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Top 10 Pocket-Friendly Indian Interior Design Trends to Follow

Top 10 Pocket-Friendly Indian Interior Design Trends to Follow

After spending most of 2020 and 2021 at home, we are now open to exploring new ideas and makeovers, including our homes.

Since the pandemic led lockdown caused an economic drop for a bit, many options were explored in home decor that can save you more money for other things you desire for. One such trend we have seen so far is pocket-friendly interior design trends for Indian homes.

These trends include stylish elements that won’t burn your pocket and yet continue looking elegant. This article is all about these trends; so, if you are looking for budget-friendly interior design inspirations, keep reading!

Indian interior design, none like others, is filled with a rich blend of culture. Indians have this style followed from the history and with mixed influences. Be it a simple inside the house or beautiful wall decorations from the south Indian kingdoms, Indian interior design draws heavy references from all the cultures and history.

But every time, classy Indian interior design styles don’t need to be overwhelming. Implementing the trends in this post is not so hard and all you need is to think about desi vibes for your home.

1. Be Generous With Vibrant Colours

Colours are way too much important for the Indian way of decorating. Colours are also original ways to follow tradition and decorate our space. The colour palette could be vibrant and vast containing all the hues from earthy tones of classic times to pretty pastels of modern times. With so many colours to choose from, colours can be warm, dark, and intense, or cool, soft, and sober, and they can make your home stand out. So, make sure you take care of the purpose of every room and every object while choosing these colours by understanding how they make you feel.

For instance, yellow can go great in the kitchen as it uplifts your mood and offer you enough energy to start your day. On the other hand, pink and blue like lighter shades can go well in your kids’ bedroom. Deep midnight for adult bedrooms and so on. Always remember, there are so many shades available in each colour and every shade brings its own impact on your mood and state, and mind. When selected correctly, colours can do wonders for you.


2. Lights That Keep You Going

More than just keeping you going, sufficient light in your home will make it look more appealing and alluring by highlighting its features and hiding its defects. With so many lighting options to choose from whatever available in the market, you can use different colours, sizes, and intensities, say floor lamps, table lamps, hanging lamps, chandeliers, etc. Just get what you like and what suits your homes, and upgrade lighting wherever possible in your rooms. You can highlight a particular wall, a specific corner, and artwork in your home with lights to bring life to them and make the experience more appealing.

Most importantly, never illuminate more than what is needed in your homes. Focusing on various key areas in the home such as staircases, corridors, reading corners, kitchen tables, and special task areas can help you make your places more visible. Using power friendly bulbs or tubes can make this process easy and also save your wallet from draining out. In addition, placing classy yet affordable mirrors can outgrow your light in the home.


3. Functional Curtains

Curtains will bring functionality as well as they can control light in your home. Along with privacy, curtains can also dress up the windows and serve as an essential feature that completes the decoration. In any interior decoration, especially in affordable interior decoration, curtains have a high decorative value as they come in various colors, patterns, fabrics, and materials. A particular curtains style can bring and highlight the character of the room. Let’s say if your room is monotonous with neutral shades, an ideal thing you can choose is a curtains style that blends with your furniture colours or any other attractive elements in your room and vice versa. You can also decide if curtains need to be reaching the floors or just ending at or below the window sill.

Transparent curtains indeed make a fashion statement but they are not suitable for your privacy, do they? You can also check some inspiring DIY curtain ideas available online and make your own curtains at a low cost if you know some sewing.


4. Nothing Matches The Furniture Style

No matter what style you want to choose from, the right furniture design and placement in your room can make it look good, and make it more practical. Sometimes, the uncomfortable place of the furniture element can make you feel that you need more furniture in your home; or the struggle of settling with the right pieces will make your home really practical. Rearranging the furniture you have helps give it a new perspective. You can help yourself by changing the look and feel of the room completely with a facelift to your furniture. Furniture pieces don’t need to be costing you hefty. While replacing the items, you can make sure that your furniture doesn’t cover every part of your room and leave some for people to walk, and also provides a clean place for better conversations.


5. Using Natural Elements

If you have a desire to enjoy your house in the countryside or a garden in the backyard or front yard, you can easily bring nature into your homes with some potted plants, fresh flowers, and plant frames. You can also use not so costly artefacts from nature such as seashells, beach stones to decorate your home entrance and living room. They have a great decorative force which you can easily pick up on your beach & summer vacations.


6. Reusing Old Objects

Old and unused objects in your home don’t always have to end up in the trash. You can easily use them to liven up your space. This is also one good way to rethink your favorite things that you once cherished and can’t afford to toss away. Some of the best examples are using old wooden ladders renovated into storage shelves, or say using old crockeries to replace plant holders, pages of a colourful calendar into photo frames, unused glass bottles into lamp fixtures, etc. If you are a DIY enthusiast, it’s not hard to find more ideas up on the internet to recycle old items and transform them into functional and stylish home furnishings.


7. Beautiful Pictures and Frames

Cover your walls with classic paintings, family photographs, and custom murals which you can easily pick from the local exhibitions. They are very reasonable and fashionable options that also add a personal touch to your home. It gets easier with a special atmosphere surrounding your beautiful memories. At Floma Homes, we advise our clients to choose a wall where the photos will stand out and make it the centre of attention. While hanging these photos and frames, you need to take care of the height too. Don’t place them too high or too low, there could be an issue with the visibility.

The shape, style, and color of the paintings and murals can also be considered seriously to make them unified with the style of the other elements like furniture so that everything can complement your room.


8. Attention to Details

It’s surprising how small changes can bring a noticeable difference to the look of a room and make it look much more elegant. Yes, small changes matter. They give your home a whole new look and feel. For example, just consider your door handles, or windows, or faucet. Adjusting the lighting fixtures, or adding simple accessories, or remodelling your bookshelf. Think of anything that is small but noticeable and keep it beautiful. It’s not that hard.


9. Mirrors are the way to go

Those bland and naked corners in your home should never go blank. This just makes them make your room incomplete and empty. Instead, you can decorate them with hanging elements like lamps, plants, garlands, pots, and photos, etc. Using simple hooks and rails can give your home an alluring look. Also, fitting your furniture and cabinets or adding pieces to them can increase the functionality of every piece in your home. Another option you can choose is to go for corner shelves that can fit your books or other decorative elements horizontally or vertically. Maximize your storage without needing to sacrifice your useful floor space.


10. Decorate with Simple and Useful Items

Simplicity never goes out of style. It holds the essence of your home decor. Keeping things simple and minimal can help you make your interior easy. But, overdoing it might kill the vibe. Overdoing minimal design might make it lose its charm. One simple task you can do is keeping things uncluttered and keeping unnecessary things out of your way. When it’s about home decoration or interior decoration, always remember “less is more”. Keep only the essentials and make its functions double cleverly. For example, glassware can also be used for drinking but for decorating and holding plants and flowers as well. Instead of putting too many accessories, just place the things which you already have.


We Are Made in India

Nowadays, homeowners need a slight desi touch along with modern functionality. And we truly agree with this. Floma Homes is an Indian interior decoration firm founded by design enthusiasts and people with a knack for how homes should look on a minimal budget.

We are helping homeowners, including young homebuyers and those looking for sturdy, durable, yet reasonably priced decor materials for their places. Since 2014, we are decoring homes in Pune, and with greater sensitivity among consumers, towards the artisans at our company, we are striving to create home décor products and services using our expertise and eye for beauty!

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