10 Interior Colour Combinations that Work with Black

10 Interior Colour Combinations that Work with Black

Have you ever considered why you feel more relaxed after spending time in a bright, light space or room? Or energized after being in a colourful, vibrant room? It’s majorly because of the colour psychology (the connection between our emotions and colour). Colours influence people’s emotions, perceptions that are not obvious. Colours strike different emotions in different people. Some colours make you feel happy & bright, while some make you feel dull or drowsy. And hence colours are an essential aspect in designing and not merely a visual perceptual property.

Interior design is an art that combines personal choices & individual preferences to create a design that resembles the personality of the person it is created for. It is like a blank canvas that we fill with colours, furnishing, wooden work, ceramic, metals and different elements, bringing it all together. Since the project is the place where client will spend hours or stay there for years if it is a home project, it is very important to consider the colour psychology while designing the project.

As we all know colours are derived from the spectrum of light, light absorption, reflection or emission spectra are the physical properties that categorize colours, they have different hues. Colour psychology is the study of how different hues of colours affect the person’s mood, creativity or productivity scientifically. If a person is surrounded by calming hues such as blue or green, it gives out a relaxing vibes, whereas hues such as red, orange, maroon give out energetic vibes. Colour psychology is theory based on the scientific effect of these hues on human brain. Although the feel or effect of colours might seem similar, but few studies show that different people with different personalities can react differently to colours.


How does colour psychology affect interior design?

Colours are unavoidable and an essential factor in interior design. The walls, furniture, decor pieces, lights, fixtures all need to be in a synchronized colour scheme as it plays an important role in the mind of the person living there. As they are going to spend hours in the place you designed it is crucial to consider the customer’s persona, his liking and desires. According to the studies, different people react differently to each colour. Some people find colours like black or red demotivating or threatening while some might feel it sophisticated or inspiring. The colour tone sets the mood for the room. If the colour tone goes wrong people wouldn’t like the room as it will not set the right mood.


Black Interior Design

Colour black has different emotions associated with it. Black feels sophisticated, classic at the same time it also evokes power, luxury, elegance. Black shows boldness but it also means professionalism, neutrality and simplicity. Being on the darker side, black is also associated with emotions like sadness or emptiness. Black looks even more great when paired with different colours. Here are 10 different colour combinations that work wonders with black in your interior design:

1. Black + White

black and white

The ultimate and timeless classic ever combination. This pair is like made for each other. The balance of dark and light warms up the look. Black and white is a combination that will never fail to amuse you and also creates an exquisite look for your room.

2. Black + Blue

Different shades of blue can be paired with black. The darker shades like navy, indigo and cobalt are astonishingly stylish when paired with black. Since both have similar intensity and influence, it’s all about giving a room a moody tone setting. The dark tone adds a subtle depth and gradation and creates a soothing vibe. You can ram up the combination by using Navy Blue for walls and black for the decor pieces and furniture to create a dramatic effect.

3. Black + Beige

black and beige Picture credit: Pinterest

This classic combination represents refined interiors. It gives a luxurious and charming feel. The creamy hue with black adds a warmer tone and helps to nullify the intensity of black backdrop. Using beige will help black colour to stand out and to complement it. Get in accent pieces like a night stand a corner table or such decor items to take the space to another level.

4. Black + Yellow

Black and Yellow are perfect combo for someone with a bold, versatile and vibrant vibe. It is a cheerful and lively combination. You can keep the space feel zest full by adding up black to the backdrop and highlighting the energetic vibe with yellow furnishing or accent pieces to keep up the vibe.

5. Black + Red

black and red

Black and Red is an everlasting combination that gets into the trend every few years in home and fashion design. This combination never gets old and will never be out of style as it captivates energy and gives refreshing vibes. With all black house interior, a kitchen with red pendant lights, kitchen island top or island stools gives a contemporary yet fun and retro vibe.

6. Black + Gold

black and gold

If you are looking for an elegant, royal or luxurious feel, black with gold is the best pick. Whether you are using golden tone cabinets/wardrobe or faucet in the black kitchen giving it a rich look. A small hint; adding a few touches of white will help to not make it look heavy or overdone.

7. Black + Green

black and green Picture credit: Pinterest

It is a lush, sophisticated luxury combination. Green represents nature. Hence we can incorporate lot of natural elements in the design but taking it a step ahead, we can add eye-catching textile like an emerald green curtains or an emerald green sofa to redefine the look.

8. Black + Pink

black and pink Picture credit: Pinterest

Though feminine, yet powerful, the combination of black and pink creates a warm and welcoming essence. The dark tone of black creates a edge or sharpness around the brighter tone of pink giving it a fashionable design flair.

9. Black + Gray

black and gray

If you wish to set a sober, calming atmosphere in your room, black and gray is what you should pick. This combination gives a sophisticated yet cool vibe as these are shades with similar tone blending in with perfect harmony.

10. Black + Purple

black and purple

An artful combo to adapt, black and purple gives a bold punch. Since both the shades are of darker tone, they give out bold and eccentric vibes. Purple walls with rusty looking black fireplace or modern design black shelf will give the room a regal feel.

These are few top colour combinations that can be paired with black. We hope this helps you pick the right combination to pair with black to give the desired look and feel to your home.

To explore more colour combinations and design options available, get in touch with Floma Homes today!

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