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Are you planning to design or renovate your home in Pune? Have you decided on a theme yet? What is your budget for interior design? Can you afford to finish the full project now, or should you tackle it bit by bit? What colour do you prefer? Also, how do you make sure you’re working with someone local who knows the weather, climate, and therefore the perfect interior design and furniture to use in your locality and for your house? You need someone who can quickly and effectively get your interior design project completed. Hiring an interior decoration firm for your new home is not going to be an easy task because there are so many interior companies and professionals out there and you don’t want to book a professional without researching and understanding them properly, do you? We are Floma Homes, a Pune based interior decoration firm specialized in making homes stand out with our creative approach within your budget.

Our services are not for average homes, to be frank. If you want your home to be the talk of the town, let’s get started.

Our Services in Pune

Aspirational Interior Design Services for Every Budget!

Floma's full interior design services in Pune focus on end-to-end project management with time and budget guarantees.

We do modular kitchens and custom kitchen decor that fits any budget, anywhere in Pune. Just contact us to get started!

Creative Corner

A creative corner is a space in your home where you highlight your hobbies, interests and passion via design. Sounds cool!

Outdoor Decor

By decorating your outdoor spaces like your terrace, balcony or garden, you get your ME SPACE to spend time in!

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It’s time to start hunting interior designers for your dream home design. Floma Homes could be the best choice for your interior design needs. Check out all our reviews, speak with our former clients, and see previous projects done in person. Take a good look at the portfolio photos on Floma and choose the best design for your home in Pune or commercial interior design. We’ve done projects in multiple cities in Maharashtra and can provide 3D design services all over India. You can hire us for your next big change in home design and we will deliver you the best in class.

We serve all types of residential and commercial spaces and try to make the spaces more beautiful than they are right now. Ready for a change? Let’s grab a coffee and decide on something extraordinary for your home.

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“The attention to detail and commitment to the project ensured not only that the entire process happened seamlessly, but also with a spectacular end result.”
Shweta Shevale
“When we look at the product and the timelines, I think everything turned out to be perfect!”

Manas Singh
The Floma team really listened to our needs and delivered our dream home exactly as promised.

Priya Kulkarni

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Top Interior Designers in Pune

To speak in literal terms, when you try to enhance the interior of a building to be aesthetically pleasing, healthier, and soothing to the people using that space, it is known as interior designing. Interior designing can be considered as both an art and a science. An interior designer does the planning, coordination, research, management, and implementation of such tasks and projects.

Now that you know what interior designing is, let us understand a few interior design elements to help you select the right interior designer in Pune!

Elements of Interior Design

To ensure that you have a balanced interior plan that is functional and aesthetically pleasing, you must understand the key elements to make your project successful.

 Pattern and Texture: Textures and patterns can help give a room its feel and looks. Along with that, they can also bring a room to life. Various elements can bring about basic harmony within a room.

Colours: Colours are what give the mood to the room. Apart from the mood, colours can make the room feel bigger, warmer, and so much more. Various shades and accents can make a room more viable for a particular type of use.

Form: The shape of the room itself, along with the objects it already contains, is known as the form. These forms can be geometric, natural, or even curvy as well.

Space: Utilising the total space within a room in the most optimal way possible to bring out a particular predefined effect to the space. While objects and furniture need to be placed strategically, there must be ample space between various objects to ensure that these gaps and spaces are accessible and navigable.

Light: Light in any form is what is being referred to here. Artificial illumination can be adjusted to give a particular field to a particular room or a particular spot in the room. However, when it comes to daylight, since the quantum of it cannot be controlled, various coverings, drapery, and other materials can be used to filter natural daylight.

Lines: The feel of the space can be affected and influenced by the various furnishings and features of the room. These are known as lines, and they can be used optimally to create particular focal points for the visitor of the room.

Why should you hire an interior designer?

  Here are a few reasons to hire an interior designer in Pune, instead of doing it yourself or hiring local carpenters. 

  1. Professional interior designers can provide valuable tips on making up for something you have otherwise missed to include while designing your room. They can add a lot more value and creativity to the design and decoration of your room.

  2. When you hire a professional designer, you can expect them to get it right the first time itself. They usually ensure that your construction or renovation remains error-free.

  3. Your home or office space must be designed impeccably with aesthetic creativity. This not only adds value to your home as far as aesthetics and creativity are concerned but will also make it beautiful. This is one aspect that any professional interior designer will have in mind. They always try to achieve a point where your property is readily saleable in the market and at higher prices.

  4. When you hire a professional interior designer, you can be assured of the best resources to be adopted in carrying out your interior design project. These designers know exactly what quality of raw materials to use. Their job is to get you the best quality at the lowest possible prices.

  5. Interior designers today are usually equipped with the best quality tools for designing any home or office space. They then take the help of advanced software project management software; hand modernized advanced tools and equipment to get the job done perfectly.

  6. When you hire a professional interior designer, you can be assured that they will be extremely creative and try to give the project the best possible outcome. They usually try to make your home and office stand out.

  7. You can always expect professional work from an interior designer. They look at the aesthetics and the feel and look of your rooms, and understand how and where to place particular objects exactly to make it all more effective in every way.

  8. A professional designer will always be a good planner. Not only will these professional designers go into detailed planning, but they will also evaluate in detail the costs and the time that may be needed to complete your interior designing project.

  9. It is quite common for any interior designer to understand the budget they have to work with. They will stick to the budget while ensuring that the job gets done in the best possible way.

  10. Top interior designers are adept with liaison work as well. Not only will these designers deal with various contractors and architects, but they will also monitor and ensure that the job is done perfectly.

  11. It is a misconception that hiring an interior designer will increase your costs. Rather, the savings you make from hiring an interior designer are actually what covers their fees. Naturally, it is only justified to say that hiring a professional interior designer is affordable.

  12. Taking decisions on every aspect of your home can be a tedious job for you. On the other hand, an interior designer can make these decisions easier and save you a lot of time and energy.

  13. Interior designers tend to choose and select the best possible designs and styles for your home. They will help you with your choice while also implementing particular styles in each of your rooms.

  14. You are not armed with the resources that an interior designer has. The network, material, tools and equipment, and knowledge and experience that an interior designer accumulates over time make them even more valuable. This is one of the most important reasons for hiring an interior designer to efficiently do your interior designing project.

  15. Interior design is not at all an easy job. It involves several complex processes before finally achieving the result. If you try to do it on your own, you’ll not only be drained of energy, but you may overspend as well. On the other hand, a professional interior designer can get the job done more effectively while also ensuring you can remain stress-free and enjoy the final results.

What should you consider before hiring an interior designer?

Here are a few things to consider when hiring an interior designer in Pune. 

  1. The first and foremost factor to consider is whether or not you and your family are comfortable trusting your designer to design the most personal spaces of your home. Hence, you must develop a good relationship with your interior designer to trust them fully. Also, you and your family and your interior designer must feel comfortable working with each other.

  2. Rather than just going for things you want to have in your home, it is more important to understand what you cannot live without. Essentially, you should have your must-haves done for you before going for the things you desire to have.

  3. A professional interior designer will always have many services to offer. It is for you to understand and decide exactly which services you want from them. You could opt for a simple virtual design, designing a single room or bathroom, adding more value and creativity to a particular space, or even choose the complete interior designing service and package. In most cases, your interior designer will help you to decide.

  4. Please understand that an interior decorator is different from an interior designer. While an interior decorator helps beautify and decorate an already built-up space, an interior designer understands architecture and design, their client’s needs, and the complete art and science of interior designing as a formal subject. Hence, you must check the credentials and references your so-called interior designer provides you with.

  5. You have to know exactly how much time you can spare or allow an interior designer to complete your project. You must also decide how flexible you are as far as your timeline is concerned to complete the project perfectly.

  6. You must understand your inspirations as well. Go online and search the net for various interior design inspirations. Make your file or portfolio of inspirations. These can guide you to understand almost exactly what you want from your interior designing project. This will also make it easier for you to express to your interior designer what you think and want, and then discuss how to implement all that within your interior designing project.

  7. It is simply too important for you to understand and accept the budget you can set aside for your interior designing project. Be extremely clear and be straight and strict on the budget you’re setting aside for the project. Then, let your interior designer know your budget and let him come up with the best possible solutions for your interior designing project while staying strictly within your budget constraints.

What should you ask prospective interior designers before hiring them?

Here are a few things to ask your prospective interior designers in Pune before hiring them. 

  1. Always ask your prospective interior designer what they prioritise when planning and budgeting the project. This simple point should be cleared out at the very outset. Your priorities may differ from the interior designer’s. Rather than getting into a conflict in the middle of a project, it is best to sort things and be clear on every aspect at the very outset itself.

  2. Asking them what their project management style is like can give you an in-depth insight into how the interior designer can make the project more acceptable for you. If the answer is not suitable or not to your liking, move on to another interior designer. However, find what they are providing or trying to seriously provide. This may be the right interior designer for you to hire an all-around solution that addresses even the minutest details.

  3. Ask what your proposed designer finds most challenging when designing a home. The answer will help you discuss the communication plan they may propose. Please be sure that the interior designer frankly provides you with their strengths and weaknesses. This will help you decide whether or not to hire them at all and let you know how open they are.

  4. Ask your proposed interior designer for an example of a mistake or failure they have had. When they talk frankly about such an example, how they handled it, and what they learned from this experience, you can be sure that you have come to the right professional to take up your interior designing project.

  5. Ask them to talk about the sources of their inspiration. This topic will tell you how versatile this designer truly is and how original and creative they are. This will help you understand the designer’s personality and creativity and how well they will stay within your budget.

  6. Ask them how they decide which project is good for them. This will tell you a lot about their priorities and whether or not they are in line with yours. A compatible personality fit is crucial for the project to complete well within the stipulated time and budget while maintaining constant communication. This potential partnership must be one that you both cherish and value.

  7. The most important thing to ask them is whether they appreciate and allow client involvement or not. When they speak in the affirmative, you can rest assured that they will not only do a good job but will make sure that you actively participate in regular interactions with them and the project itself. This ensures that your project will not only turn out to be a successful one but will also be an enriching experience for you and one that creates a permanent bond between the designer and you.

Interior Design Services in Pune Provided by Floma

There are many reasons why we’re one of the top interior designers in Pune. And one of those reasons is our top-class services in Pune!

Complete interior design: This is our flagship service with state-of-the-art features that gives customers a perfect experience of completely redefining and redesigning their homes. This complete end-to-end residential package is best suited for people looking to design every nook and corner of their homes and blend in several designs, textures, and materials to build the ideal space that one can dream of.

Modular kitchens: Today, everyone loves that fine living experience and wants to incorporate something similar in their residential spaces. This is why our kitchen design offers modular kitchen models equipped with the best technology and modern equipment that will make you love your time cooking at home.

Creative corner designs: Every person has a passion or hobby, and that resonates and speaks through the person’s personality. This is why one must have a creative corner at home that can be used to express the owner’s passions. We achieve this by blending in several materials such as wallpapers or models to build that amazing creative space that is a direct representation of a person’s hobbies or interests. This is also the space where an owner has the liberty to be themselves and enjoy their personal space and that so-called ME time. The perfect blend of colours, contrast, and light can give the fascinating effect that will make your home oh-so-awesome!

Outdoor decor: More often than not people end up designing amazing homes, and the final edge that some homes have over others is customizing the spaces that are often overlooked, like the open spaces such as the garden or the balcony. You might be thinking that these spaces might not be the best place to design, but they hold a lot of importance, and to build that perfect home, these parts of the space should also resonate with the overall theme of the building.

While the interior design might be very interesting and fun to try out, it is necessary to have an interior designer who has the skill and expertise to blend in together and have you involved in the process at every step. This is why you should choose Floma.

We always believe in end-to-end customer intervention so that we can build your home together. We are always updated with the most modern designs and have a team that researches day and out to tailor the perfect service for all our customers. When thinking of interior designing in Pune, think of Floma!

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