out how people from all backgrounds and cultures are embracing the beauty of India!

1. India is (and always has been) a popular travel destination.

People from all over the world visit India as a travel destination – in fact, over 8 million foreign travellers visited the country in 2015 alone.

Its incredible and varied culture, history, scenery, food and attractions have made the nation loved by many, so it’s no surprise many international visitors want to recreate the experience at home too!

2. Indian design is bright and colourful.

indian interiror

Indian design is known for its bright colours and glittering embellishments. Bright aesthetics in the home are said to inspire creativity, uplift the mood, encourage love and create a general sense of positivity in the home, so why wouldn’t you include some bright Indian colour schemes?

Colours especially known for being featured in Indian design or that are significant throughout India include red, yellow, green, blue, white, pink and saffron.

3. It’s unique and stands out amongst plainer, contemporary styles.

When you open up a modern, on-trend interior design magazine or catalogue, the designs you see will, of course, be stylish and attractive.

But many agree that these designs – although great to look at – lack personality and depth, or that they all end up looking the same.

4. Indian design isn’t just one element – there’s something for everyone to love.

Part of the beauty of Indian style and design is that it’s not simply one thing. It’s a whole world of variation between colours, patterns, textures and styles.

It could be that you love the colours, or perhaps you enjoy the shimmering metallic tones often used to decorate Indian furnishings.

Maybe you prefer a more contemporary style, but love the idea of an Indian Paisley pattern on your textiles.

There really is something for everyone to enjoy in their home.

5. It can be recreated fairly affordably.

indian interior

Indian design can be as expensive or as affordable as you make it, as long as you’re willing to shop around. Fabrics and textiles don’t have to cost a lot, providing you get them from a direct manufacturer.

You can also find small trinkets and ornaments that don’t have to be expensive and will still reflect the style you’re going for.

Alternatively, a quick search for Indian design items online will help you find affordable pieces with ease.

6. It’s also easy to find the right materials and styles in most fabric stores.

If you’re looking to refresh your built-in cabinets or wardrobes, you’ll find endless variety when it comes to the door panels. Today, panels come in different materials (including a vast range of woods), colours and finishes. But on top of the basic shape, many people choose to include a mirrored effect. The mirror is simply placed on the outside of the panel to create a mirrored finish.

As well as looking cool and contemporary, it also eliminates the need to feature an independently standing mirror in the room.

7. Today’s world is borderless – we can take inspiration from anywhere.

One of the best parts of today’s global society (mainly through the connection of the internet) is that it is relatively easy and affordable to travel anywhere in the world – as well as being able to access other places online.

Whether you pick up some unique pieces on your travels to India or even just order online from an Indian eCommerce store, it’s easier than ever to find authentic pieces to create the style you have in mind.

8. Indian design is welcoming and warm.

In India, a great importance is placed on family, friendship and entertaining. Your home should be a welcoming place that you’d be happy to share with guests and have a great time.

So when using the rich, warm tones of Indian style in your home, you can create an atmosphere that’s inviting and a pleasure to entertain in.

9. It can be applied to a whole room, or just featured as an addition.

As with any theme, you can use as much or as little of it as you want. When adding some Indian home decor and design to the mix, you can choose to go right ahead and outlay your whole room – or even your whole house with Indian flair. Or, you may simply want to add a few home decor accessories or ornaments to reflect the Indian style without making too much of an impact on your existing look.

It’s all about finding the perfect balance for you and your home, as well as putting together a visual mixture that works.

10. There’s meaning behind the traditional Indian styles.

Indian interior

One of the most important parts of Indian design and decor is that it’s not just there to look good – it’s also steeped in history and culture in a way that’s led to today’s traditional yet eclectic style.

Remember, many Indian homes are reflective of bigger things, such as the homeowner’s faith, family and the history of the country they love to live in.

It’s a beautiful thing to take inspiration from another culture, but always remember to be authentic as you do so. Cultural appropriation is a hot topic, so always be respectful of the styles you choose to recreate and use them as they were intended.

Considering how much we love Indian home decor here at Floma, it’s not surprising that it’s become a significant trend all over the world.

What is your favourite aspect of Indian interior design, and how do you feel about it becoming a worldwide hit? We can’t wait to read your thoughts in the comments, so share them below!

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